The Superior School in Feng Shui is often believed to be Flying Star

In Classical Flying Star Feng Shui, where its origins can be traced back to thousands of years ago, there are numbers from 1 to 9 which represent every year and a number which will also represent every month, every day and hour.

In Chinese Astrology, there is also an animal that represents every year, an animal that represents every month, an animal for every day and an animal for every hour.

Basically a code work for magnetic energies and has been used by ancient Chinese Scholars for thousands of years, either to predict someone's destiny or fortune of a house.

It can be very mathematical and evolve high level of geometry and good understanding of magnetic co-ordinates.

Each of these numbers will correspond to specific areas in your home or business depending on when it was built and the magnetic co-ordinates.

Each of these numbers will also correspond to an organ of the human body, a certain life situation, an industry type, an occupation, a particular member of the family such as the eldest son or middle daughter or a good or bad period.

Its from this information which often explains why a good feng shui consultant should be able to pick up on certain aspects in an occupants life before the occupant explains anything.

Often though, such information is still very broad and not detailed enough!

Flying Star Feng Shui alone, isn't enough to perform a more specific calculation, where there is more detail about the luck of an individual who lives there. 

This is because Flying Star only takes in the construction period and facing degrees of the building. It doesn't take in advanced information about the occupant. 

For example, when we think of the relationship between the occupant and the house, one could say that this was the same as the heart inside the body. 

What use is it examining the shell if one does not also have a look at the heart?

Unfortunately this last part in my opinion, is not genuinely taught in any feng shui school of the western world, however it is something I have experience with.