Pricing and Conditions*

Consultations are mostly residential ones not commercial. However commercial buildings and other investment properties may be considered as a 'side project' if you are seeking first a residential reading. 


  • You must live at the home where you are seeking the residential reading, otherwise a consultation like this, will make no sense to you.
  • For those whom live in between a number of properties, the property used in the consultation, must have been lived in by your self, for at least 3-6 months. Please include the months and years you lived there.
  • Gabriella does not undertake online feng shui readings for online customers, the property and occupants must be visted in person!
  • Gabriella DOES undertake separately, brief online summaries focusing on predictions for your year ahead (this is not a feng shui consultation).
  • The client requires an open mind
  • You must be present at the property during the consultation.
  • You must feel comfortable enough for a home visit
  • You mustn't be someone who is seeking a quick feng shui fix
  • No one else involved in the consultation should be present at the property, unless they are needed such as a physician, a disabled person restricted to the property or children whom may be around.
  • Gabriella cannot work with you if you are too busy and have other demands
  • The consultation she provides can be quite personal, and you must be able to express here and there some of your personal concerns. 

Clever Wolf reserves the right to conduct a consultation to any individual or group who may seek it,  for which ever reason she may choose, whether that be before, during or after the consultation, where information/services may be withdrawn. In such circumstances 100% of monies paid will be refunded within 3 business days. Gabriella may wish to employ this action due to conflict of interest, competitive interest, risk of information assets, other conditions which have not been met or where the manner of the client has been inappropriate.


The fee is based on how many occupants are wishing to receive a consultation, not per square metre.  Therefore size of property is not a deciding factor in the price.

Local Customers Rate:                                                   Time needed:

  • 1 Occupant $300.00                                                 2 days
  • 2 Occupants $550.00                                               4 days
  • 3 Occupants $800.00                                              6 days
  • 4 Occupants $1100.00                                             8 days
  • 5 Occupants $1300.00                                             10 days
  • Repeat customers: HALF PRICE


*The prices listed above are Australian Dollars, does not include GST

*The pricing is subject to change throughout the year due to demand.

* If you are a local repeat customer seeking the half price deal, the amount will be calculated on the old rate, from your last visit (not on the new rate).

*Repeat International Clients can take advantage of the half-price deal should they wish, however it will be based on the new rate instead, if it has changed.

Feng Shui Side Projects:

Clever Wolf will consider a commercial property or other investment properties of yours or holiday homes etc, only if a consultation on your residential home has been conducted before > 

  • Commercial/investment properties and holiday homes etc: $200.00 per property (repeat customers seeking half price, not included in this fee)

Feng Shui Interstate/International Requests:

  • Will only consider International Requests, if it includes two or more individuals, as the rate is considered too low for just one occupant and the effort required in travelling. If this is the case, you may wish to negotiate.
  • Due to the nature of the business, will only consider, UK, America (mostly US), Canada and New Zealand.
  • The International Rate is Doubled: So for instance, if 2 people from New Zealand require Clever Wolf to view their property, the price will be $550.00 Australia dollars multiplied by two, which is $1100.00 This does not include travel/accommodation expenses or GST.
  • All travel/accommodation expenses must be arranged by the customer before hand
  • For Interstate Customers within Australia, ONLY Local Rate applies, however an additional flat standard fee of $250 is incurred on the total consultation price, for going out to see your property and the time taken to do that. For example 4 occupants from Brisbane would be $1100 + $250 = $1350 (not including the travelling expenses, accommodation or GST).
  • As said, there is NO additional flat rate fee for International Customers, INSTEAD, the consultation rate is doubled, for instance, 4 people from the UK would actually be $2200 Australian dollars (not including travelling expenses, accommodation or GST).
  • If Gabriella is unable to contact you within 12 hours of arrival of an international request, Clever Wolf will depart back on the next flight back home (unless of course under very special circumstances). In such cases only 50% of the consultation price will be paid back to your nominated account.

All travel and accommodation must be arranged by the customer beforehand.

While these conditions may sound a bit unusual, Gabriella likes to reason, that the further she goes in distance, the higher she charges. Gabriella likes to travel however is not fond of travelling in her work and feels that it is riskier. 

Also, unlike other feng shui professionals Gabriella never charges per square metre! Instead, the more people involved, the higher the price.

50% Money Back Policy for Services Rendered

Clever Wolf does offer a 50% money back policy to those who were not happy with their consultation. This does not include those who engaged in the half price deal, for being a repeat customer. 

Thank fully Clever Wolf has never had to implement money back policy before

There are conditions which surround this and it must be a legitimate reason.

Clever Wolf is not a product or item, it is a service or really more of an experience and time has been invested. Such things once given away cannot be given back. At the end of the day Clever Wolf already exposed their information assets to the customer, and invested their time and this is the reason why it is only 50% money back and not all your money back.

If you were a Interstate or International Customer, the return policy does not include the accommodation and travel expenses. 

100% Money Back Policy for Services Rendered or Not Rendered

This type of money back exclusively only occurs, when for some reason or another of which Clever Wolf decides not to consult you, whether that be before the consultation, during or after a consultation, of which information that was suppose to be exchanged, is withheld.

In such cases, all monies are immediately returned back to the customer within 3 days. As said this may happen due where Gabriella may feel a conflict of interest where there is a threat of damage to her business, a link to a competitor or a risk of her information assets etc. This can also include the clients refusal or inability in transparency of themselves as an individual and any other reason she may chose.

You will recieve an email titled 100% Money Back Policy for Service Rendered or Not Rendered, if possible with an explanation as to why Clever Wolf was unable to conduct the consultation. 

It is essential before deciding to consult Clever Wolf Feng Shui, to read the FULL Agreement and Policy ON THE BELOW LINK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>