Arnold Schwarzenegger Prediction Update 2016

by Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Gabriella / January 6th 2016

In regards, to fortune telling, I practice a calculation that is not very well known and hardly used by the western world.

I do not believe in other forms of prediction, astrology or fortune telling as I don't find it convincing. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born under heavenly influences which illuminate him and is an aspect which often makes an individual famous.

Arnold was also born with extreme military energies, combined with these Heavenly Influences, this is like God sending his own personal best military leader, to planet earth or his best 'God of War' to the earth plain.

There are also just plain military energies that a person can be born with, in comparison to the god-like military energies, Arnold's self has the god-like version. Perhaps if he was born in a different period he may have been an extremely successful military leader, ruling half the world.

Because of these reasons, it is not a good idea for Hollywood to attack Arnold Schwarzenegger with bad publicity around him. From a symbolical perspective, this is like attacking their own best military leader. This is Bad Feng Shui for Hollywood and America, considering all the war and turmoil going on in the world.

He was also born under an aspect which brings wealth beyond all measures and is an extremely high format. There is great reference to going overseas for this person as one of the most important aspects.

When we look at Arnold it is obvious that he hasn't become a military leader however it some ways he has. If we look back at all the movies he has made, he has always held a gun! Some of the most successful movies he played were 'God of War' like roles, such as the Terminator!

Arnold may think that he was just playing these roles, however he must realise that he was actually playing roles which represented his soul and his true-self, that's why we loved those movies so much, they were so real, those characters were him, they were True Lies..

Looking at his profile, one of his parents was most likely in the military or in the police force, his mother most likely, was the more positive shining influence here. His profile says that he has the capacity to have between 3-5 children and one outstanding child who will shine in the spot-light, however I do not know which child that is. This is not something that I make up however is an interpretation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger came from humble Austrian beginnings and eventually made his way to America through his successful body-building championships where he made his fortune in the movies and quickly became a big household name. He is now one of the most well-known celebrity icons in the world. He married a Kennedy and has 4 children with a 5th child revealed in 2011. Upon undertaking some research, I discovered, his father was a Police Chief! I am not sure whether he didn’t get along with his dad, however I feel that he probably had a better or more positive relationship with his mum, as in his profile, his mother seems to stand out more than his father, as a nicer beaming influence. Here is a picture of him with his mum below, in his younger days..


The Pacific Palisades home, where the Schwarzenegger family lived in from 1986-2003 (according to was in the family until 2013 after being on the market since 2011 (see below)

In 2011, this property went through a Yearly People Frozen Cycle weakening and freezing people, health and relationships in that particular year alone.

Yearly Frozen Cycles only happen once in nine years, it is to do purely with the construction period of the property and nothing else.

There are two kinds of frozen cycles:

One which freezes finances and assets

And another which freezes people, well-being and relationships.

When frozen cycles occur, we mostly see, an undermining affect in this area of one's life.

Even if the occupants don’t live here anymore, and such occupant's still retain ownership over the property, the feng shui energies of the home will still affect them to a certain extent, this is because of the power of symbology.

What happened in 2011 when this frozen cycle occurred on this particular property? One which freezes people, well-being and relationships?

In 2011 it was discovered and publicised heavily in the media about Arnold's secret fifth child.

If someone has committed a sin, in a specific place or time, then God may take advantage of this frozen cycle to reveal what happened in time. Or if someone has committed bad karma, these frozen cycles may be a lot more severe than they should be. As Karma is something that is measured and evaluated by God.

The affair had apparently occurred at this very residence, according to . Some sources say that the affair occurred at a guest house on the property, if that is the case, the feng shui energies of the main house would have predominant influence over this property as well. It is now 2016 and Arnold Schwarzenegger has not yet divorced.

Arnold is going through a Decade of Challenge from 2012 to 2021. This is a very rare and difficult aspect and not many individuals go through this aspect in their life-time.

Most people will only go through a Challenge Year not a whole decade. And this all came into affect in 2012, a year after the discovery of the secret child.

Challenge periods are calculated right from the day of someone's birth, if you commit good karma throughout your life, most likely when you pass through this period, it will not be so bad.

Challenge decade like this will test every area of one’s life for a long time. Challenge is also governed by the Travel Sector, one may also find that over the next 10 years, there may be a lot of travel or movement, shifts or changes.

This aspect will also bring ones image and reputation into focus, for Arnold until 2021.

Until 2021, his romantic relationships/spouse area will be causing a great weakening affect (or strong dynamic) with his vocation and occupation.

Back in 2011, for that year alone, his romantic partner & real estate were strongly in conflict to his vocation and children area. So this made sense in regards to the discovery of a child in 2011 and the swiftness in placing that house for sale, in the same year

In 2013 it was sold according to Daily Mail

This particular home encourages wealth to do with “storage assets” for example real estate, property and expensive material possessions. This house may from time to time, not be so forthcoming towards “moving assets” such as risky financial investments like the stock exchange and money earned through salary (unless the money is received in bulk all at once).

Again, this is to do with the construction period and facing degrees of a property and has nothing to do with how opulent a property is.

However this is all very generalised one must take a closer look at an individual. Now this home has been sold, they have completely disassociated themselves from this house-type.

In 2016, Arnold's profile shows a focus perhaps more on his real estate and large asset storage wealth. There is a risk to do with real estate and storage assets in 2016. There will also be emphasis to Children.

In 2016 I see that there will be a big spot-light shining on children again or it could be just, one child in particular. This smaller 'child influence', is in extreme obstruction to the other more permanent 'child energies' in Arnold’s profile. In 2016, this smaller 'child influence' will be in the spot-light a lot more. We may see extreme competitiveness between two of his children in 2016. This aspect will play out until 2021 as a major theme.

In 2016, this smaller 'child influence' as well as the sun shining on them, is surrounded by energies to do with gossip and envy around him or her, this relates to speaking and communication (also acting).

This child may have a chance in acting or some speaking profession, as the energies which govern gossip, also govern the careers of actors. Or it may be just gossip that plays out around this person more in 2016. 

I am actually unable to tell which child this is, and do not want to speculate. Perhaps in 2016 there is more emphasis to a particular child than before and this child or 'children-like' aspect will be associated with Arnold's real estate or storage assets.

Until 2021, Arnold's children aspect will strongly be in conflict (in a special dynamic), with his real estate and storage assets.

This year, 2016 that aspect in particular will be quite pronounced.

These two aspects are also like pointing swords at one another until 2021 so to speak.

Arnold Schwarzenegger must try his best to avoid depression or sink to deeply in thought, to believe within his own soul, not just the material possessions one uses to measure one's life with and to hang on until 2021, because all of this conflict will disappear.

Arnold should watch out for the year of 2019, when the Challenge Decade could be the most severe and 2020 where there are influences with his health.

With 2021 being the exit-point out of the most challenging decade of his life.

In regards to love and romance 2017 may be a good year for him, this person may be a colleague, or met through a work situation or by someone's recommendation. I don't see a wedding or any romantic celebration (although I don't want to rule out 2018 as this may be good for Arnold and romance). I don't believe that it is his ex-wife. In fact it shows that his 'long term romantic relationship' (or symbols which represent it such as a long-time ex) are in opposition to other romantic partnerships.

In 2017 Arnold passes through his Career Year, this area in his chart at this time is filled with legal/political energy. It seems to relate to his Spouse or long standing relationships with the opposite sex. Also because he is going through his Career Year, he most likely will attract some big projects around. Maybe another movie?

2017 also shows for Arnold a legal/political energy cropping up in relationships and career and extra conflict in his property/real estate sector. Because career and spouse are currently overlapping, this legal/political energy might have something to do with his spouse, its hard to tell which way this legal/political energy will swing career or relationships because they all tie in together. It seems to have an impact on property luck around this time.

In Arnold's profile, there is a separate romantic energy in his Health Sector for a decade (this aspect is completely separate to any conflict in his career or other spouse/relationships), so any women that he is involved with romantically and has something to do with the Health industry or is related to the area of Health, in 2017 there will be extra romance with this person. This energy seems to shine more in this year.  This person shouldn't cause him conflict at all.

(As said before in another article, Arnold has two 'Long time Money Wallets' permanently shining in his Health Sector. This makes sense that he attracted wealth in the beginning, through his body building championships, this is what got him into the movies. Throughout his life he has promoted health for four decades now)

Its not a good idea to get married. I don't see love and romance as a clear view even in 2017, however at the same time there is emphasis to this area of his life. However what stands out more is his career.

We see this beautiful affectionate romantic energy in his Health sector in 2017, on the other hand in his spouse/relationship and career sector we see possibly conflict and its more representative of something legal/political. 

Major spouse/romantic relationships are also in opposition (or special dynamic) to him and his career in 2017 significantly, however it's also playing out until 2021. This does not include the romantic energies occuring in his Sector of Health, which seem to be represented by his new physio-therapist girlfriend as mentioned, those energies are not in opposition.

There are separate romantic 'moon like' energies as said occurring in his area of Health, these energies do not seem to be in conflict with his career. As said before in other articles, when we have romantic energies occurring in our Sector of Health (as mentioned in the Mel Gibson article I wrote, where he attracted Nurse Robin Moore) this usually can symbolise getting romantically involved, with someone involved in a health related industry.  

For the last few years we have seen that Arnold has a new girlfriend who is some kind of Physio Therapist or Personal Trainer. She seems to be representing the nice moon beaming influence in Arnold's Health Sector.

Unfortunately these romantic moon energies are not occurring in Arnold's spouse/relationship sector, they are instead occurring in his Sector of Health. This means that his ex-wife is not symbolised by the romantic moon. 

This legal/political energy in Arnold's spouse/relationship sector as mentioned, which is permanently there in his profile, his whole life, perhaps helps to explain why he married a Kennedy? This energy is pronounced in 2017.

This legal/political energy has also a strong dynamic in his career in 2017, as mentioned with some conflict in property/real estate related matters or someone who may represent it (like Donald Trump).

As said because he passes through his career year in 2017, it could represent him attracting bigger projects or undertaking bigger projects in his career.

In general with Arnold, we see investments in the real estate and property market quite a fortunate avenue for him to capitalize upon. So the conflict in real estate in 2016 and 2017, may not be so bad, however it could represent a person like Donald Trump - who is strongly associated with property.

Whereas risky financial investments such as the stock exchange (moving money) seem to be a lot more unfortunate.

However, as he accumulates more assets and property luck in life, he becomes more fortunate with investments such as the stock exchange, despite this, I still advise caution for someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There are some sources in the media that confirm Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first fortune in real estate and the property market, revealed in an article by

Here Arnold states that "I made my first million in real estate, not movies", and that he now owns a massive real estate port-folio.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going through a Challenge Decade as mentioned. In 2016 might I emphasize there is emphasis to his property area, for him personally and it's extreme conflict (or dynamic) to children aspect in his profile - they could be at odds with one another, there is more focus in this area in 2016, these two aspects have a special relationship in his profile for a long time.

He may lose out on property in 2016 or there will be conflict/struggle with property (could also be a theme in 2017). As mentioned Challenge Decade is a rare aspect and not everyone will experience this in their life-time. It will challenge every aspect in ones' life, in 2016 (or 2017) we see it challenge Arnold's property, wealth storage assets and real estate. It is not easy. Because Challenge is governed by the travel sector, instead over this decade we could see someone travelling a lot more over this time. And because travel also governs image, we can also see a massive emphasis to image and reputation over the next 10 years.

All these things I mention, are not made up half wild guesses, it is an interpretation and what I perceive in his profile.

The universe has a plan for us all, sometimes coming into realisation of this, one can gain much strength to continue.

I have never seen such a hard angle to one's self and to last so long. If I was Arnold Schwarzenegger, I would escape to some distant island like Fiji and not come back until 2021.

Arnold has the capacity to gain strength through long distant travel, which may help to escape these affects. It is hard to guarantee that in a decade which governs Challenge.

By the way, Arnold's actual zodiac sign, deep down within his actual soul, is the Lion, this has nothing much to do with his month of birth. Lion's don't like to give up without a fight. However, I still think it would be better for him to travel far away.

by Gabriella Feng Shui Consultant & Investigator, Sydney Australia

Gabriella is a Feng Shui Master. She has studied feng shui for more than a decade and is keenly interested in topics of Feng Shui Discrepancy.

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