Your Feng Shui Number is not important...

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There is a feng shui calendar that will tell you you’re feng shui element from the year you were born. However this is a very broad calculation and it shouldn't be the be all and end all of when it comes to summing up a person as a whole. 

A lot more has to be determined about a person to perform a more individual reading.

Chinese Metaphysics determines two types of lucks: Feng Shui is 'Earth Luck' and 'Heaven's Luck' which is the luck that you are born with.

You can't move into a 'lucky house' and expect to get guaranteed luck, as god also gave to you your destiny and karma.

Throughout ancient times the method for calculating someone's feng shui number has changed. One method will say you are Fire 9 Person, another method will say you are six 6 metal or another method may say you are an 8 earth person.

There is only one right way of finding out a person's feng shui number. As mentioned previously, many feng shui consultants place too much importance on a person's feng shui number.

This is not the complete and correct way to sum up a person's energies as a whole, one must go deeper into a person to find that out their actual characteristics. 

Finding out what your 'Feng Shui Number' is or having a practitioner designate one to you based on your birth details, isn't enough to ascertain specific magnetic energies occurring within a person.

Feng Shui Numbers are far too broad, throughout history though, many detailed explanations for each Feng Shui Number that a person may have, has been elaborated on, this creates the illusion of personalisation when it really isn't. Any practitioner that gives to you, your feng shui number or any number at all as a reference guide to who you are, is to me performing something that isn't really specific to the person. Feng Shui numbers are for property not people.

In the past, before I ever practiced, I hired a feng shui master/celebrity from America and an Oriental one from Australia into my own home, both whom charged 500 dollars each or more for a consultation. Both came from Feng Shui Associations! Both feng shui practitioners gave me my feng shui number as a way of personalisation and nothing else! This to me is a complete waste of money and in essence, really isn't personalised. 

Making a proper and very personalised assessment involves a lot more work, and one should not be fooled, however I do not blame them entirely as it was what they were taught at feng shui school, which is really to blame.

Feng shui does not necessarily fix all problems, however you can enhance, dominate or weaken an energy. Sometimes the best option is to simply move out. 

Feng Shui is sometimes not about fixing anything, however is an Awareness Tool, know what might come before you, while you live at a property.

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