Feng Shui for Windsor Castle – Fit for a Queen, not a King.

  Beautiful Photo by DAVID ILIFF, his work can be found at the following link > Wikipedia. Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 


Beautiful Photo by DAVID ILIFF, his work can be found at the following link > Wikipedia. Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 

This Article on Windsor Castle is Officially Copyright Protected  © Feb 2015

Why Did I Choose Windsor Castle as a Case Study?

Windsor Castle is the oldest castle in the world. It is also the Bastion of English Royalty.
Because of this I believe, in Feng Shui, even if the Royals do not live here permanently, and perhaps only sometimes visit, this Castle in particular has an overall magnetic influence over their lives, more than any other Castle, whether they chose to believe it or not. It is a bit like a stain on a cloth that cannot be removed. This is simply because the importance of this castle to the royal lines, how long it has been around for and the very strong connection it has to their origins. It is a hard concept for a modern, scientific mind to accept, but somehow all like-things are connected.

The Feng Shui Reading of the Castle grounds, reveals that this Castle is fit for a Queen to rule and not a King. The property favors women as rulers not men.  I will explain soon as to how I arrived to this calculation as this is not something I am making up. When I point out women as rulers, I am talking about mature older women more than younger women. When I say ‘fit to rule’, I am talking about mostly, in general, that the feng shui energies suggest female rulers lean towards a far greater capacity to bring wealth to the monarchy, much more than a King. However there is always the exception, which I won't go into.

For those of you that believe men should always rule and can only rule, I ask you to think again, because there is an equal distribution of energies represented in the Yin/Yang symbol.

These opposing forces lie between man and women, between black and white, between light and darkness, between rich and poor, between gentle and fierce, between  the sun and moon, between young and old, between good and bad, between truth and lies and between life and death. No matter what religion you are, one can never escape this reality which we are all bind to the earth plain, a bit like a black and white chessboard, the oldest game in the world can be compared to the Yin/Yang Symbol. This is the natural order of things that the world likes to operate. Once you begin to understand this kind of awareness, only then can you really take power.

Depending on the construction year and facing position of a property, this will give an indication as to what piece on the chessboard that the Yin/Yang Symbol favors the most in a building. Once you know what chess piece the property likes the most, you can then begin to play the game. Because Windsor Castle grounds, has many buildings added within it, in so many different periods of time, over the last 1000 years, this could make the task of a feng shui reading quite difficult. However this is only the case, if one does not know how to step back with the art of simplicity and retain the overall picture, much detail can be revealed.

Before I explain, let’s first have a look at the basis of how I arrive at my calculation..In a Flying Star Feng Shui Reading, the Construction Period of a property is crossed over with the Facing Direction.  From this 8 paired number combinations, will be distributed over the castle grounds into different “slices” of the magnetic compass.  The whole Windsor Castle grounds will be divided into a pie chart with different slices of the magnetic compass overlapping different areas of Windsor Castle Grounds.

Each number will represent an element, (Fire, Wood, Water, Earth and Metal). Each number will also govern a different member of the family (6 = father, 2 = mother, 3 = eldest son, 1 = middle son, 8 = youngest son, 4 = eldest daughter, 9 = middle daughter and 7 = youngest daughter). There are many other symbols and associations that each number represents for example the actual organs of the body or different industry types in business.

Windsor Castle is such a big area, it is the entire grounds of the castle, that I place the reading and I do not contain it to just one building.

In a Flying Star Feng Shui Reading, time is measured in 20 year block cycles which is also governed by a different number. For example 2004-2023 is governed by 8 earth element. This kind of Earth, is Yang Earth and is represented by the younger son. Yang coming from the White side of the Yin/Yang Symbol, 8 Earth is Extrovert and full of light, objects it might represent are glass and perhaps more the sand you find on the beach.

Before this between the years of 1984-2003 the period was governed by 7 Metal element, which is magnetically associated with the youngest daughter and is Yin, from the black side of the Yin/Yang Symbol and its energies are dark but also quite childish and immature.

If a property is built in a certain period of time, it will always house those energies and will affect the occupants at certain degrees no matter what time they pass through.

For a Castle as important as Windsor Castle, this will have a heavy influence on the royal family.

To find out what 20 year block cycle Windsor Castle was originally built in, I had to travel back in time to the year of 1070. William the Conqueror started building the Windsor Castle in this year and it was finished 17 years later. If my calculation is correct, the original Windsor Castle grounds was constructed in Period 6.

In 1170's, King Henry RE-built the castle. He replaced many of the main buildings which were constructed of wood, with Stone walls - a huge and big transformation. When a Castle is re-built in such a significant way, this re-sets the construction period of the castle grounds from around 1087 (Period 6) to the 1170's (Period 2). This means that Windsor Castle would have a new Construction Period changing to Period 2 Earth which governs very dark Yin Female Energies.

Earth 2 in Feng Shui is associated with Earth Element of Soil from the ground, which is strongly associated magnetically with ‘Mother’ of the family and much older women. 2 Earth always represents female authority, the female head of the house-hold and older women and especially elderly women.

Since Period 2, other buildings have been added into the Windsor Castle grounds. These other buildings and renovations have taken place in other periods of time and not Period 2. This makes a full feng shui analysis of Windsor Castle grounds and its other buildings within it, very complicated and indeed it may take many months to complete a full feng shui reading.

What’s important to realise is that, despite smaller buildings within the castle grounds being built in other periods of time, the original construction period of around 1170 (Period 2) still serves as the OVERALL magnetic influence of the ENTIRE Windsor Castle Grounds, no matter what time we pass through.

All the other buildings within the castle whether they have been added to 20 years later or a 1000 years later, will always be dominated and influenced overall, by the original construction period of around 1170 – 2 Earth ‘The Mother’ period.

The Sitting Direction of a Property, Backs up and Supports

Let’s go deeper into the calculation. If we look at the Diagram, of the circle and the 8 paired numbers over the castle grounds, what is interesting, is that 2 ‘Mother’ Earth is doubled up or paired together twice at Windsor Castle and this 2-2 configuration is located in the Exact Sitting direction of the Castle grounds – which is North. This diagram below,  is generated from the period covering the year of  1170 . A Flying Star calculation,  is so particular, for instance, if this castle was facing another degrees and not South. the double 2-2 might be located elsewhere and not North. Because double 2-2 is in the sitting direction of the castle - North, this makes that combination a powerful influence on the castle, more than any number combination that resides.

The flying stars generated from the period of around 1170 - Period 2 

The flying stars generated from the period of around 1170 - Period 2 

I always look at the Exact Sitting Direction of a Property to see how Occupant’s are Supported and backed up. By looking at the numbers in the Sitting Direction this will also reveal  Who the Castle wants to backup and support.

This concept is the same as your spine which holds you up and it is the back of the chair that holds you up. This is the same for a property, the sitting direction, which also backs up the occupants.

The sitting direction, is also showing, who most likely will be successful in holding up the monarchy and supporting it and attracting wealth. From this simple observation of the 2-2 in the Sitting direction of North, I can say that only a Queen would be able to successfully rule Windsor Castle.

There is not just one 2 in the Sitting Direction ofWindsor Castle but two 2’s paired together. Because number 2 governs the mother of the household and is also very representative of absolute female authority,  this double 2 paired is revealing to us symbolically two mother’s paired together or extreme success to do with female ruler-ship.

But there is always an exception, a King may rule successfully under certain conditions. When I say ‘successful ruler-ship’  I am talking about a person who is, through their power and exertion able to bring wealth and prosperity to the monarchy and hold up and support it. I am not talking about the fame a royal can attract over time like King Henry the Eighth who is famous for executing 2 of his wives.

This also explains why in general ruler-ship by Kings at Windsor Castle have mostly always been very volatile, traumatic and unstable throughout history. Because the English nobility, placed so much importance on the eldest son ruling, this does not sit well with the feng shui energies of the Windsor Castle grounds, it does not want an eldest son, it wants a Queen it which over histories gone by, has been very much neglected by it.

If the Windsor Castle grounds had a spirit, it would feel very victimized over the years by the male energies and son’s that have been ruling. This Castle houses so much of the 2 Earth ‘Mother’ Energy’. It is no surprise to me that it has tried to create as much conflict as possible to the male nobility that have tried to dominate its throne through-out the centuries.

Because of this great ‘Mother’ influence, such a magnetic blueprint on a castle would mean that over the ages it would be challenging for royal families to produce son’s and male heirs that they wanted, it has often been the case, during the history of the English Monarchy that daughters were born when son’s were needed.

Because the energies at Windsor Castle seem to have such a strong preference for a Queen to back up it’s throne, it would also help if such a female Monarch also had their royal mother backing them up as well, while they ruled. This would give them extra strength during their reigning period. We can already see that Queen Elizabeth employed this almost 'magical' activation, with the long standing relationship with her Mother who played an important and supportive role in her life for many years as the Queen’s Mother.

This is very representative of the double 2-2 in action, in the sitting direction (symbolically representing 2 mothers paired together backing up the throne.)  If those of the monarchy embrace these energies of the sitting direction they can become quite powerful and successful with their wealth and retain a smoother ruler-ship. This I believe is the reason why Queen Elizabeth II has been so successful and has been an exemplary Queen.

I really do believe that the Queen’s at Windsor Castle, have been far more successful in their ruler-ship than the Kings. You only have to look back in history. Unfortunately, the Castle has been very much neglected of Queen Ruler-ship, because as mentioned before, the emphasis to sons and such a comparison is difficult to make against all these Kings, as only a few Queens have ruled.

It would help, if a ruling King at Windsor Castle, had the backing of his mother while he ruled. I remember doing a Feng Shui reading for a famous hairdresser. In his salon he also had a double 2-2 in the sitting direction and I can definitely say that one of the reasons why he became a famous hairdresser, was because his mother greatly supported him and backed him  with her influence. There was an indication here that I don't believe he would have become such an icon without his mother's backing and her push to get him going. 

Also, might I add, 2 Earth is a Yin Number. It is derived from the black side of the Yin/Yang Symbol, as well as it being a strong female energy, a double 2-2 in the sitting direction, makes for extreme dark and yin black energy. If a King was to rule successfully, it would also help if he had a dark appearance, dark brown or black eyes and very dark hair. The Feng Shui Energies at Windsor Castle might actually take more of a liking to him than a blond haired, blue eyed male King.

Did such a King exist? After undertaking some research I discovered that there was a King of such a description who was farther to King Henry the Eighth.

King Henry the Seventh didn't have the fair coloring that his famous son possessed which was typical of an English King. He had dark black eyes and dark brown blackish hair (In feng shui the more a person resembles a number, whether it be by their appearance, their physical trait, their status in a family, the more that number will like and support them.)


Wikipedia/King Henry VII

Wikipedia/King Henry VII


Was he a successful King? Yes he was!! He was an exemplary King. He built up the monarchy and created so much wealth, that literally when he died, his son King Henry the Eighth walked onto a ‘stage’ that his farther had created for him.

King Henry the Seventh was a very smart man, more than other male monarchs, however he was faced with many powerful and wealthy English Barons, those who had their own private armies which were a threat. King Henry the Seventh banned all private armies and introduced the death penalty to Baron’s if they objected. He also heavily taxed the Barons so their wealth would be weakened.

“Unlike many Kings before him, King Henry the Seventh took a keen interest in financial matters as he knew that a wealthy king was a strong King and a poor King was a weak one. He also knew that money would expand his army and the larger his army was, the more powerful he was in the eyes of the Baron’s. This alone he believed would keep them loyal. King Henry the Eighth, who is most famous for his reign, inherited many advantages from his father’s reign as King. King Henry the Eighth had a lot to thank for his father who got the Tudor family off to a stable and powerful start” – source “Henry VII” HistoryLearningSite.co.uk

King Henry the Eighth, who didn't attract wealth to the monarchy  like his father did, only attracted great fame and stood out in history because of his successful attempt to break away from the Catholic Church and not only that, he married six times and executed two of his wives.

It was King Henry the Eighth’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth the First, who eventually took the throne and established wealth back into the monarchy, she attracted so much wealth in fact, that her reign became more famous than any other reign; it was called ‘The Golden Age’. Queen Elizabeth the First reigned between 1558 and 1603 an exceptionally long time.

When you think about it, there is no King in the English monarchy that ever had a reign which was worth calling the ‘Golden Age’.

Let’s look at Queen Victoria who ruled between  1837 to 1901. She held the throne longer than any other British monarch in history, lasting 64 years.  Her reign was very successful being powerfully associated with industrial development, huge economic progress and as a rapidly expanding Empire. She expanded the borders of the British Empire significantly more than any other Monarch, conquering Canada and Egypt.


Under Queen Victoria, the British Empire was at its most prevalent and its greatest period. Her reign brought transport and communication, linking the world with one another for the first time in history. England went from a farming community to an industrial power. It was even said that she had the power to choose who the Prime Minister would be. In fact “at her death, it was said, Britain had a worldwide empire on which the sun never set”

There is no reference to a King in the history of Windsor Castle, ever being spoken of in a similar light.

It would be worth the royal family looking into preserving female line and not discouraging their existence.

In fact Queen Elizabeth has already made this important move! Just before Prince William and Princess Kate produced a male heir, Queen Elizabeth, for the first time in history, changed the law to state that if a daughter was born first, that she had the right to rule and is a legitimate first in line to the throne.


The Real Occupation of the Royal Family

The Centre Numbers of Windsor Castle most likely always reveal the Occupations of the individuals that reside within a building. They can also reveal other significant energies which reveal how ones makes money.

Windsor Castle has a 7-6 combination in the Centre. 6 is often called the ‘Military Star’ and is governed by the male head of the house-hold. For a royal residence, 6 symbolises male heirs and male supremacy.

However it is paired with the Metal Star 7. When the Military Star is paired to the 7 Metal Star, there is this great dramatic energy here to do with weapons of war, especially those made of metal; swords, guns, pikes, arrows, armor etc the list goes on. Because of this, when 7-6 are paired together, it represents War and Battle. 

7-6 in the center is showing us also that War and Military activities are a strong theme in this castle and are means of occupation to the royal family, it’s their career so to speak. It is no surprise to me, that the Monarchy has been involved in many wars and battles as a means to create wealth and remain in power..

It just may be that the British Monarchy may be involved in other battles and wars today which we may not be aware about. 

Because this 7-6 military, war-like combination being the Centre number combination, I expect when looking over the Castle grounds, that somewhere in the middle, there should be a military building or a building that is strongly associated with these military energies. In fact it turns out that I am right.

In the Centre of Windsor Castle grounds, we find the Middle-ward also called the Round Tower.



This is where the Constable or Governor whose office is military one was located. He would also issue executions. His position was to defend the castle against enemies. The are many military items decorating this Middle-ward, quarter pikes, breast plates, helmets, daggers, pistols, these are all items that fall under the 7-6 combination, so I am not surprised. 6 is also strongly associated with the symbol of ‘Heaven’, the Round Tower is the tallest building of Windsor Castle grounds. It makes sense that the military quarters are here in the centre, according to the placement of the 7-6.

The location of the Middle Ward in the Centre, is undeniably showing us that those energies are very present and really do exist. As much as the royal family might want to hide it, they have always profited from wars since ancient times and they will always be engaged in wars as a means of Occupation, as long as that Castle stands.

Vulnerable Spots of Windsor Castle during 2015 and the connection to the 1992 Fire Incident

For those of you who would like to know the weak areas of Windsor Castle during 2015, look to the NorthEast of Windsor Castle where the State Apartments are.

Year of the Goat.jpg


During ancient times in Imperial China, the Emperor would often change sleeping quarters around every few years to a favorable spot. He would never be put in the the Direction of Opposition for that year.

Every animal governs a direction and is fixed on the magnetic compass. The Goat of 2015 governs a certain direction in the SouthWest. This means that the SouthWest of any building in 2015 will become highly activated, auspicious and energised for that year.

The Magnetic Direction that is directly opposite the Goat on the compass, will be the Animal of Opposition, for 2015 which is the Ox. It means that the NorthEast of Windsor Castle (The Ox Direction) could become quite vulnerable; there is a tendency for accidents and it is a weak spot - this is where the State Apartments are.

If we look back to the year of 1992, another Year of the Goat, which was 20 years ago, the State Apartments being located in the NorthEast Opposition  Sector of that year (The Ox Direction) caught Fire, there was a gigantic fire disaster and the whole building had to be refurbished and restored.


Crimson Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, image available at this link > Wikipedia

But why was it a Fire accident? If we look back at Windsor Castle’s Feng Shui Diagram, the only numbers which govern Fire, are 9, which are located overlapping the State Apartments. 


Year of the Monkey 1993.jpg

I will mention that the 9 Fire Star during the 90's was considered quite unlucky which explains the reason for a Fire disaster. During Period 8 (between 2004-2023) the 9 Fire Star increases in luck and becomes more auspicious. The chances of a fire disaster might be quite low. 

Windsor Castle should still strengthen up their security in the NorthEast Sector in 2015/2016, as it could prove quite vulnerable. Trespassers may likely to try to gain access to the Castle from this direction.

Another weak spot to consider is really more to do with land formation.  Generally speaking a building should be placed within the curve of a road or the curve of a river. When a building is located outside the curve of a road or outside the curve of a river, this is like a sharp disk which cuts into the building. It means that a building can be vulnerable and there is a tendency for attack.

In the case of Windsor Castle, the river cuts into the Northwest side quite dramatically. It means in general the NorthWest is vulnerable. The NorthWest is governed by the Dog and the Rooster. When we pass through years which oppose the Dog and the Rooster, these NorthWest areas of Windsor Castle, become even more vulnerable. These years would be the Dragon and the Rabbit (2011/2012,  if  there is a shift in animal signs of one year it would be more 2012/2013). Its impossible to make a comparison because exact information about sieges and attacks on Windsor, have been kept well hidden.



Overseas Energy and Opposition


Number 3 Wood governs the foot and the legs. When it is paired with the Water Number which is 1, there is a great emphasis to travelling abroad and going overseas. This is because water supports wood. Any building in my experience that contains the 1-3 combination, most likely, the Occupants always will travel overseas and have very big overseas connections. It is one of the fastest energies and represents speed and travel in the highest form. It is also a spot in a building where arrivals and departures often take place, this number combination likes to be where doors are or where entry or access to a building is located, where the majority of people and visitors come in and out from.

If we look at Windsor Castle’s Feng Shui Diagram, there are two main gates that give access to the building and both of them overlap the 1-3 and 3-1 in the facing position of the Castle Grounds. There is one Main Gate in the South, where the 3-1 is and another Main Gate in the South-west, where the 1-3 is. In fact, it seems these are the only main gates of the entire Castle Grounds and I am not surprised that they are there.

The English Monarchy has been strongly associated with overseas connections for hundreds years, often marrying into foreign royal families in order to gain peace between strong European powers and forge alliances. Because these 1-3 energies are not located in the Sitting Direction of the property, this means that the 1-3 overseas energies will not necessarily back up the throne or support the monarchy in the way the way that the double 2-2 does. In fact because of this placement, it is suggestive that there is risk of overseas matters manifesting into opposition or conflict if they are not careful. This has happened numerous times in history of the monarchy.

Ghosts in the Royal Library, Yin Energies and the Colour Black.

In ancient times, Chinese Emperors were so strict about  feng shui energies within a building, that they wore the colours that they believed would have helped them keep in power, this would often have a lot to do with the feng shui numbers and the colours they represent.

Different feng shui numbers will also have their own colours which they prefer, for example, 3 – wood likes greens and 1 - water favours blues, when we have a 1-3 paired together in a building, you could say that number combination would like aquas and different shades of blue greens.

Because number 2 comes from the black side of the Yin/Yang Symbol, and this numbed is associated with soil from the ground, the number would be considered probably the darkest out of all colours, probably being strongly associated with dark brown. In fact, at Windsor Castle, because there is not just one 2 but two 2’s paired together in the Sitting Direction, this means that Windsor Castle is backed up and supported by extremely dark energies, the darkest of all, which in my opinion, the next colour darker than dark brown, would be the colour black.

After Queen Victoria’s husband died, she wore black for 40 years, until the ending of her reign and her reign was considered , one of the most remarkable in British history.

In regards to ghosts and hauntings, a house or property often becomes haunted when there is too much Yin Energy, or too much ‘black energy’. Because a double 2-2 is considered an extremely dark combination, and this energy is backing up the entire Castle grounds, it is no surprise to me that Windsor Castle is considered the most haunted castle out of all the royal castles, with 25 cases of reported ghost sightings at this castle alone.

Ghosts should not be considered a bad thing or negative occurrence at Windsor Castle, as ghosts are part of the double 2-2 combination in the sitting direction backing up the throne, their presence would only be to back up the throne and support it as well. It would be rather unlucky to try to get rid of them or discourage their presence.

If a ghost is behaving in a way to scare or intimidate you, the best thing to do, is to start laughing, in a way to imply that you believe it is the funniest thing in the world.

Because of such a strong Yin energy dominating the Castle grounds,  a ghost could be seen in any area.  However, after looking over the Castle grounds, in my opinion, the most prevalent area for a ghost to appear would be in the double 2-2 North Sector. One building in particular that overlaps this area of Windsor Castle Grounds, is the Royal Library. After doing some research I discovered that there have been some reported sightings of a ghost often appearing in this library, but it is not the ghost of any royal, it just so happens to be the ghost of Queen Elizabeth the First who was regarded as the greatest monarch that ever ruled England.  It has also been reported that she has been seen wearing black.

Mad King George the Third believed that he spoke to a “spectral women” dressed in black. Apparently she said to him, that her name was Elizabeth and that she was married to England. Mad King George the Third was confined to a room beneath the library because of his mental condition. A mad person being confined in an area where the double 2-2 is, would only make their illusions worse and this would bring them more in touch with ghosts.

One hundred years later Edward the Eighth is believed to have also seen a ghost who he described, was wearing black and she looked very much in appearance to Queen Elizabeth the First. George the VI also admitted to have seen the ghost of Elizabeth the First and on eight different nights. Apparently, the current Queen Elizabeth the Second and her sister Margaret have also seen the ghost of Queen Elizabeth the First as well, in the library.

One way a royal could attract the presence of a ghost again is, after spending a few days within the castle and not going out, wear black clothes and appear in the royal library at night.  There are also other ways to attract a ghost.

Royals can also increase their power and authority at Windsor Castle, by often wearing black and dark colours in general, just like Queen Victoria did.


Overall Summary


There are other Feng Shui Numbers of Windsor Castle grounds which I have not covered and is beyond the scope of this article.

Windsor Castle most definitely displays a center pattern, which suggests an occupation, heavily focused on war and battle, this has been going on for hundreds of years. It is only because of modern times that perhaps they have become more conservative in hiding what they do.

Windsor Castle truly houses female power in the highest form and its male powers are weakened. Queen Elizabeth’s reign was referred to as the ‘Golden Age’ and Queen Victoria’s Britain was referred to as ‘a worldwide empire on which the sun never set’.  On the contrary, when you look at the Kings of the English Monarchy in history, they were never spoken of in the same way. The Queen’s of Windsor Castle have also lived well into old age. Queen Elizabeth the First lived until the age of 70, which is quite old for that time, she is regarded as the greatest monarch the ever ruled England. It wasn’t a King that was considered the greatest monarch to ever rule England, it was a Queen.  Queen Elizabeth as well as amassing great wealth discovered new lands like America, it was period where Britain became a major power and the arts prospered.  In fact, it was a Queen in rulership, that led to the birth of a new country called America, which later went on to become a very big nation of their own.

Queen Anne Stewart who ruled relatively a very short time however achieved quite considerably.  Her reign was between 1702 to 1714.  She was regarded as a Queen who was led by others, nevertheless she succeeded in 80% of her goals, according to this article:www.spanishsuccession.nl/anne.html , she was quite a good Queen, who succeeded in much and even set-up the throne for King George the First.

Under Queen Anne Stewart, England became a naval power, obtained Gibraltar and Minorca, achieved political stability and achieved the most well financed government by 1714. According to the article, "the United Kingdom did owe their growth to her."  It also points out that Queen Anne Stewart "didn't have the faults that many other sovereigns had plenty of, with this kind of foolishness being typical among Kings of England and England was very lucky with Queen Anne".

As for Queen Victoria,  she lived until the age of 81. She reigned longer than any other British Monarch, a total of 63 years, her reign was known as the Victorian era. Her reign also significantly transformed England from a farming community to an industrial power, a period of time which encompassed tremendous changes for Britain. These changes occurred in multiple different areas, social conditions, trade, science, technology, political institutions and economic. It was during the reign of a King, King George the Third, that England lost one of its biggest colonies – America. Might I stress, it was under the reign of a King that such a loss occurred and not a Queen.

In Victoria’s reign, she more than made up for the losses, she gained Australia, Canada, parts of Africa, parts of South America, many islands and parts of the Middle East. The nineteenth century phrase expresses of Victoria’s reign“The sun never set on the British Empire”. She achieved global dominion on a scale that no nation ever had in the history of the world” – all this grandeur and spender, accomplished in the rulership of a Queen, and not a King.

The current Queen Elizabeth the Second, carries a grace and royal queenly air about her that cannot be compared to any other member of the royal family. She has lived for 88 years,  reigning already for 62 years, being the 2nd longest monarch to ever rule England.  I am not surprised with the double 2-2 implying, that a Queen is only fit to rule, its only the Queens which have lived and reigned the longest at this Castle and not the Kings. It is only the Queens which have received unrivaled air to their reigns and not the Kings. As long as the current Queen Elizabeth II, rules the throne, the monarchy will be strong. 


Article by Feng Shui Investigator Gabriella
This Article on Windsor Castle is Officially Copyright Protected  © 2015 (Any Feng Shui Practitioner or Individual who produces very similar articles or publications on the Flying Stars for Windsor Castle will also be held liable as this is seen as breach of copyright in the eyes of the author, please appropriately credit her name and website or choose another castle).