Neuschwanstein Castle – Fit For A Beautiful ‘Lake King’ (King Ludwig II)

The New7Wonders Foundation, has the express aim of documenting and conserving works of monuments worldwide Image from 

The New7Wonders Foundation, has the express aim of documenting and conserving works of monuments worldwide Image from 


First of all, before undertaking a flying star feng shui analysis on the Castle, I can honestly say I had no awareness of the history that surrounded this Castle including any of the royalty that may have been involved in its construction.

Because I grew up in Australia, at school, we did not focus on European history in such detail and much of our history lessons were based on Ancient history, some European history, mostly focusing on WWII and the arrival of Captain Cook.

However as a young girl, from time to time I would see this fairy tale castle in travel magazines. I always admired it more than any other castle and thought what a long name for a Castle, wondering what ‘Neuschwanstein’ meant, how beautifully medieval and that there was a magic about this castle. However, because I was un-settled young girl, I did not bother to read about this castle in my youth nor ask my European Dad about it, as I was distracted by other interests growing up.

I never thought that I would end up writing about the Neuschwanstein Castle at the age of 32.

From an obvious feng shui perspective, Neuschwanstein Castle has a ‘Throne Hall’ however there is no throne.

When it comes to a King or Queen governing and backing up the throne and kingdom, from a symbolic sense, if there is no throne, how can a King or Queen back up or support it's kingdom? They can't. And if there is no throne and no throne was made, there is no emphasis or importance from a feng shui perspective, towards anyone in particular  to rule at this castle.

It is no surprise to me that NO royal actually ever significantly ruled or lived at this Castle.

According to YoGallery Magazine, King Ludwig “was in reality a constitutional monarch, a head of state with rights and duties and little freedom of action. It was in this reason that he built a fantasy world around him.”

In 1866 the expanding state of Prussia conquered Austria and Bavaria causing King Ludwig of Bavaria to suffer from the most major defeat of his life, as from then on Bavaria’s foreign policy was dictated by Prussia.

Perhaps, during the construction of the Neuschwanstein Castle which was built by King Ludwig, that maybe in his subconscious, he didn’t feel inclined to place any importance in installing a throne as he was not really in control of having any rulership over his country anymore and most of his life he did not really rule or govern, with many history records declaring that he ignored many state affairs leaving it all to his ministers.

If a royal wanted to live at this Castle and govern seriously, they would have to also seriously consider, first building, an actual throne inside the Throne Hall. This will help establish and seal their authority, from a symbolical perspective, as a ruler situated at a Castle and governing over others.

Modern science is yet to make a connection to symbolism and its influence. In feng shui and chinese metaphysics, God to me is watching us and everything that we do. If you want something in life badly, you have to show it with your actions and what you do, there is no point in just declaring with words what you want.

There are some sources which mention that King Ludwig, really did want to start ruling, however deep down I don’t think he did.

I think he wanted to be King of a Fantasy World which just didn't exist here on Earth. In fact the construction of this fantasy castle was really showing this impending desire within himself, with the construction of this castle, he was symbolically painting a pathway to heaven, and that is exactly what ended up happening to him, he died in his early forties in a horrible and mysterious accident in the lake where he "drowned" with his doctor on a boat.


General Overview on How Flying Star Feng Shui works:

In a Flying Star Feng Shui Consultation, we take in the construction period and the facing degrees. From this calculation, paired numbers will fly to different magnetic sectors of a building. These numbers become unique to the property.

Flying Star Feng Shui is so particular that if a building is facing slightly a different magnetic degrees or built in another period of time, these paired number combinations may change or be situated in a different magnetic sectors of a building or to a different room.

Because there are 24 magnetic facing directions (e.g NW, SW, W, SSW, N, E etc) and a 60 year cycle, this means, there are 144 different house types, these are houses or properties which contain their own individual “personalities” and “themes”.

When I talk about ‘paired number’ combinations, I am referring to the 9 numbers in feng shui. They are also referred to as ‘Stars’, ‘elements’ or ‘energies’. 

Each number has its own element (fire, water, wood, earth, metal), each number governs its own family member (mother, father, eldest son, youngest son, youngest daughter etc), each number will also govern a organ in the body and a different industry type in business.

It is the knowledge of the numbers and their interaction which will paint a picture or story so to speak, associated with the property. Usually there is specific ‘theme’ that goes on within properties.

When you think about anything in general in life, there is always a theme or a type or a story a particular style or tendency. For instance, a novel has a particular plot, an office environment has its own culture, a person has their own character, a piece of artwork has its own mood and style, this goes the same for music, there is a theme in music, a melody that arises throughout the piece which is varied upon, but is always there.

In a property, there is usually a major ‘theme’ that turns up as well, which is determined by flying star feng shui.

Determining the 20 Year Feng Shui Block Cycle that Neuschwanstein was Built in:

The Neuschwanstein Castle was built in sections, it was not built all at once or in the same feng shui period of time which is measured by 20 year block cycles.

Some of the buildings span over two different feng shui periods; Period 1 (Period One) governing ‘water element’ (years between 1864 – 1883) and Period 2 governing ‘earth element’ (years between 1884 – 1903). Because of this, we cannot conveniently place one flying star chart over the entire castle construction plans. Each building has to be analysed carefully with its own chart. I only looked at a few of the major buildings, not all of them as that is beyond the scope of this article. However these buildings are enough to sum up the overall picture.


I regard the property facing a particular magnetic direction and there is a variation of opinion in the feng shui world where the facing side is which I won't go into.

I will point out that the majority of buildings constructed at Neuschwanstein, were built in Period 1 (Period One) governing the years between 1864 and 1883.  In Feng Shui, this Period of time heavily governed the Water element, as Number one 1 governs Water. This means that the entire Neuschwanstein Castle is heavily focused on the Water Element. I will explain later how this comes into play.

 To find out the overall influences of the Neuschwanstein Castle, we look at the buildings in the facing direction, and in the sitting direction, backing up the castle.

If there is also a doubling up of any numbers for example a double 2-2 or a double 3-3 or double 8-8 which are paired together, this means those numbers become more prolific than any other number combination that may occur within the building, simply because these numbers are doubled up together.


The Gateway Building

At the Neuschwanstein, the first building which was built, was the building located in the facing position, called the ‘Gateway Building. It is the ‘front’ building of the Neuschwanstein Castle, I believe the main frontage of the entire castle. According to the website this building was built in June 1872. 


Gateway BuildinPhoto by Henwig Storch at Wikipedia, find his work at Wikipedia 

Gateway BuildinPhoto by Henwig Storch at Wikipedia, find his work at Wikipedia 

This particular part of the castle is symbolically very important because it is the entrance, and not only was it the First building to be built, it was also the building where the Castle’s ‘Creator’  - King Ludwig stayed often during the construction. This allowed him to observe the construction of other buildings over time around him.

It is said that King Ludwig only stayed in this Castle 11 nights. This just might be some  kind of joke in history, as it was also said, that he never slept at night, he was up at night and slept during the day. There are other sources such as which confirm, that he lived at the Castle for a 172 days.

Whether he lived at the Castle or not, is not important, what is important to realise is, that he was the main Creator of this Castle, being the main visionary source and himself being so involved in every part of the construction, the feng shui numbers influenced him the most, more than any other person. This is because of the power of symbology.

King Ludwig had a huge influence over the design and implementation of the Neuschwanstein Castle that according to Wikipedia, he was the sole creator and designer of this Castle himself; read more on Wikipedia here

In a feng shui reading, it is important to know this information, as the building that King Ludwig (the Creator of the Castle) resided in, during the construction of the castle, would be one of the most important buildings, from a feng shui point of view-point.

King Ludwig only saw his Neuschwanstein Castle as a construction site, he never saw the complete version since he died young from a terrible accident, which I will cover later.


Flying star Calculation for ‘The Gateway Building’

The Double 1-1 Water influence in the SouthWest Sitting Direction

Let’s look at the Flying Stars for the ‘Gateway Building’ (the first building to be constructed at Neuschwanstein) where King Ludwig lived or stayed mostly during the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle.

The following chart is generated from the year of 1872 – the Water Period. In my belief, I regard this building as VERY important, because this is where King Ludwig (the sole creator of the castle) resided and lived during its construction.

It is also the main grand entrance, what I believe the main front of the building

If we look at the flying stars for the other buildings at Neuschwanstein, most of them will also have a configuration of the double 1-1 water star. This means the entire castle is heavily influence by the double 1-1 combination acting as a major “theme”.

As mentioned before, when two of the same numbers are paired together twice in a building like the double 1-1, it brings emphasis to that number combination more than any other paired number combinations.

As mentioned also in my previous article, the paired number combination in the Sitting Direction will determine overall influences on how the Castle is backed up from a symbolical perspective.



In my previous feng shui case study on Windsor Castle in the UK, I clarifed the 2-2 in the sitting direction and this bringing a strong emphasis to mother, much older women or elderly women as a preference of rule to back up the throne. As each number governs a 'family member'.

At Neuschwanstein Castle, instead of a double 2-2 we have a double 1-1 in the sitting direction of SouthWest.  1 (one) Water also governs the ‘middle son’. So here we have from a symbolical sense with a double ones 1-1, two men together surrounded in Water so to speak, as a major symbolic theme of the castle.

This means, in my opinion Neuschwanstein Castle is really fit for a King but not any kind of King, as double one 1-1 is very mysterious, watery, introverted, extremely creative and dream like. 

1 (one) Water also governs the sexual reproductive organs of a man. Because the double one 1-1 paired up with itself twice, it is emphasing this area of a man’s body so much and amplifying it, the number combination double 1-1 is known for homosexual behaviour.

Because a double 1-1 is so very sexual, sometimes it can mean a building with a double 1-1 is a brothel. On the flip side, if a property or residential home has a double 1-1, and the occupant’s have a lot to do with a Water industry, such as Aquariums or Pools, usually a double 1-1, just means an emphasis to this industry.

This is not something that I am making up, you can read about the meaning of the double 1-1 from another source, visit and go to page 37, Master Heluo also mentions the same homosexual energy for the double one 1-1 energy.

Most likely someone homosexual lives in this building or there is an extreme eccentric sexual male energy residing in this building, or this energy is a major and massive influence of the entire castle.

If not the double 1-1 Water Combination (1 being associated with the middle son) there is a great theme of two men being friends or big friendships and long lasting relationships between two males. King Ludwig had very long standing friendship with the Actor Joseph Kainz and the Musical Composer Richard Wagner - who was an extreme artistic inspiration to King Ludwig who based the artistic artworks throughout the castle on legends which formed the basis of Richard Wagner's Work.

I decided to do some research on the history of this castle AFTER looking at these numbers, just encase there was anything that correlated.

To my surprise, it is quite a known fact, of great reference in history, that King Ludwig, the major Creator of the Neuschwanstein Castle, was a homosexual and he had quite a few male lovers, this has been documented in a variety of history sources. He was also engaged twice however cancelled both engagements and never married. There is also reference in history implying quite strongly that King Ludwig was quite an eccentric man.

After discovering that King Ludwig – the main instigator and creator of the Neuschwanstein Castle, was possibly an eccentric homosexual, he had significant long term friendships between men, was never married or had any significant friends with women, and that the Flying Stars were reflecting this theme quite strongly with the double one 1-1 influence, I decided to continue on with the case study.

Hungarian theater star Josef Kainz and King Ludwig standing up, in an interesting photo and article about Ludwig's homesexuality

The Symbolism of the Lake and the Swan

In the Gateway Building, the double one 1-1 Water Stars are located in the Southwest Sitting Direction. Many feng shui enthusiasts believe that Southwest is an Earth direction of Soil.

In Feng Shui when elements come together they can represent an environment in nature from a symbolical perspective. For example with the number combination 1 - 2 (1-Water and 2 – Earth) out will grow plants and trees however it can represent also a lake. This is a productive result, where you put water and soil together, this gives the right environment for plants and trees to grow. Another example is 1-3 combination which is Wood and Water, from a pictorial perspective this is like a Forest with a River.

As well as feng shui numbers governing their own elements such as 9 - fire, 3 - wood, 8 - earth, 7 –metal, 1 water etc, - Magnetic Compass Directions themselves also contain their own elements too. For example North governs Water, East governs Wood, West governs Metal etc.

When we have Feng Shui numbers residing within magnetic directions, these magnetic directions, or what you might call, ‘magnetic slices’ on a pie chart, become like ‘containers’ for that energy. With a double one 1-1 pronounced water combination residing inside a SouthWest ‘Earth’ Direction, this is like emptying much water inside a large terracotta basin, what this translates to is simply = a Lake! This can also be described as a huge barren valley being filled with vast amounts of water, thereby turning the site into a Lake.

The building in the sitting direction backing up the Neuschwanstein Castle, near the Throne Hall, also has a double 1-1 in its sitting direction of the Southwest repeated again. This also gives added weight to the double 1-1 'Lake Combination' backing up the entire castle from a symbolical perspective and giving this energy the most amount of emphasis. 

Therefore the symbol of a Lake is a major theme  backing up its occupants. When we think of the most appropriate animal, closely associated with a Lake, more than any other animal, we think of a Swan.

Throughout the Neuschwanstein Castle building interiors, there is a continuous reference to the Swan Symbol especially in artwork depicted. In fact the name Neuschwanstein means Swan Stone Castle and even King Ludwig was referred to as ‘The Swan King’.

Another  more appropriate feng shui name for this man, a name which I came up for him, when we take in the double one water 1-1 combination is ‘The Lake King’.

According to King Ludwig had an obsession with Swans when he first went to see Lohengrin (‘The Swan Knight’ Opera), composed by Richard Wagner. King Ludwig repeated this swan motif influence over and over  at the Neuschwanstein Castle. It is no surprise to me that he did that because this double one 1-1 'Lake' influence is backing up the entire castle and it is the Lake symbology at the castle which supports its occupants.


Here above are examples of the Swan symbol being repeatedly displayed at the Neuschwanstein Castle

Even a Swan shaped tap in the Kitchens of the Neuschwanstein Castle, image found at This website holds some useful and interesting information about the Neuschwanstein Castle.

According to Yo Gallery Magazine, his bedroom linen at the Neuschwanstein Castle also had a blue pattern of Swans.

In fact King Ludwig had previously built another, much smaller castle in his life, the Linderhof Palace, here he built inside a lake and a boat which he liked to be rowed around in whilst listening to music.


King Ludwig's underground lake at Linderhof Palace Image by Softeis at Wikipedia


Here you can see that definitely King Ludwig had special affinity with water especially a Lake, being attracted to the Lake theme and the Swan symbols in his life. This means that the double 1-1 'Lake Combination' at the Neuschwanstein Castle was incredibly representative of him and this particular castle’s feng shui blue print which resonates with his soul.

As mentioned before, number one 1 water governs the middle son. With two 1-1’s are paired together, this can symbolically mean two men surrounded in water – as I mentioned previously. When we take in this ‘Lake’ Symbology in addition, it can also symbolise from an illustrative sense, two men in a Lake! This being a major influence or theme of the Castle.

Anyone who reads the history behind the Neuschwanstein Castle will know the sad story behind King Ludwig who mysteriously “drowned” in a Lake on a boat with his doctor. For political reasons he was apparently being pushed out by his ministers who acted against him. This story is the major 'theme' associated with this castle, when we think of themes that occur anywhere in life, flying star will usually show us what the theme is in a building.

They wanted to get rid of King Ludwig because he had almost bankrupted Bavaria with his extravagant spending on architectural projects. The ministers hired mental health professionals of that time to declare he was insane in order to create a reason for his termination without proper examination.

During this turbulent time, I believed he made an attempt to escape the kingdom; he went in a small boat to cross the Lake with only his doctor (who apparently was the one, who had diagnosed him as insane). It was in mysterious circumstances that both these men, who were crossing the Lake, died in the water and “downed” under strange circumstances. Upon examination of King Ludwig’s body there was no water found in his lungs or any evidence to suggest he was drowned and his doctor seemed to have been strangled.

Anyone who reads the history behind the Neuschwanstein Castle, surrounding King Ludwig and his mysterious death in the Lake, along side his doctor, will know that this is the major ‘theme’ or ‘story’ associated with the Neuschwanstein Castle that stands out in history, more than any other event. 

This is certainly and undeniably the influence of the double one 1-1 'Lake Combination' in the Southwest, representing two men in a ‘Lake’ which has taken on the major theme of this Castle.

This also points to my earlier identification about how 'themes' re-occur throughout every aspect of life and that with flying star feng shui we find what the theme is at Neuschwanstein.

Here with Neuschwanstein Castle we can see how the 'Lake theme' takes precedence over the castle.



You might ask the question -  if the double one 1-1 water combination in the sitting position, backing up the throne and King Ludwig was representing it's energies to such a high degree, then why did he die in such a horrible lake accident, an accident which was also symbolic of the double one 1-1 Lake Combination?

Perhaps this was part of his destiny which was written by the very day, month and year of his birth. We cannot change our destiny with Feng Shui, that is just 'Earth Luck' and is an awareness of where you are in life. With Feng Shui we can improve our destiny and become more aware. Heaven Luck (your date of birth and karma) has the highest precedence.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned how there was NO throne ever built at the Neuschwanstein Castle, from another perspective, NO throne at Neuschwanstein maybe meant more deeply, that King Ludwig, through his 'lake death' (through a double one 1-1 themed incident), he would backup the kingdom without being present in physical form!

And he certainly did do that, six weeks after his death, the Castle was open to paying tourists. Even today this Castle is constantly attracting thousands of people a day. Neuschwanstein Castle has proven to be an exceptional source of Wealth to Bavaria and it certainly is quite ironic that King Ludwig, in his day, was being officially dismissed by Ministers for spending too much money for its construction, bankrupting the  kingdom at the time, however, through that and his death, he achieved the greatest of wealth for his country, everlasting.


 If the Castle wasn’t open to the public, it would be rather very appropriate for a gay royal to live here as the Neuschwanstein Castle seems to support such energies. The castle also in my opinion supports eccentric royals and especially male royals who are very academic with brilliant minds and intellectual capabilities. Because double one 1-1 Water  combination, which is a male combination, which comes from the Yin side of the Yin/Yang Symbol (the black side)  and is very dark and introvert, the Castle would also favour a ruler with dark hair and blue eyes who is an introvert, academic and eccentric personality.

In fact King Ludwig the II very much fit the part, he had dark hair and blue eyes, and when studying the building it is quite obvious to me that the Castle houses his soul, it is embedded there and therefore the 'Swan King' really did become in essence a 'Swan' or the 'Lake King' , who reached some kind of eternal life through a 'Lake death' that transformed him into everlasting figure and always remembered.

There are quite a few more number combinations at the Neuschwanstein Castle, which I won’t go into and is beyond the scope of this Article, which I’ve purely written really for general insight and as a sample to those interested in how flying star feng shui works.


Gabriella is a Feng Shui Consultant and Feng Shui Investigator of feng shui theories, located in Sydney, Australia. She has studied feng shui for more than a decade and is keenly interested in topics of Feng Shui Discrepancy.

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