Celebrity Prediction Flashback for January 2016 & 2017 Glimpse

by Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Gabriella January 21st 2017

At the beginning of last year 2016, I made 3 different predictions on 3 different celebrities:

-          Mel Gibson

-          Arnold Schwarzenegger and

-          Matt Damon

All throughout the year of 2016 I’ve been following the news around these 3 men to see if anything I said would happen?

It can be difficult as the media doesn’t always show us everything, some outstanding aspects we may never hear about.

Did anything I foretell for 2016, happen for these 3 men?

Remember I use a prediction tool and profiling system, which is rare and not many fortune tellers know about it.

Mel Gibson

On the 8th of January 2016, in my article on Mel Gibson, I predicted, I quote word for word:

“In 2016 Mel Gibson’s ability to attract a younger lady and find great romance will be heightened and this person may be connected to a work situation”

These flirtatious and romantic energies in his children area, which occurred in 2008 and lasting until 2017, as said will be heightened in 2016” (often such a configuration represents for a man, attracting very very young women during that decade).


“However I see Mel concentrating on his career and I don’t think a serious relationship or marriage would be a good idea, yet that romantic energy is there and very present in 2016. He may very well fall in love.”

It was the 8th of January 2016, when I wrote this, at the time Rosalind Ross was out of the picture and the media had us believe that she was non-existent, even though she appeared earlier, the year before in 2015.

Two days later after writing my 2016 prediction on him, Mel Gibson shocked the living day lights out of everyone by RE-appearing with 24 year Rosalind Ross at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. This was the first time he had stepped out with her deliberatley in a very big and public way.

That wasn’t the only stunt, throughout 2016 she continued to make appearances with Mel Gibson, at different glamourous events thereafter, and yes, not only was this area of his life highlighted, as I predicted, he also later on in the year made her pregnant!!! Have a look at some of the spectacular images of them taken in 2016 below! 

The year before, in 2015, we certainly did not see such glamorous pictures of them, there were only a few casual shots taken together, and towards the end of 2015 we heard and saw nothing of her, the media having us believe she disappeared somehow, as the end of 2015 approached.

Last year, 2016 certainly did highlight his romantic life, as I said it would! And how I knew this was not a fluke, it was all to do with the time dimension and my interpretation.

However, I warned in my 2016 article on him, that he shouldn’t pursue a serious relationship until 2018 otherwise there could be disaster. I don’t like the aspect in the year of 2018 that I can see in Mel Gibson’s relationships/spouse sector during that time. I see a destructive energy around ‘Spouse’ in the year of 2018, its detrimental, there could be an accident (?) It may be a previous partner (?) Mel Gibson will have to take special care of matters related to ‘Spouse’ in 2018, to keep an eye on that.

For this year in 2017, the ‘Yearly Money Wallet’ moves to his Children Sector, a yearly wallet in this sector, translates to fortune and prosperity to do with Children. As we can see, Rosalind is pregnant with Mel Gibson’s ninth child and will give birth this year in 2017. 

Mel and Rosalind are having a baby, check out the baby bump!

Mel and Rosalind are having a baby, check out the baby bump!

There are also 'Decade Money Wallets' and 'Long-time Money Wallets' that fly around at different times in your profile, making influences at different areas in one's life, which I won't go into just yet. 


What about Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In my 2016 prediction for him which I wrote on the 6th of January 2016,  I quote, word for word:

“In 2016, Arnold's profile shows a focus perhaps more on his real estate and large asset storage wealth. There is a risk to do with real estate and storage assets in 2016. There will also be emphasis to Children”

“In 2016 I see that there will be a big spot-light shining on children again or it could be just, one child in particular”


“This child may have a chance in acting or some speaking profession, as the energies which govern gossip, also govern the careers of actors. Or it may be just gossip that plays out around this person more in 2016”

I have not a clue what was happening in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s real estate and large asset storage wealth in 2016, as we didn’t see any information about it published in the media.

As for this particular child shining in the spot light, well I wrote this at a time when we hadn’t heard from Joseph Baena (Arnold's secret fifth child) in the media for 6 months, so it was quite gutsy to make such a prediction.

Did one child stand out in 2016 like I said it would? Yes it did.

Not long after writing all this, Joseph Baena started appearing in the media with his Dad, FINALLY! He was doing all sorts of things with his Dad, riding bikes, going to the gym and drinking beer, we hadn't seen him take up with his Dad before in such a way, it was quite a surprise!

And not only that, in September 2016, Joseph starred in a RE-enactment of the Terminator, where he played in his father’s role, as the Terminator in a film clip. So when I said “this child may have a chance at acting or the speaking profession” I wasn’t joking.

Joseph Baena in a Re-enactment of the Terminator

We didn’t know Joseph Baena had an interest in acting at the time of prediction. I wasn’t sure what child it would be, as Arnold's other son Patrick is also an Actor, however Joseph did stand out in 2016.

In 2017, we see Arnold Schwarzenegger leave his Property-Real Estate/and secondary Children Sector, and as he approaches 2017, he enters his Career Year, there is also secondary emphasis to ‘Spouse’ and relationships.

When someone passes through their Career Year, usually this means that they will be focusing on their career and opportunities will come up in their career (if not there will be an emphasis to their career somehow).

We can see with Arnold Schwarzenegger that this aspect has already become apparent. At the beginning of 2017 he has already become the ‘Boss’ of Celebrity Apprentice, replacing Donald Trump.

2016 the year prior, would have also attracted career opportunities, as storage wealth and real estate, also attracts large scale money opportunities.

There is also a political/legal energy shining in his Career sector in 2017, becoming some kind of focus this year 2017, not sure exactly what this entails.

The political/legal energy has been there for many many years, however 2017 brings a spot-light or focus to it in some way.

Also the secondary ‘Spouse’ energy which he also passes through in 2017 also has some of this legal or political energy tied to it as well, and I am unable to see exactly how this will manifest during 2017 or who this person is, it could be Maria Schriver coming up in the spot light (?) as she represents someone symbolically, who is a political figure, as she is a Kennedy.

In 2017, there is also connection between 'Spouse' and Career somehow, they are related.

In 2017, there could be extra romance/or luck with a women, who is connected to the area of health. There is prosperity shining in health too this year and health related aspects.

Even in 2017, there is some extra conflict or weakness looming around in his property/real estate sector and secondary children sector, despite moving out of this phase (it will continue to be a backdrop issue until 2021).

Matt Damon

As for Matt Damon, I predicted on the 6th of January 2016, that he would go through a Challenge Year and that he would travel a lot. Any aspect could come up to oppose the person. Out of all aspects I made a point, that Money would be the most outstanding influence, there is a chance to make money, but there would be risk around it. 

So what happened? Later on in the year, in August 2016, Matt Damon unexpectedly became listed in the Forbes Magazine as the third highest paid actor in the world. Much of that money was assessed based on forth coming movies he hadn't starred in yet, maybe this was the risk?

As for the Challenge Year predicted for him, in 2016, he made a rare announcement in July 2016, that he would be taking a year long break from acting, to focus more on his family, as his career had taken a toll on them. Challenge Year is a challenge, it can also be very tough and draining year.

In 2017, Matt Damon will move into his Health and Well being Year. He will be looking at his health (or other health issues), and it doesn't look all too good. There may be bladder, kidney issues and possibly reproductive organ issues. This is represented by 'water energies' in his profile which strongly reside in a sector that represents his Health. I don't see this area as prosperous, and it is not a positive aspect. 

If those aspects don't become apparent, 'water' and 'health' or 'water issues' and 'health' (including what one drinks and fluid systems of the body such as blood) becomes a theme for him in 2017, in some way or another > such a configuration also symbolizes alcoholic beverages and alcoholism.

It was recently announced a day ago that Matt Damon is promoting healthy water, where he participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

By Matt Damon undertaking in such activities in 2017, to do with 'water' and 'health', it is like a feng shui remedy reflection affect, which helps to remove the negative energy, in his own health sector and those water elements present.

Because instead he is forcing that energy to represent something he is doing for other people and their health, rather that let it affect his own health. In feng shui we try to manipulate symbology in order to side-track the more negative aspects in our profile. 

I just learnt recently that Matt Damon is the co-founder of  Water org

Water org is a charitable organisation committed to helping those in under-developed countries get water! There is a high chance due to him passing through his phase of 'Health and Well-being' that he may be dealing with Water org much more and projects like this in 2017, due to the water element residing so strongly in his area of Health.

He may find that health related aspects may relate quite closely to property, housing and real estate issues in 2017, whether that be business or personal.

There may be problems around property or things with real estate and housing may not go according to plan, it isn't an easy ride.

There is high chance for arguments around property/real estate related issues. This argument or conflict around property/real estate related issues may be related to a very good friend, a sibling or a business partner.

There may also be an issue with storage wealth, assets and bulk savings or there is an emphasis to this aspect. There is an emphasis to home, real estate and where he lives in 2017. He may consider buying property, it may not be an easy ride though.

2017 has already symbolically marked the beginning of this phase, for Matt Damon, by the early sale recently announced of his “old apartment” in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ which launched him into prominence in 1997.

That apartment, which we saw so many times in the movie, recently at the beginning of 2017, has been put up for sale. 

Also, the Yearly Money Wallet is shining in Matt Damon's Parent's or parent-like figures in 2017. He may prosper from a parent or someone old enough to be his parent during 2017 or an older person. However, what ever is on offer from this older person, may be in opposition to his health (or health related aspects), or there is a link to it (?)

The configuration also shows that Children and Parents may have issues or dealings with their health this year. It could be related to those aspects I pointed out earlier kidney, bladder, reproductive organs, blood or even alcoholism. And Children/Parents connect with or have issues with Property/Real Estate.

This type of Yearly Prosperity in his Parents sector, also seeps into his secondary Children sector. As said with Mel Gibson, with a similar yearly configuration, this could mean pregnancy however Matt's configuration for a new child isn't as strong. It may be prosperity around his current children and parents (?) or parent like figures.

Its kind of an odd configuration that I don't quite understand, as these two aspects, Parents and Children are linked together in his profile or have a relationship. There is prosperity or fortune for a year shining in these areas of his profile in 2017. This type of fortune may translate to happier times with family, especially children and parents or it could be literal, these people in his life, may attract wealth/prosperity or be a source of it.

As said however, Children/Parents are also at opposition with health or link up with health related aspects. They also are at opposition or link up with Home/Real Estate. When I talk about his parents or parent like figures, it could possibly his mum.

I did some research on Matt Damon's parents and found out that his Mum works with Children. It could be that his mum might shine a little bit in the spot-light this year or achieve some kind of prosperity. It may have something to do with her profession (children) and also a health related aspect.

The reason why I interpret this, is because the Yearly Prosperity in his 'Children' and 'Parents' sector (these sectors which overlap each other) symbolically represent his mother (a parent) and her career (which is a focus on children).

Nevertheless this arrangement could still manifest itself in another way during 2017. 

Keep a look out for my next lot of predictions, covering 3 female celebrities in 2017.

By Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Gabriella located on the Central Coast NSW Australia

Article dated: 21st of Janurary 2017

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