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specialties: prediction & personalisation
ancient LIfe mapping and path analysis

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"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of it's existence" - Nikola Tesla

Clever Wolf Feng Shui is confidently, one of the most unique feng shui experiences you could find in Australia or the world!
Don't be fooled by others who may make similar competitive claims.

Based on the Central Coast, Master Gabriella also considers requests from Sydney and Internationally. 

Her consultations are unique because she uses a system which is far more superior and not taught in any feng shui school of the western world.
This is what sets her aside from others and what makes her readings more personalised. 

This is superior level feng shui at the highest standard or your money back!

While she may write many articles,
Master Gabriella hardly reveals even 10% of her knowledge in any of the written material that she freely produces for all to see on the web (e.g blogging). This is to protect her knowledge and the art form..

Feng Shui Consultation Approach

This is not a feng shui approach focusing on the belief where feng shui remedies will change your life. Neither is the approach at Clever Wolf  based on only improving air-flow, chi energy and currents around your home or basic symbology. And neither is it based only upon the wide principles of placement.

Instead, Master Gabriella first attempts to find out where you are, at a specific point in time.

Things aren't spontaneous as we think. The person receiving a consultation requires an open mind.

This is not the airy-fairy, lacking in depth, new age-y feng shui approach that many others may practice such as main-stream flying star method or bagua etc

The consultation style requires a high level of difficulty and is very difficult to teach and certainly not taught in the Western World.

This is not a quick feng shui fix!

Mission Statement

In a consultation, her mission is to bring a more authentic style of feng shui to those of the Western world who have been blind from the true art-form

For this reason, she does not provide online consultations to online customers, they are only conducted in person. Also, unlike other businesses it is not a commercialised one, this is to protect it's anonymity which it prizes over any publicity. The customer's satisfaction is also the most important part of the business than any aspect.

Her favorite clients are curious skeptics

Buyer Beware:

Since ancient times the more authentic versions of feng shui were hidden from us and disguised so that only affluent people had access to this knowledge and system.  The Western World was never shown the true system.
Unfortunately not many people know this or the extent, this includes those who may be certified, accredited or belong to some feng shui association.

Master Gabriella generously reveals to you this system if she chooses to consult you.

On hidden & forgotten feng shui -

Did you know that, Gabriella believes that more authentic versions of feng shui were perhaps known to many other ancient civilisations, and not just the Chinese?

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Feng Shui Discrepancy -

Did you know there is much discrepancy and difference of opinion in the feng shui community yet not many are willing to talk about it? Instead of addressing the problem, many like to give the excuse that this is just a different interpretation, Clever Wolf disagrees.

Master Gabriella practices the authentic feng shui as she believes it should be and not the nonsense feng shui that you sometimes read about in many simplified books or on the internet. Even on the internet it is very difficult to find a genuine practitioner.

Misleading Representations -

Feng Shui Master Gabriella believes that many practitioners have been taught the incorrect way, including those whom may have come from 'certified' or 'accredited' courses world wide. Including "advanced" feng shui schools, such as flying star, she believes that they are not taught in the correct way as it once was long ago.

It is because of her own research that she believes this to be so and not because of any marketing gain, as she has no interest in obtaining large clientele or extending to the masses.

There are many different schools of feng shui and different methods, some are similar and some contradict one another. This is why feng shui consultants can have different opinions on the same property. She believes that not all feng shui schools are valid, based on her research and what went on in history.

Master Gabriella doesn't believe, in her opinion, that there are enough 'solid grounds' so to speak, in main-stream feng shui for feng shui institutions, associations and organisations to benchmark themselves upon, where they are offering something they believe is completely certified.

She believes there is too much discrepancy, in feng shui practices, to validate one teaching over another or one individual over another.

There are only a very few select places and people in the world, which offer this and it is very difficult to find them, some of which do not belong to such groups and whose names you'll never hear of.

In saying so, such institutions, associations or organisations can be helpful in allowing a consumer to identify a consultant who may be obviously very, very fraudulent.

However, any person with a high level of commonsense, will know the difference, if they have undertaken a bit of research themselves, without the help of such groups.

In the end, word of mouth from a friend, associate or relative, is sometimes the best form of referral when it comes to finding a feng shui practitioner who may be worth their money.

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Feng Shui History -

Master Gabriella has believed for a long time, those in power went to great to lengths to hide more authentic versions of feng shui, even in ancient times, long long ago.

These deeper levels of feng shui have been hidden from the masses, kept secret by the rich for hundreds of years. Today, she finds the situation has not changed and is still very much apparent.

One must realise, through the course of history and the recording of it, many countries and their elite had control over what was written!

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On Feng Shui Annoyance -

Have you ever felt in the past, that you were given a run for your money when hiring a feng shui professional?

Perhaps your last feng shui consultant told you that "the corridor had to be wider so the dragon could pass through" not sure knowing what they meant because they didn't really explain in plain english. It is unethical for feng shui consultants and masters to be speaking in riddles towards their customers and charging hundreds of dollars.

Surpass feng shui obscurity and achieve clarity with Clever Wolf Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Flaws -

Because of this, Master Gabriella's viewpoint is of such, that there are many flaws in the systems that feng shui schools use, that if a feng shui consultant is "accredited" by some feng shui course or has graduated from a particular kind of school, this doesn't necessarily mean they know the complete genuine version.

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Incorrect Practices -

Most feng shui consultants will suggest remedies in a home or commercial building based on what the can SEE of the property from a structural view point, while this may seem like the correct way, it is not really the right way to start off, in the beginning.

At Clever Wolf Feng Shui, we start with you first, then the house, not the other way around or just soley looking at the property alone.

While in saying so, on observing one's home from a symbolical perspective, there is much to be said about an individual, however this isn't enough to conduct a more personalised consultation.

Neither do we just briefly look at a person, in terms of what they do for a living or their 'feng shui number (s)' - as this is not enough to make a more informative assessment. A lot more has to be determined about an individual to make a more personalised assessment.




A Master will not tell you their secrets, and there are "Masters" who have no secrets, there are those to be weary of and there are consultants who might be just as good as a Master however, will not call themselves one.

Neither will any standard (or not so standard) feng shui course or resource reveal to you the true feng shui system. This is an unregulated industry, one much 'shop around' to understand what is meant by this.  However Feng Shui Master Gabriella believes that the more superior methods were never published, well at least not for the Western world! Most people are unaware, refuse to admit or even know the extent of this.

As a Westerner, she would like to expose what she believe is the more authentic version of feng shui to Westerners who have been blind from more accurate versions. 


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