Appropriate objects for appropriate spaces - know the history of an object


Knowing the history behind objects, items and furnishings within a home is very important.

If you bought a romantic themed picture, from a man or women selling their belongings because of a divorce, you wouldn't want to hang it in a direction that helps you to attract the opposite sex or anywhere in your bedroom.

If you were a single person looking for romance, it would not be wise symbolically, to have such a painting displayed in your house at all, knowing where it came from and from which circumstances, no matter how romantic the picture might be.

However if you were a lawyer that specialised in divorce, this might be a good picture to hang up in your office, as from a symbolical perspective it would help to attract more business. 

The history of an object and the events that have surrounded it in time, become part of the magnetic energy associated with that object. The object or item "wears" the circumstances so to speak. It can influence your life whether you know about it or not, whether you believe or not.

It’s better to buy brand new objects and items as opposed to second hand or antique, unless of course you are aware of the history which surrounds it.

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