Feng Shui For Highclere Castle (Downtown Abbey TV Series)

Feng Shui for Highclere Castle (‘Downtown Abbey’ TV Series)

Article by Feng Shui Investigator Gabriella. Officially Copyright © 2015

Image By Wikipedia, find the Photographer Here

Image By Wikipedia, find the Photographer Here

Overall Influences
Come on a Feng Shui Tour of Highclere Castle, Fit for a TV Series! (Downtown Abbey)
Gabriella reveals through a Flying Star calculation (construction period + facing degrees) a 4-3 in the centre of the building, denoting very scandalous and unusual relationships between people in this Castle. Find out how this feng shui calculation also reveals a ‘Haunting’ in the Main Library, Dining Room, Waiting Room including staircase near here which Gabriella believes could also be haunted. Gabriella reveals that the construction period also shows this Castle to be going through some kind of ‘Feng Shui Renewal Period’ during our current decade. However.....

Gabrielle reveals a 'Yearly Freezing Period' on Finances at Highclere Castle which started last Feb 2015 - this is to do with the Construction Period.

The Occupants at Highclere Castle - 8th Earl and Countess Carnarvon, will most likely experience a tightening of money in 2015. However it will only last ONE YEAR. It started in Feb 2015. There is a very simple way to un-freeze this Yearly Frozen Period on their Castle, they would only have to ask to find out!!

It has been recently announced quite unexpectedly that 'Downtown Abbey' TV Series is coming to an end, this was announced during the end of March 2015. 

This is a reflection on the YEARLY frozen period effecting Highclere Castle and tightening up of finances, after 2015 is gone, they will be out of the bad period and attracting wealth again.

Does this have a big affect on the axing of a TV Series? Of course it does, in a very big way, because symbolically this castle is like the home of the TV Series, it's heart and soul.

Why Did I Choose Highclere Castle as a Case Study?

To be completely honest with you, I saw a picture of Highclere Castle in a travel magazine Discover Britain’ March/April 2015 issue just recently. I thought it was a very unique and beautiful castle, however I really knew nothing of it and hadn't seen it before.

However, the first strange aspect I felt when viewing this Castle, in the magazine picture was a very ancient feeling creeping into me.

There was also an extremely deep and ancient hidden energy that I felt with this Castle, and yet I had no idea why I felt that either however I decided to undertake a feng shui calculation of this castle, as I became very curious.

I was quite surprised to learn; that after undertaking some historical research, on construction works, my intuition was quite right, this Castle has a history of stretching back to 1,300 years ago and that the property sits on the ruins of an ancient medieval Palace!
In fact according to Highclerecastle.co.uk, one of the previous Earls the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, famously discovered the Tomb of the Egyptian Boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, in 1922 with his archaeological colleague, Howard Carter. Apparently there are many Egyptian Artifacts that grace this Castle's interiors. My question is, which I wonder, if any of them are so mysterious, that they may be hidden away from the public eye? My mind likes to wonder if there is such a valuable and ancient relic that lies low in some hidden location at this Castle? Something not known to the public. In fact if I visited the Castle, I would set myself up on an expedition to find it, however I might not know exactly what it was that I was looking for. 

What I also discovered later, this Castle just so happens to be the main ‘Set’ for a well known television series called ‘Downtown Abbey’ which I had no idea about either.

I disconnected my TV a long time ago, as I find TV immensely distracting. I am not really familiar with the TV drama 'Downtown Abbey' and I’m not really sure what the show is about, but here goes with my case study on this intriguing and mysterious Castle....

Discovering the Construction Period of Highclere Castle was Difficult.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, one must know the construction period of a property and exact facing degrees. If you haven’t read my articles before, from the construction period and facing degrees, paired numbers will fly over the property into different magnetic “slices”.

The pattern of these numbers, unique to the property often reveal the major overall themes and situations which occur in the occupant’s life.

The first step was to find the construction period of this Castle and it was very challenging.

It was very difficult to locate a construction period of this particular castle as simply because, according to Forbes.com - Highclere Castle has gone through several transformations, being transformed into Elizabethan style, to classical Georgian and then a dramatic transformation in the mid 1800’s by Renaissance revival architect Sir Charles Barry including the sculpting of gardens by Lancelot Brown in the 18th century as well.

At Highclere Castle, the renovations were so extreme and quite significant of the revival architect Sir Charles Barry in the mid 1800’s. He completely changed the appearance of the Castle at this time and added a lot more to it.

These extreme renovations would have definitely re-set the time-frame of the Highclere Castle to the mid 1800’s and not before then, as the new construction period in Flying Star Feng Shui.

I regard Sir Charles Barry’s extreme transformation of the revival period between 1839 to 1842 on the building, as marking the new feng shui ‘construction period’ of this Castle. My complete reasons for determining this, I will not explain at this current stage as other renovations occurred at this Castle after that time.

This Castle is currently going through ‘Feng Shui Renewal Period’ during Period 8 (2003-2024)

In Flying Star Feng Shui, buildings can go through a 'Renewal Period', depending upon the time we are passing through! This is when the occupant's and building become restored somehow, and most likely, the occupants who live there receive a kind of 'freshening up' of their lives,  so to speak. This is not something I am making up.

In feng shui, 20 year block cycles are measured and governed by different elements. For example Period 7 was between 1984 to 2003 – this period of time governed the Metal element.

Because Feng Shui block cycles are continuous we are actually going through the new Period 8, which is between 2004 to 2023, the previous Period 8 before this was 180 years ago, between 1824 and 1843 (the construction period of Highclere).

When a property is built in a specific Period and then 180 years later it passes through the SAME Period it was built in, what ends up happening to that building, is that it becomes‘restored’ whether that be symbolical or physical sense.

The property most likely will become ‘renewed’ or go through some kind of renewal, most likely the occupant’s will experience this positive aspect in their lives in one way or another as well.

I am not surprised to learn that Highclere Castle received a restoration process during 2009 specifically for the new TV series Downtown Abbey.  

Highclere Castle , definitely has encompassed a great renewal which has occurred during the current Period 8 (2004-2023) which we are going through right now and it’s reflection on the previous Period 8 (1824-1843) of which it was built in.

This is a purification process that has been marked by the on-set of a TV Series 'Downtown Abbey' and the use of this Castle as a location to film in.

The Castle has received extra attention through a TV Series during Period 8 and has become renewed with restorations and huge repair work done around 2009, required for the film set. The arrival of the tv series which actually saved the castle from complete disrepair, which allowed for funding to restore the interiors and in the addition the occupant’s have received added height, wealth and promotion in conjunction with the TV Series.

You can read further at Express.co.uk and at Wikipedia

As well as the property being ‘renewed’ so have the occupant’s lives, who have gone through a renewal period as well, attracting more wealth, status with their careers blooming, simply because of this new TV Series which has arrived at their door-step.

This is excellent example of a property and it's occupants going through a ‘Renewal Period’ in Flying Star Feng Shui. This 'Renewal Period' will end in 2023.

Here are the flying stars for Highclere Castle (constructed in the Previous  Period 8 (1824-1843) and South Facing Position

These numbers are generated on the construction period and facing degrees.

These numbers are generated on the construction period and facing degrees.

There is a difference of opinion of where the facing side is amongst feng shui consultants. I strongly regard this Castle, as facing South and Sitting North based on my own personal reasons and methods which I use.

During the new Period 8 time-frame (2004 to 2023) the number 8 becomes the luckiest number in any building, being the number closely associated with wealth.


Feng Shui Number 4-3 in the Center & Southeast - These numbers strongly representing Scandalous Energies and Unusual Relationships 

At Highclere Castle, this ‘house type’ in my opinion attracts a major theme which denotes sex scandals, any kind of scandals, age-gap relationships, incestuous relationships. This also includes strange, unusual, not normal relationships between couples who live there and/or strange, unusual, not normal ways of how one makes money.

This is because of the 4-3 combination, which resides in the centre of the building (Saloon) and the same combination in the Southeast side (Music Room & Drawing Room). Center Numbers reveal how one makes money and other significant influences occurring within a home and the overall set out for relationships.

Depending on the time-frame we are passing through this can be a good or bad influence, as all the numbers will go through different cycles.  I undertook some research on Google to find out if this was true. In fact there are PLENTY of articles written about the scandals in history associated with Highclere Castle.

According to the Mirror UK - "Highclere Castle has a history of salacious affairs, mistresses and lovers”.

Also according to their article on Highclere Castle (titled The Real Downtown Abbey, Sordid Affairs, Gambling, Debts and Saucey Photography )"in 1895 George, then 29, married beautiful 18-year-old Almina Wombwell, they had two children but George was far more passionate about motoring, aviation and archaeology than he was about his wife.

Frustrated, she took the first in a long line of lovers, according to William Cross, author of The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon. Society gossip said she also had an affair with her husband’s best man, Prince Victor Duleep Singh, the Eton-educated son of the Maharaja of Lahore. Within months of her husband’s death in 1923 she married again, to Colonel Ian Dennistoun.

Rumour had it she enjoyed a secret affair with the army officer, who had been injured in the First World War, before her husband died, setting him up in his own cottage"

In fact it doesn’t end there, these scandalous energies were so outrageous at the time, that King George the V expressed his disgust on another related incident to do with the occupant's at this Castle!

It is also no surprise to me that the most Scandalous Scenes in Stanley Kubrick's Film, 'Eyes Wide Shut' were filmed at this Castle! Obviously the Director could feel, that this was the most appropriate place to film them and he was right.

One of the Scenes in the Movie 'Eyes Wide Shut' starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. This scene was shot in the library of Highclere Castle!

One of the Scenes in the Movie 'Eyes Wide Shut' starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. This scene was shot in the library of Highclere Castle!

In feng shui, there are specific themes that occur in ‘house-types’, and the 4-3  energy located in the centre, is undeniably been the major culprit of Highclere Castle's scandalous energies, quite evident throughout history. You only have to do a simple Google Search to find the numerous references in history pointing to this Castle which have taken on a major theme throughout history and it's occupants. 

Feng Shui Number 7-9 and 9-7 influence

At Highclere Castle there is also a 7-9 and 9-7 influence in the North and Northeast often denotes arguments between women and disagreements between women. Especially between young women because 7 governs the youngest daughter and 9 governs the middle daughter. It is an unsupportive arrangement, with 9-Fire Melting 7 Metal.

So this Castle, can sometimes attract  jealousy between two ladies, especially between two younger ladies as another major theme heightened at this Castle. This could be reflective even on the female cast that perform in the TV series, whether it be part of their character or the real circumstances they are dealing with.

Young female actresses on the show must guard against jealousy from other women. Young female actresses on this TV Show may have to also guard against undesirable and unfavorable advances from men, or inappropriate advances from men in their work situations, to be taken advantage of (this is more to do with the 3-4 energy). An example in history where jealousy has arose between two women at this Castle, can be read in the   www.telegraph.co.uk according to the Article ~

 "Almina enjoyed the attentions of another lover, Tommy Frost, a friend of her son. Frost was also the lover of Dorothy Dennistoun, and what had once been a friendship between the two women turned into an intense rivalry that ended in social disgrace” 

I have had much experience with this house type more than any other including my own personal experience (houses which face South and built in Period 8). I did a brief consultation once for a lady who lived in this ‘house-type’ with the same blueprint (4-3 in the centre). The situation was she had re-married and that her best friend married her ex-husband! In this situation they were all friends and there were no hard feelings. 

Another example, where I did a consultation for the exact same 'house-type' with a 4-3 in the centre, was an eccentric couple who had been married for 20 years. The man was at least 25 years younger than his wife who was 60. 

A third example of this exact same house type was a bi-sexual gay couple who had an open relationship where they both had very strange occupations! A Fourth example of this particular house type was my Own Personal Experience .

During my time there I had a very awkward time with men. Almost every single man that pursued me was either married or had a girlfriend or not completely divorced. 

I also received much jealousy from other women who did everything they could, to put me in dead-ends towards any career pursuits, spreading gossip and rumor about me that wasn't true, (where I worked in film and tv). This was one of the main reasons why I chose to move out. Life got better for me when I did.

The Countess Carnarvon could try to place a Fire remedy in the ‘Saloon’ area which is the center of the Castle to help control and weaken these scandalous energies. That would mean adding more lighting and a red or purple decor.

(Below Left, interested in purchasing a beautiful red persian rug like the one at Highclere Castle? Visit > Leonnorell ; far right image from the Daily Mail UK

Centre Image of the Saloon from Highclere Castle's official website, click here> HighclereCastle.co.uk 

Actually when looking at the centre area of this Castle and the ‘Saloon’ area (the 3 images above), there is already a red or  fire theme with the added bonus of a  fire place – if used regularly, will also help to weaken these scandalous 4-3 'Wood Combinations'.

The Film Industry is heavily classified as a very powerful ‘Fire Industry’ so having a Film Crew engaging in film related activities at this Castle , is a powerful ‘Fire Remedy’ helping to control these unfavorable 4-3 'wood energies' which are stemming from the center of the building.


This ‘House Type’ in general heavily attracts LUCK to do with the Film & TV Industries.

Because we are going through Period 8 (2003-2024), the number 8 becomes the luckiest number associated with Wealth and Prosperity. At Highclere Castle we have a double 8-8 combination residing inside a ‘South Direction’.

As well as different numbers governing different elements (such as fire, earth, metal, water and wood). Different Magnetic Directions also govern different elements. For example East is Wood, North is Water.

In Flying Star Feng Shui,  South governs the Fire Element. So when we have a double 8-8 combination (the luckiest combination during this current time) residing inside a ‘Fire Location’ = this simply translates to extreme luck to do with the Film, TV and Entertainment Industries, since all those industries are governed by the ‘Fire Element’. 

This explains one of the reasons why the occupant’s have attracted a successful TV Series ‘Downtown Abbey’ to their home as a location during this time frame.

Also, as I mentioned previously, I use to live in this exact same ‘house-type’ with the exact same numbers residing over the exact same magnetic directions.

During my time there, I had more to do with the TV industry in this house type more than any other property I lived in. I was constantly working in Australian main-stream Film and TV industry. Every week I was called up for months, working on all the main TV networks. Whereas before I moved to this house, I was only called up a few times a year by these industries. When I moved out of the property, all the Film and TV work ceased to exist.

This is very honest example to show you how exceptional the luck is to do with the ‘Fire’ related industries in this particular ‘House-type’ and that explains why during Period 8, occupant’s of Highclere Castle, have attracted the ‘Downtown Abbey’ TV Series to their Home as a major source of wealth.

Hauntings in the Main Library East Sector, Dining Room (Northwest) Sector (2-5/5-2 Combination) and Waiting Room (Northwest Sector)

The Flying Stars residing over Highclere Castle, reveal quite significantly that the main Library and the Dining area are to be haunted (areas which I’ve highlighted in blue on the above map)

Even though both these areas of the Castle are completely separate to one another, they both contain the ‘ghost combinations’ 2-5 or 5-2. The full ghost combination is actually 2-5-6. Other ghost combinations that can arise inside a home are 2-2 and 2-6.

When looking at both these areas, there is a 2-5 in the Main Library and a 5-2 in the Dining Area and also covering the staircase next to it. Out of both these areas, I regard the Northwest Dining sector to be more haunted than the Library in the East.

Image of the Dining Room below from Highclere Castle's official websiteclick here> HighclereCastle.co.uk 

This Northwest Sector also covers the staircase near the Dining Room and the Waiting Room, areas which could also be heavily haunted. 

After doing some research on Google I discovered that there have been some documented ghost experiences witnessed by the Countess Carnarvon herself and these have occurred as I expected in the Dining Room, in fact, a Priest was called upon to cleanse the Castle’s energies especially of note, to make a blessing on the Dining room and some bedroomsas specified in the following article Facebook HistoryHaunted.

Northwest governs the energy to do with what is gone, in the past, the left over and the end of a cycle. When a ‘5-2 ghost combination’ resides over the Northwest, it enhances the ghost combination and becomes more ‘haunted’.

It would take more than just a Priest to subdue the 'ghost combinations' at Highclere Castle.

I am not surprised to learn that Countess of Carnarvon had a striking ghost encounter, with one in the Dining Room who followed her, mentioned in the facebook article link I posted earlier.

I feel that paintings of ancestors and people who have passed on should really be displayed in a place like a library and NOT where one eats. Eating is an important activity and is related directly of being human. Having a Dining Room in this sector, where there is a ghost combination, dull colors and large foreboding pictures of ancestors looming at you, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable to dine in this location, this is like dining with the dead. 

Where there are rooms in the Northwest sector with no windows or hardly any windows this 'ghost combination' is likely to be pronounced in that room.

Because these ‘ghost numbers’ love darkness, re-frame from using the Northwest sectors of the castle late at night. Because the night is the most Yin part of the day (meaning the black side of the Yin/Yang Symbol), ghosts combinations can become incredibly activated during the late night time hours. 

If you are really quite scared of seeing or bumping into a ghost, keep the lights on in this area during the night for long periods.

Another good remedy is a Fire Remedy, most Flying Star Feng Shui Consultants do not recommend a Fire Remedy with a ghost combination as they believe “fire encourages earth”. And 2-5/5-2 combination is a Yin Earth Combination.

I disagree; a fire remedy is very good. You see Fire is Yang (from the white side of the yin/yang symbol) it is extrovert, opposite to Yin, which is dark and still.

A Fire remedy actually encourages Yang Earth energies instead; this is then a nicer transformation of energies with a 2-5/5-2 ghost problem. I recommend keeping these areas warm at night during winter and one should not hesitate to keep the Fire Place going in these areas if there is one. Yin is cold and ‘Ghost Combinations’, hate heat.

Any other rooms above or below the Dining Room or above or below the Waiting Room area and any area covering the Northwest Sector could also be haunted. This also includes the staircase near the Dining area too.

Ghost combinations can also attract freak occurrences and strange happenings, co-incidences or weird accidents. Sometimes Ghost combinations can also be a place where secrets are hidden. Such as secret objects, items or information stored away for no one to see.

It can also sometimes represent a hidden chamber, hidden door or a hidden room. I don’t regard the 2-5 or 5-2 energy as a place to study, undertake business, be a home office or undertake academic work.

Numbers in the Centre of the Property indicate How One Makes Money 4-3 in the centre

Number 3 is more of a direct indication on how one makes money here at Highclere Castle than a 4 influence, however this is beyond the scope of the article and I will not elaborate at this current time. I will say that number 3 can mean many things, some industries it can represent are legal professions, publishing, writing, travelling and even fashion and design. 3 is the number which mostly represents living plants, so 3 in the money position can represent crop growing, gardening and also floristry. A 4-3 or 3-4 in general can be very artistic and creative - this is because 3 is Wood and all these industries represent the 'wood element' in focus.


There is much more I can go into in regards to the particular blueprint of this castle however is beyond the scope of this article.

As mentioned in my Windsor Castle Article and Neuschwanstein Castle Article, even if the Occupant's do not live here permanently, they are still highly affected by the energies present, more than any other person because they are the main owners and most important people associated with the building itself, especially when generations of the same blood line have had much to do with the building throughout history.

Highclere Castle is a Castle which attracts  scandalous energies and unusual relationships, one only has to look at the past and you'll find much evidence. During this current phase and the influence of a fire industry (with the Downtown Abbey TV Series being filmed at this Castle), these scandalous energies are being 'taken care of' and well controlled. However in my opinion it may not completely rule the energy out.

This Castle will continue to attract Wealth and Prosperity to it's Occupants throughout the current Period 8, which we are passing through now (2003-2024). However, at the beginning of Feb 2015, this Castle will go through a 'Yearly Freezing Period' on Finances where there may be difficulty with finances for ONE YEAR. There is a remedy to un-freeze this Yearly Cycle, only one needs do is ask me! Again we can already see the effects of this occurring with the axing of the TV Series 'Downtown Abbey' - a very unexpected decision. How the freezing cycles work I will not go into at this current stage.

There is a lot more I can say about Highclere Castle however is beyond the scope of this article. There are plenty of remedies to help deflect and subdue.

Gabriella is Feng Shui Investigator and Feng Shui Consultant from Sydney Australia. She can be contacted by email cleverwolffengshui@gmail.com
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Well that is all for now and I hope you have enjoyed reading my article, there will be many more to come.


Any Individual who produces similar articles or works based on the flying stars for Highclere Castle and the information the Author has provided, will also be held liable as this is seen as a form of copyright in the eyes of the author and legal action will be taken. Please  credit her name and website or choose another castle.