Feng Shui for the Tsars of Russia - The Winter Palace, St Petersburg

Feng Shui highlights of The Winter Palace, St Petersburg Russia with Feng Shui Investigator & Consultant Gabriella

Execution of the Tzars! Find out why it happened from a Feng Shui Perspective.

Understand why ‘Catherine the Great’ was so great and why her reign was considered Golden Age of Russia.

The Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia was built between the years of 1754 to 1762 for Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great of Russia.

It only took 8 years to construct this colossal building of extreme and opulent beauty, this was managed because construction was carried out by 4000 workers and cost a fortune.

In order to understand the overall magnetic energies pervading a building, looking at the time dimension and feng shui (flying star) can determine this.

For example, in Flying Star Feng Shui, periods of time are measured in 20 year block cycle.

For example the years between:

1724 to 1743 = 3 Wood Period
1744 to 1763 = 4 Wood Period (The Winter Palace)
1764 to 1783 = 5 Period
1784 to 1803 = 6 Period and so on

As we can see, The Winter Palace’s 8 year construction period was falling into the 4 Wood Period. This means that the building is heavily infused by the 4 Wood energy no matter what time we pass through.

4 Wood governs the ‘eldest daughter’ and it is also academic. In my opinion, I regard 4 as a female academic or a very smart women, more than a male academic.

It makes sense to me that this building was built for a female and not a male, as Peter the Great intended for it to be built for his daughter and not his son.

4 wood also governs shades of greens and I am not surprised to see that the Winter Palace is painted a beautiful greenish colour.

If such a building, acquiring the status as Official Residence of the Russian Tsars from 1732 to 1917, a building of such prominence, from a symbolical feng shui standpoint, would be feng shui energies playing an extremely influential part during that time.

One would think, if they had done a flying star feng shui reading on the palace back then, then perhaps they would have paid more attention to the 'female energies' governing this palace, as the better one to do business with.

This Palace prefers female rulership rather than male rulership.

It doesn’t mean that a male can’t rule, however when a male does rule in a building like this, there can be problems and in a world where males mostly always rule, this can be far greater problem in terms of feng shui. This is because it creates too much opposition.

If the Palace doesn’t acquire the female ruler-ship over a long period of time it can rebel and cause major problems for the males that try to rule. We saw this in this same case of Windsor Castle, another article I published earlier this year.

The Winter Palace’s role as the ‘Official Residence’ between 1732 and 1917, hints off to us that a female Tsar of Russia would most likely, have had a far more successful ruler-ship during this period of time-frame.

If the Tsars hadn’t made this Palace their Official Residence, the emphasis to this particular Palace’s feng shui may have not influenced royals in power during that time. As making a building important will magnify the meaning of the numbers.

According to the construction period, this particular ‘house-type’, also went through an ugly period of time which influenced the ending of the Tsar line and the execution of the royal family. This isn’t a vague interpretation but a specific calculation which I will highlight later. It is to do with the construction period.

Its very important for Royalty and those in power to carefully choose where their official residences are, as it's feng shui energies will then deeply impact the major happenings to royals that govern the country. Even if they don’t live there! This is because symbology, as much as I don’t like to believe, somehow powerfully activates feng shui numbers that reside within a building. At this particular point in time, I am not able to explain why symbology activates, only that there is a higher awareness going on within the universe and the big eye watches us.

Now days, because The Winter Palace is not really an official residence anymore, is instead a museum, it’s feng shui energies will not influence those in power of Russia during this current time we are passing through, so President Putin doesn’t have to be concerned.

In flying star feng shui, the construction period is crossed over with the facing degrees of the property. I personally regard the Palace’s feng shui facing position, to face a specific magnetic direction which I won’t reveal at this stage. As there is much discrepancy in feng shui in regards  as to what a buildings true facing side is.

From the construction period and the facing degrees of a building, paired numbers will fly over the Palace’s construction plan into different magnetic sectors. If the facing degrees is determined wrongly, then the paired number combinations will be different and will cause an incorrect reading.

In the case of the Winter Palace, the flying star are as I believe as follows above image.

From this particular magnetic blue-print, we can see a double 4-4 combination in the Southeast Position of the Palace.

Double 4-4 is an extreme emphasis to a female as 4 represents eldest daughter, but because 4 is also academic, it represents a female academic, as mentioned previously.

Double 4-4 in the Southeast position would have greatly influenced an intelligent female ruler, and the spirit of the Winter Palace would have favoured strong female rulership during this short time frame between 1732 and 1917 (the period of time this building was considered Official Residence of the Tsars).

How this works exactly I will not go into at this stage. If the double 4-4 was located in another sector and not southeast sector, these female energies wouldn’t be as influential.

In the case of this particular palace being the official residence of the Russian Tsars (between 1732 and 1917) this would have also played an important part on which royal would be most likely to have had a more of a successful reign, in helping Russia to succeed during this time frame.

So the Palace is saying to us, that between 1732 and 1917, most likely a female royal Tsar would have risen to great supremacy in this time.

Most likely this Palace would have also taken a great liking to a female royal who was academic or intellectual as 4, as mentioned before, is associated with a ‘female academic’.

Most feng shui consultants regard this number as either ‘female or male academic’ however I believe number 4 only exclusively governs a ‘female academic’, for other reasons which I won’t elaborate.

Knowing this, researching Russia’s history, I was specifically looking for a powerful female ruler who was very intelligent and had great scholarly ability and who rose to great supremacy in this time frame (1732-1917) and was strongly associated with this Palace.

However, not knowing much, I set myself up on a google expedition to find out if there was such a lady and did she exist?

Being an Australian myself and knowing nothing much of Russian history, as at high school mostly we only focused on Captain Cook, the aborigines of Australia, WWII and the Nazi’s. Russian history was barely mentioned!

However, I really didn’t want to believe the flying star calculation that I had performed on The Winter Palace, as I always presumed Russia had been governed by a heavy line of iron fisted men!

My assumption was that I had got the calculation wrong as I never studied Russian history in the past.

However I did not get the calculation wrong after all. To my surprise, upon research for this particular article, I discovered an Empress of Russia named ‘Catherine the Great’ who rose to great power at this very time.

Catherine the Great by Wikipedia

Catherine the Great by Wikipedia

Her reign is considered the ‘Golden Age of Russia’ and she was the longest reigning female monarch to rule Russia in this period of time, governing even up until her death. It was said that she ruled Russia with an Iron Fist.

Let’s think about that again, it wasn’t a male Tsar whose reign was considered to be the ‘Golden Age of Russia’, it was an Empress!

This is very similar to the Windsor Castle calculation in the UK, the oldest most prolific castle in Britain, strongly associated the most with British royal blood-lines.  This Castle also has a preference for female rulership in the British Royalty, explaining why the British ‘Golden Age’ was also governed by a female too, the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First and not a King. To read more on my article about Windsor Castle just click here.

More on Catherine the Great continue on...

When Princess Catherine II was 16 she married Tsar Peter the III of Russia on the 21st of August 1745.

When the Empress Elizabeth died on the 5th of January 1762, Tsar Peter III of Russia ascended the throne and became Emperor.

Only six months as an Emperor, Peter took a holiday and while he was away Catherine formed part of a coup to get rid of the Emperor Peter, to rid of her own husband! With the help of the military behind her, she actually succeeded by having him arrested. He was then shortly assassinated.

Catherine then succeeded as Empress regnant. Many regard Catherine was never entitled or was an usurper. Nevertheless, with The Winter Palace as a back drop to all these events at this time, we can see the double 4-4 influence helping Catherine in the background, to become Empress of Russia and she became one of Russia’s most celebrated rulers, her reign being called the ‘Golden Age of Russia’.

I can definitely say that feng shui influences at Winter Palace, being the Official Residence at the time, assisted her to a high degree and fostered her rulership being a female, whether she was legitimate or not.

She was also very academic, spoke quite a few languages and invested much funding into education for women at that time! She also expanded educational opportunities and the arts and ordered free schools to be created all over Russia.

Often her achievements were overshadowed by scandalous relationships she may have been involved in during her reign, nethertheless Catherine the Great, was not considered ‘Golden Age’ for no reason, she achieved quite substantially. She expanded Russian territories and modernized it following the lead of Western Europe.

According to www.biography.com “during Catherine’s reign Russia expanded its borders” and “Enjoying numerous victories in 1769 and 1770, Catherine showed the world that Russia was a mighty power. She reached a peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire in 1774, which brought new lands into the empire and gave Russia a foothold in the Black Sea”

According to historical documentation from Kings College “perhaps one of the most important leaders of the Russian Empire, Catherine the Second helped set the foundations for the Russian Westernization in the 19th and 20th Centuries”

 1918 Execution of the Tsars and feng shui influences

Throughout the life of a building and its existence through time, it will occasionally go through ‘Frozen Cycles’. This is a very specific calculation and not a vague one.

This is dependent on the time of construction of a property and taking in the time of passing to determine when this occur. Exactly how this works I won’t go into at this time.

However Frozen Cycles can last one month, a year, ten years or twenty years. When a property passes through a Frozen Cycle it will damage and weaken certain overall influences. Generally there are two types of Frozen Cycles:

Damaging “Money/Assets” and
Damaging “People/Well-being”

Sometimes a bit of both can occur however mostly there will be a leniency towards one.

A yearly Frozen Cycle which effects ‘Money & Assets’ can cause bankruptcy and loss of job or any problem with finances.

A yearly ‘Frozen Cycle’ effecting ‘People and Well-being’ can cause relationship break ups, friendships terminated, divorce and major cancer or major problems with ones health. Death can occur.

Which type of Frozen Cycle is going to hit a building is quite specific and can be determined easily far ahead in advance with calendars.

For instance, when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 her property went through a Yearly Frozen Cycle damaging People & Well-being. Yearly Frozen Cycles are serious and yes she almost died.

When another family relative of mine, who was renting a property which was going through a Yearly Frozen Cycle damaging Money/Assets, during the first 3 months of the Frozen Cycle, the bank knocked on his door to take repossession of the house, his boss, who provided to him an abundance of work for many years, almost got killed and all his expensive work equipment was stolen.

See how the owner of a building doesn’t have to live there, to be the major person effected by the feng shui?

Symbology is extremely important.

However the longer the Frozen Cycle, the more SEVERE. The more important a building is the more SEVERE. The larger and more opulent the building is the more SEVERE the frozen cycle can be. And also, the more important the occupants are the more SEVERE the frozen cycle will affect them.

Many feng shui consultants believe that if a building has a specific kind of natural environment surrounding it, or the construction design of the building is built in a specific style, that this will somehow prevent the property from going through a frozen cycle.

I regard this as not correct especially with 20 year frozen cycles, for reasons I won’t go into at this stage. The time dimension is incredibly powerful and the external natural environment cannot rule it out.

If the last Tsar of Russia Nicholas II and his family, were closely associated with a building that was considered their Official Residence, a building which was going through a 20 Year Frozen Cycle. This would have undoubtedly affect them to an extremely high degree.

Nicholas II Last Tsar of Russia/Image by Spartacus Educational

Nicholas II Last Tsar of Russia/Image by Spartacus Educational

Because of this Frozen Cycle, which occurred overlying the most of Tzar Nicolas the II reign (the last Tzar of Russia) in a way The Winter Palace really did become a Winter Palace when he was ruling.

Yes, the Winter Palace went through a Frozen Cycle during Tzar Nicolas II reign, a 20 Year Frozen Cycle damaging 'People & Well-being'.

20 Year Frozen Cycles are the most severe and they only occur once in 180 years.

The exact years of this Frozen Cycle occurred on the The Winter Palace between 1904 to 1923. This period of time totally overlapped the reign of King Nicolas the II, the last Tsar of Russia.

Nicholas II The Last Tsar of Russia and his Family, image by Wikipedia

Nicholas II The Last Tsar of Russia and his Family, image by Wikipedia

During this time the Tsar’s reputation fell heavily into decline, the Russian Royal Family became very unpopular, they withdrew too much from the public, becoming a very reclusive family, and communism started to emerge, waning stronger and stronger as each year of the frozen cycle passed, the family's reputation fell into decline more and more leading to the eventual execution of the last Tzar Nicholas the II and his family in 1918. They were all shot and stabbed to death in the same room.

It was said that during this turbulent time in Russia, that the Tsars were not living in the Winter Palace anymore and had relocated. The Winter Palace was considered still their official residence.

However, relocating is not enough to avoid a Frozen Cycle on your home, if you are the owners and custodians of an official building and are one of the most important individuals in the world, it is difficult to escape the effects! Everything is connected and most likely you will be effected by it substantially, this is because the power of symbolism.

As I pointed out in my previous example, if an owner is renting out a property and doesn’t live there, and the property goes through a Frozen Cycle, just say one that damages Money & Assets, it can cause repossession of the house! In my relative’s case, the owner was more effected by the Frozen Cycle than the tenant was.

A way for a royal to escape a 20 Year Frozen Cycle damaging ‘People & Well-being’ would have been to symbolically disassociate oneself from their own distinctiveness as a royal - to travel far far away, taking on a different persona, profession, identity, appearance not to return or to reveal oneself until the 20 year period was over.

Or instead, you could do something much more basic. There is a feng shui remedy to unfreeze the frozen cycle, and had they known, perhaps they could have stayed at the palace and possibly avoided the disasters that preceded them.

The Winter Palace, being the Official Residence of the Tsars of this time, was a Palace which was a great symbol of the Tsar's wealth and the Tsars authority of divine rule.

So the third feng shui remedy could have been, by changing the Official Residence to another building, where the meaning of the feng shui numbers here at the Winter Palace wouldn’t be so influential anymore.

In my opinion the only time The Winter Palace should be used as an Official Residence again would be if Russia was thinking of having a female leader once again. The best time to do this would be when this Palace passes through a favorable period.

In world where men mostly always rule, or majority of the time, this Palace is no good as an official residence, important base, or an important place of business for those that are leading the country.

The fact that it is a museum is the more appropriate choice and every effort should be made to keep it that way. It was the worst mistake for the Tsars to pick this Palace as their Official Residence, from a symbolical perspective it wasn't the most favorable choice, no matter how grand or opulent it was. 

Execution of the last Tsar of Russia and his family totally wiped out in history, being the most striking event associated with this property.

This occurrence was strongly influenced by a Palace which was never able to unfreeze itself from it’s own Frozen Cycle and save its own occupants from annihilation.

I am not surprised that this Palace is called The Winter Palace for it surely froze the Russian Tsars out of existence. A Winter Palace indeed!

There is a lot more that can be said about The Winter Palace, for instance the hauntings, which I can see evident in this flying star blueprint, save perhaps for another day.


Gabriella is a Consultant and Feng Shui Investigator of feng shui theories, located in Sydney, Australia. She has studied feng shui for more than a decade and is keenly interested in topics of Feng Shui Discrepancy.

She can be contacted at cleverwolffengshui@gmail.com.

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