By Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella, Central Coast NSW Australia

Psychology can't determine your destiny, often blaming influences on your life based on your behavior. Or that influences on your life caused your behavior. In more genuine and hidden forms of astrology, this can explain why 'things just happen'.

There is an aspect here on destiny that Psychology just can't grasp. Neither am I referring to main-stream Astrology, I believe this kind was made up even thousands of years ago to deceive the masses. 

Psychology is of the belief, that they know the inner workings of a person's mind however they really don't know how to assess all that completely, in my opinion. That is because they haven't considered DNA more completely in their assessment and other aspects which are important. They don't understand luck cycles and how the time dimension changes different kinds of luck around a person. Or magnetic energy influences on a person which change with time.

Forbidden fortune telling calculates your magnetic blueprint, such blueprints where there are millions of combinations! These assessments are based purely on time dimensional theory in which the world of psychology would laugh. 

All the research in the world that they do, won't bring them even an inch closer to creating a database of millions of personality profiles.  

When I deal with a client, I enter a profile range which is in the category of millions. This is something psychology is desperately trying to accomplish. And yet I am already there! 

Many of them disagree with one another over many areas, having multiple different view points and ways of assessment, it can be rather confusing. In Psychology there is no set method on how you should analyse someone's personality. 

Current personality profiling methods and models provided by the industry of Psychology, lack much description or varying input and categories of personalities to choose from do not invite much choice. Many theorist only possess the overall viewpoint, of only 5 different types of basic personalities in existence!

However Carl Jung may have been on to something - he suggested that there are 8 psychological types of Introvert and Extrovert. He is on to something here because he is putting two dimensions together to make a personality.
Here is what he did below>>

  • Extraverted sensation
  • Introverted sensation
  • Extraverted intuition
  • Introverted intuition
  • Extraverted thinking
  • Introverted thinking
  • Extraverted feeling
  • Introverted feeling

Here is a head start I will give for the human race. Carl Jung was very close. There are actually 12 basic types (not 8)  in the system I use of Introvert and Extrovert (Yin being Introvert and Yang being Extrovert). However in the system I use, each element in nature will correspond to Carl Jung's descriptions he identified which were; Sensation, Intuition, Thinking and Feeling.

In the system I use there are:

4 different types of Extroverts,
4 different types of Introverts and
4 different types who are in between, these I call 'Centroverts'

We should combine this system with Freud's theory of 3 the id, the ego and the superego.

Each one of the 12 personality types I mentioned (which Carl Jung almost discovered completely), will contain a combination of Freud's 3 - id, the ego and superego within them.

From my system, the 'id' stands for > 'Internal Self', the 'Ego' is > 'Abundance' and Freud's 'Superego' is > 'Skill'.

These 3 aspects id, ego and superego have a special connection to each other, they form a triangle in psychology and influence each other, a person's internal self.

When these 3 aspects (Freud identified), reside inside a Personality (that Jung identified) they will have varying differences in how they work together. For example id, ego and superego within the Extrovert Intuition type will operate differently within Centrovert Thinking type. 

In my system, even though I have different names for them Self, Abundance and Skill, these three aspects make up also a special triangle which I draw up when assessing an individual. They make up the Whole Self.

This self triangle determines the potential of an individual and just like Freud's 3 triangle theory, they influence each other. What energies will visit and influence them are beyond the expertise of a psychologist. 

Within this system there are millions of combinations.

In more hidden kinds of astrology, personality profiles range in the millions category as said, even in the course of my life, I will only get to assess a small handful of these. 

The industry of Psychology is not equip mentally or resourcefully to pinpoint what all these profiles are. If they were, they would have to change their thinking a lot more and choice of tools. Perhaps scientists studying DNA and the affect on personality may have a better chance. 

How it should be done?

When it comes to profiling someone, it is best to look at the outlook of their life first, right from when they are born. From there, the parents may be able to assess, based on events that will arise around the individual in the future, and energies that they were born with, how psychologically their child may be affected in the future.

This way they can prepare early in advance to help aid their child. Therefore psychology should start at the beginning of one's life and not when a problem arises.

The profile also reveals their character type, so in advance you can see your child's ability to handle certain situations as they arise based on their personality, which they were born with. You don't have to wait until they are 10 or 12 to figure out what their personality is going to be like or conduct many studies and personality questionnaires to figure this out either.

At the moment psychology is trying to find a way to name all the different personalities a person can have, they have barely chipped the rock. 

At the rate they are going, it will take them another 1000 years. There is a quicker, more ancient method which I use however it requires a different type of thinking.

Also there is major disagreement in the psychology world in regards to what percentage you inherit your personality, some believe 50% of personality is determined by your experience and observation of others and the other 50% is DNA, some believe only 30% is determined by experience and observation and many other different views on the percentages from various theorist etc.

When it comes to profiling, I believe your personality is inherited by 100%. Nothing ever changes your character or personality, you adjust your decision making according to your experience and other influences at hand. Your destiny shapes your life and your outlook, it is not your attitude that does.

From time to time our personality will be influenced by other energies that fly in and out of our soul area > the 3 triangular theory that Freud identified, however our original blueprint will always remain there, within the parameters of Jung's Extrovert/Introvert Personality types.

Our original blueprint has a certain flexibility and style on how we behave due to certain events, however there is always a certain parameter of behavior, within which it operates, due to the kind of character you were born with. There are some rare instances where a person can go through a full transformation.

In ancient times long ago, psychology didn't exist, instead people sort shamans and astrologers and those who could tell the future. Those who knew the old way, how to calculate someone's destiny properly (as this has been hidden many ages ago and replaced with inferior methods such as the zodiac), were the true advisers in psychology, because they ultimately knew how to read your future mathematically, they were then able to give you un-surmountable advice on how you should handle and deal with a certain situation. It was a holistic approach and it created far greater peace within a person because they had so much more awareness of themselves.

Today, in my opinion Psychology is a run-around circus of varying opinions (as well as mainstream Astrology - it is a laugh), while in some areas it is essential to perform therapy on those who desperately need it and is often very effective, on the other hand, many of the aspects in psychology in my opinion, do not hold much weight and I do not revere it much as a life changing or superior way of analysis. 

Feng Shui Consultant & Investigator Gabriella, Central Coast NSW Australia
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