Testimonials from recent clients..

"Gabriella knew legal matters would be a major focus in my life in a particular month highlighted. I hardly deal with legal matters and didn't want to believe her. However she was right! It was very unexpected and intense, every day of that month I dealt with this issue"

Anthony, Queensland 2016

"She said to watch out for the month of March, where my health would be in conflict. Also my temper and that I would be angry about something at that time. March came with a massive argument over a mobile phone, also caught some virus and couldn't speak properly for a whole month"

James, Central Coast 2016

"Blew me away, not just your regular feng shui consultant! This isn't just about feng shui remedies, she shows you the full spectrum. This is about where a person is at in a particular point in time and space. She validates this by confirming certain situations and themes which crop up in your life.  Nothing broad here and her observation acute"

Anonymous, Sydney 2015

"She knew that my husband was cheating on me without ever mentioning it to her. She also mentioned the exact year of when it LAST happened, as he had done it before" -

Anonymous, Central Coast 2016

"This was different than others I've tried and a much better wholesome approach"

 Julie, Melbourne 2016

"Hired her for my son. She explained he had a configuration in his profile suggesting quite strongly cut throat relationships. Bad romances and he had a tendency for partying and entertainment. All true! When your hiring a feng shui consultant, you think and believe remedies might help, instead Gabriella shows you when things might improve"

Emerald NSW 2016

"Yeah, well a bit freaked out! The first thing you mentioned was my parents and how they went through something very volatile the year before. You weren't able to explain exactly what happened to them, however emphasized the severity of it! Somehow you pin-pointed that I worked in a creative profession, like a designer, even before arriving at the house or knowing who I was. I design video games and my parents passed away last year in an accident."

Believer, Northern Beaches 2016

"I like the fact that she tries to confirm various stuff about who you are over the phone, with some kind of calculation, before charging any money or seeing you in person." -

John, Palm Beach 2016

"Hey, just want to say how happy I am with the consultation. I must point out, you are more like a fortune teller! Stunned you picked up on some things, the selfish and nasty energy I was attracting in relationships. How you knew about the fact that I had lived alone for many years and a nasty parent of mine, beats me!"

Anonymous, Central Coast 2016

"First time communication via email, she summed up my 3 children in one minute. She identified which one was the naughty one, the creative one and the docile one, just by looking at the date of births, amazing"

Lezley, Turramurra 2015

"Before I met her and before she knew my name, over the phone she asked if I performed work which required physical strength? At the same time also asked if I was some kind of musician, writer or actor? I am a tradesman and acting is my passion" -

Anonymous Bondi 2015

"During the reading she discovered that I was activating my own Personal ‘Property Luck’ while I was asleep at night. She revealed this was an indication of either attracting more Real Estate Luck or attracting a women in my life who had something to do with Real Estate, since a Bedroom symbolised more personal and intimate relationships with the opposite sex.

I had no interest in real estate or buying property, however I had lived at the property for 4 years and 3 out of those 4 years, I was involved in an on an off romantic relationship with the landlord lady, whose property I was renting from. " 

Anonymous, Central Coast