Matt Damon Prediction Update 2016

by Gabriella Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator 6th of Jan, 2016

In more ancient forms of prediction and profiling, Matt Damon goes through a Challenge Year in 2016, any area in ones life can come up to oppose the person - health, relationships, travel, property, money etc.

This can sometimes be the most difficult aspect in a whole decade of one's life.

Usually, it is only one area in one's life that will be the weakest in any given year, and these areas of weakness will change to a different area every year. Life cannot be perfect, it is however a bit like a balancing act. In a Challenge Year all of those areas come up at once to oppose or challenge the person.

Last Year Matt Damon's siblings/business partners was in the weakest spot and there was emphasis to this area more than any other area. We saw nasty stuff come out in the Media about Ben Affect and divorce. Ben Affleck is not his brother however they have be in one's life for such a long time that they are most likely considered brothers from a symbolical perspective.

With a Challenge Year in 2016, many aspects can come up to oppose the person, that is why 2016 may be very difficult for Matt Damon.

For Matt Damon, there is opportunity to make much money but there is much risk and opposition around it. Such a year can bring areas of one's image and reputation into much more focus or this area could need more attention that usual.

Matt may also feel in 2016 that he may get snappy or a bit angry, he may have a bit of a temper. This is to do with a very sharp influence entering areas of life that represent his soul. On the other hand it may mean that he may be dealing with some dangerous activity.

If one is undertaking much stunt work that year, it can often cancel out these sharp energies however, one's physical health is then at stake.

Out of all areas of Matt's life, the most oustanding force, in 2016 what I believe the most challenging influence for Matt Damon may be a lot of risk tied to money (there is this extreme energy around Matt Damon and money in 2016).

Despite this, these heavenly influences Matt was born with, has the power to curb these negative (or unstable) energies, where as the common person most likely experience much draining. This is the difference between an average person of lower to middle class and a wealthy person, because if you are a "commoner" and you are trying to strike it lucky and become famous, most likely it will be very difficult to succeed unless you are born with these heavenly influences.

2016 is also a year of travel for Matt Damon and if he doesn't travel that much he may feel restless. Travel can bring it's own risk.

As for relationships, Matt Damon's 'Moon' energies left his romance area in 2014, after being there for a decade. The Moon gives a man great luck to do with romance and the Moon governs feminine energies, so I am not surprised during this decade he created a family, a family of 4 daughters in that time.

This is another reason why he only had daughters during that time because of the power of that feminine moon.

House-types also reflect the stage an individual is in during their life. As the Moon passed out of his romance area in 2014 (after being there for 10 years), so did he sell the Miami 'female-infused' house type in 2014 (a property also being in the family for 10 years).

This was the home where he started his family! This was also a home which prominently backed female energies more than male energies, which was to do solely with the construction period. This also explains why he had a family of daughters there and no sons, while living at this property. Often our homes represent the major influences in our life during, a specific point in time. The moon represents everything that is feminine and female.

Perhaps it was not a good thing to sell the Miami house symbolically, because this was a symbol of where he started his family and this home was also a great symbol of Matt's great romance luck.

Feng shui isn't just about moving objects and items around the home however is also strongly to do with actions we take in our life, which speak more loudly to the universe.

With such a significant transition of the moon leaving his romance area in 2014, this can change the dynamics in relationship after 10 years and I won't elaborate at this point in time. Sometimes it may mean that the romance will go and not be as strong. 

Instead in his romantic relationships we see a more social energy turning up, this can be good thing however these energies have a tendency to create conflict/oppositional influences or because one partner may begin to attract more of the opposite sex. 

However if he considers having more children in the future, there is a chance from now on for one to have sons, as the moon influence has gone.

2016 may not be that great in terms of happiness and being satisfied, it could be hectic and there may be much travel. Although money could be quite good however there may be much risk around it. When we talk of money, we also mean anything to do with wealth. There is focus to ones image and reputation (and money this year). 

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