House of Wealth - the house that gives to you no matter what!

There are 144 different house types in the Flying Star Feng Shui System – which takes in the construction period of the building and its exact magnetic co-ordinates. From this System we can find certain houses that are better for attracting money. Some of these 'house types', based on this information, are called names such as 'House of Wealth' because their specific purpose is to attract money to the occupant.

There are also other 'house types' where the reverse situation is true, the 'house types' purpose is to make the occupant lose money. This is an ancient calculation, which hasn't got anything to do with whether your toilet door is in line with your front door. This is about the construction period and exact facing degrees. With these 'house types', gradually the occupant will begin to lose their money until they have nothing left. 

There are also, what I call 'House Types of Destiny', these they are much more personal to the individual.

Any consultant who is able to provide your personal  'house types' or directions by determining your feng shui number from the year you were born, is performing something that is in my opinion too broad.

Many of these consultants call themselves 'advanced', have been practicing for many many years and charge hundreds of dollars. In my opinion this is a waste of money.

Destiny Houses are a lot more personalised and are a far more advanced than the above described practice.

Unfortunately, this is not taught to Westerners or any feng shui consultant of the western world as it is too precious to disclose. I believe I know the answer to this question and have for a long time, which is what places much value on my consultations.

Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella
Sydney, Australia
Officially Copyright 2014

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