This article examines briefly the Love Bridge Test (Dutton and Aron 1973), Anxiety, Health Risk Behaviours, Human Developmental Psychology, compared to Chinese Metaphysics and the different approaches (or viewpoint) it utilizes around these aspects
- article written by Feng Shui Master Gabriella May 2017 (is a continuation of previous article Part 1)


The Love Bridge Test by Dutton and Aron (1973)

A controversial psychological study, carried out on a shaky bridge by Dutton and Aron in 1973.

The test involved men crossing a wobbly bridge, towards attractive women whom were already on the bridge.

The environment was chosen since it sparked fear or anxiety out of the people involved in the study since the bridge swayed, the hand rails were quite low, and not only that, it was a 230 foot drop to the river below.

One of the interpretations made by Dutton and Aron during this study was that the men were more attracted to the women on the wobbly bridge, compared to another group of men, approaching women on another, much more sturdy bridge.

Leading us to believe, that there may be some link between fear and attraction.
It is called the Misattribution of Arousal.

Such studies can cause one to believe, that if they do so happen to meet someone in a dangerous, risky or volatile situation, that their emotions are not valid somehow, since it was the risky situation, which was causing the emotions in the first place!

This is the WRONG attitude to have completely!

Such studies spark an unhealthy attitude towards love and romance, around individuals whom may have found the right one, however, perhaps met through a volatile situation, which they could not help.

Reading about such studies, they may decide to unnecessarily question their feelings for that other person.

Instead, in Chinese Metaphysics (the genuine kind not taught to Westerners), which has existed for thousands of years, in some individuals, their destiny is written out in such a way, that it may ONLY be through a near-death situation, or through an extremely threatening situation, that they may meet their future spouse or soul mate.

If we are given enough awareness about our life-path, perhaps we become better at knowing whom we are suppose to be with, because of these particular situations in life, which show us.

This is why I don't believe completely, in the validity of the Psychological concept 'Misattribution of Arousal'. It should not be applied in every single case.

This is a completely different philosophy to the world of psychology, since one instead, perceives forces emerging around one's life, as energies which are showing us the way.

Where as the Dutton and Aron test, causes one to be weary about our emotions, if we meet someone, in such a way.

Psychology may just well be, a very dangerous tool, since they may obstruct you from your path. Maybe, you really were suppose to walk across the bridge that day, and may be that person was, very well the one.

Nothing can take you from your path, in the end you will always end up upon it.

How to find out your life path, cannot be determined by any type of chinese art-form adjusted for the western world, even if it is considered hundreds of years old, as the more genuine versions have been preciously hidden since ancient times - this is the version I practice. 

This may sound like a fanatical or foolish concept to invest one’s thinking mind upon. However, when you witness your own chart, over and over again, which continues to prove accurate, in all other aspects of one's life - such insight is hard to ignore!!

Perhaps then some psychologists or psychiatrists should be locked up, as they are ruining, quite literally, a person's destiny, because simply, they are then acting as interference.

Instead, with Chinese Metaphysics we examine nature; we don't try to pull it apart.
Life is like an artwork, we step back to look at the bigger picture, we step in to see the detail, however we do not scrape the paint out of the canvas.


What about Anxiety?

Many people suffer from anxiety caused by all sorts of situations. In Australia, anxiety holds the highest percentage of mental disorders among the population.

Some people may have anxiety caused by many different concerns and others, the anxiety is just caused by only one particular concern.

For example, a women for instance, whom has anxiety about her attractive husband and the attention he attracts from the opposite sex. He may not be fooling around so to speak, however she feels she may need help with her anxiety.

With Chinese Metaphysics, by generating her life path or chart, we can often find out straight away, clues which reveal, whether or not, her spouse, is a particular type of person, for instance to have an affair ?  

Such information may eliminate the anxiety straightaway, even if the information about him isn’t good, since she becomes more aware and can prepare for her situation.

I give her awareness, by reflecting on the past, looking at the present and the future, determining certain indications; she should, or shouldn’t be weary of.

Instead if such a women was to go to a psychologist, she may be attending many many sessions, months go by, just to give her the ‘tools’ needed to handle her anxiety.

None of her questions about her husband may have been answered. She may not be given the tools to prepare her, around future situations to do with her husband. Instead the psychologist focuses on mechanisms to help keep the individual calm. This to me does not utilize time efficiently. 

Where as in many cases, not necessarily always, sometimes if the person is given some kind of awareness, the anxiety often diminishes; this exact same affect may take a psychologist months to achieve.

Not many astrologers or fortune tellers are able to give the gift of awareness since many of them are in business to make a buck or two and often they are using astrological systems which are flawed and have been for hundreds of years. Then there are many so called "psychics" out there whom are also in business. Such genuine one's are very difficult to find.

Nevertheless, there are many good psychologists around and eventually, in many cases they are able to assist the individual, to make a difference.

I am certainly not discouraging those who truly need help with their anxiety however, just pointing out, that through my way (the ancient chinese metaphysical approach), often there is a big difference or massive relief achieved, in a short amount of time.

What about those with Health Risk Conditions?

Another example here of interest, are those with substance abuse problems.

With higher levels of Chinese Metaphysics, we can often find out straightaway, whether the problem is going to be life-long, whether it will only be a decade influence, or if the problem will only be a yearly influence.

Instead with psychology or psychiatry, they have no way of determining this information and will treat everyone accordingly.

If a particular individual’s life map, reveals that their addictions, will be a lifelong problem, they may be wasting their time with conventional methods of a psychologist.

If they come to me first, the may save some time, since they can then choose to decide on finding a more niche health professional or another alternative health professional, who may be better suited.

That person with only the yearly problem, may not need much help from a psychologist or even need much reprimanding or efforts from their family, as most likely within the year, they will be over it.

With Chinese Metaphysics, it is sometimes more the powerful tool here, because we then know when to exert our efforts and when to reserve our energy.

Since we know when something is more likely to work and whether it isn’t.


Developmental Psychology versus the Life Phases of Ones' Destiny

Another aspect to consider also is Developmental Psychology which examines the phases one passes through, throughout their life.

In Wikipedia, the definition for ‘Developmental Psychology’ is: “how children and adults change over time”.  

Erik Erikson who was trained by Sigmund Freud’s daughter, proposed that one must venture through a series of psycho-social changes.

These were:

  • Ages 0-1 ½ Trust vs Mistrust – Basic sense of safety
  • Ages 1 ½ - 3 Autonomy vs self doubt – perception of self
  • Ages 3-6 Initiate versus guilt – confidence in one self
  • Ages 6 + Competence vs inferiority – adequacy in basic social and intellectual skills
  • Adolescent – identity vs role confusion – comfortable sense of self as person
  • Early Adult – Intimacy vs isolation – Desire for closeness and commitment to another
  • Middle Adult – generativity vs stagnation – focus on concern beyond oneself to family, society etc
  • Later Adult /Ego Integrity vs Despair – Sense of Wholeness, basic satisfaction etc

Certain scenarios or outcomes were highlighted with this model, if needs for each psycho-social stage weren’t met.

For instance, if someone hadn’t achieved much in their life time, in the older years, they may be faced with extreme feelings of disappointment.

Another was, that if an Early Adult didn’t find a partner to settle down with and create family, they may be faced with, during those years, feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Another example was an Adolescent, if not able to identify sense of self, they would feel fragmented, with an unclear sense of who they were.

The reason why I don’t completely agree with these Psycho-social stages, is because you can experience any of these stages, during any age of your life.

For example someone whom decides to change into a completely different contrasting career path in their late twenties, or even go back to university as a later adult, this may force them back into the ‘Adolescent Phase', and they may develop a sense of fragmented self.

Also the ‘Middle Adult’ phase can also be enforced upon a child, in an underdeveloped country, whose main priority is to find food and water, for their impoverished family.

This same situation can occur (where the Middle Adult phase is enforced upon a child) whom may come from negligent parents. Such children, whom may find themselves, in a more responsible position, to find ways to care for their brothers and sisters, when their parents cannot.

However, what I particularly don’t agree with, is the slotting of phases into different age groups.

With Chinese Metaphysics, I recognize the fact that each individual will go through different phases which are unique to themselves, which can be viewed over the course of a person’s entire life, in one session.

What is also unique with Chinese Metaphysics, that one can determine exactly multiple phases and phases which overlap each other throughout one’s life, as groups of phases, influencing the self.

Psychology is not able to even come close to determining this (perhaps after many many and many many sessions :-).

For example, a person in their twenties may be passing through 10 years of their Career phase,  from the year of 2004 to the year of 2014.

When they reach the age of 35, their ten year influence may shift into their Children Phase, which will also last for  another ten years.

What we get here is, a women whom was concentrating for years on her career, arising up the corporate ladder and pursing her career goals, however by the time she gets to 35, all of a sudden her priorities shift a bit. She may settle down with someone, have a child or start a family. 

The next 10 years she will be focusing on her children and her family, less on Career. During this time the Prosperity Wallet may fly randomly to her Property/Real Estate Sector for a couple of years and then come back to the same spot in 4 years.

Those years she may inherit or secure property, while also focusing on her children.

As well as passing through a ten year influence, at the same time, every year, a person will visit a different phase of their life. So there are extra layers here that one has to contend with.

So this women is passing through her Children or Offspring Phase from 2015 to 2025, however in 2017 she may pass through her Health Year. In a particular month of that year, she may break a bone, it could be an accident of some kind.

A person will also pass through a Secondary Yearly Influence, it may be her Secondary Spouse Year. She may find that her Spouse also has some Health issues too as these two aspects Health Year and Secondary Spouse Year, have a connection to one another. She passes through these phases at the same time, they influence each other.

She may need someone to help her take care of the children, while she is recovering (or taking care of her husband) however, in that year, she is still able to make some important decisions around an inheritance (because of that yearly money wallet which flew to her property/real estate sector).

As the years and years unfold, there is still an emphasis to raising her children and as she approaches 45, she will move out of her Children Phase, transcending into a new ten year period in her life, which may govern, perhaps her Parents.

It is highly likely that one of her parents or grandparents may pass away in this decade. Because of this influence she may also undertake teaching profession of some kind. 

Psychologists would have a hard time accepting this because the only accessible type of astrology is main-stream astrology, which is a poor example to make comparison.

Unfortunately this main-stream system in my opinion is very flawed and hazy, deliberately made so since ancient times, it is a deliberate dead end to fool the masses.

Rather, the system I use is far more confounding and confronting.

Since we can percieve specific phases each person may be designated, we don't need to spend copious amounts of time analyzing, researching and recording ones behavior and life events, in order to make any sense of them. Such information which would require many visits to a psychologist, long before any type of treatment commenced.

Instead, with Chinese Metaphysics, likely results are instant, one can see immediately a designated path. Life isn't as spontaneous as we think and things are timed like clock.

Therefore, a particular type of intelligibility is achieved on the direct, instead of a psychologist, where many, many weeks, months or years pass by.

With Chinese Metaphysics, we can also look at the overall imprint of a person’s life, whereas a psychologist cannot do that.

They do not understand the time dimensional theory, destiny analysis, how magnetic energy changes due to the passing of time; or are even bothered to wrap their brains around this topic. There is a certain laziness, a dismissive very narrow minded approach, among, not all, however many psychologists and psychiatrists.

Sigmund Freud - Id, Ego and Superego? Was it really his?

After studying the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, I am highly suspicious that they borrowed some tools or theories from Chinese metaphysics themselves and possibly adopted such theories as their own! Giving certain aspects different references, when actual fact, they were the same thing.

For example, Sigmund Freud introduced the 'Self Triangle' (Id, Ego and Superego). In Chinese Metaphysics, there is also a 'Self Triangle' (Self, Abundance and Skill) which is referred to as the basis of an individual and it operates strongly, in the exact same way that Sigmund Freud described.

While Freud was a very talented psychologist, I feel that perhaps he is taking too much credit for something that wasn't his. I don't believe that he manifested this concept from within himself out of thin-air! And I am highly suspicious.

If I am mistaken and he did manifest this concept from within himself, through his work, then he is then, a great master indeed, because in my books, it means that he got the basis of that Self System, perfectly right! However the Self Triangle has existed for thousands of years (it has only been covered up by the elite of the many ages) and Sigmund wasn't showing us any thing new! He was just creating a less inferior version for the masses perhaps?

On the other hand, like said, I am very suspicious that he may have liaised with a very talented monk of some kind? Other aspects of psychology he believed in, I certainly don't agree with.

Imprints' on one's Life

There are certain people who are not destined to have careers where there is more emphasis to their spouse or children.

Princess Mary Donaldson has this configuration; her life path reveals that her spouse is the most important aspect of her entire life. This was recognizable right at the very time she was born.

And others where they are not suited or able to have children in some way (there is a weakness here) and should concentrate on their career.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman, is an example of this, his life path reveals an empty children and off-spring sector however excellent career aspects. He was born with this configuration in his chart.

His profile is reflective on someone whom is unable to biologically have their own children. Doesn’t mean they can’t adopt, however his profile shows a lacking in the ‘Children and Off-Spring' area in some way, which reveals a lifelong missing influence. Even with a missing segment, a person can later in life, achieve sometimes, against all odds.

A psychologist would not be able to predict for such a person, in his earlier years say, around the destiny to do with his own children and neither would they be able to tell Princess Mary about how important her Spouse was, long before she married.

Psychologists are not able to determine this information about an individual in advance therefore, they are often only useful, AFTER something has already occurred.  And then it takes, often,  a VERY long time for them to assess you.

Would you agree, that PREVENTION is the more important key aspect here? What goes in hand with PREVENTION is AWARENESS!

But what is even more important than prevention or awareness, is knowing in advance that something may not be preventable. Since PREPARATION in one’s life, is probably the most important aspect one could ever embark upon.

Because if you are aware that something or someone is not preventable, you save much time, resources and efforts in trying to achieve something which couldn't really be possible.

With Chinese Metaphysics we can also determine the one off scenarios a lot better. Such as  aspects or likelihoods, which do not seem achievable with the average person. 

Instead one may be able to succeed against all odds. In that case, a Chinese Metaphysical consultant, may know when to give encouragement.

Where as a psychologist or psychiatrist wouldn't be able to give you this extra special type of encouragement.

Since your life path is laid out before you, there is much more awareness around whom you are as an individual, one can experience reality in a different way, with a certain level of higher consciousness, unparalleled to many psychologists or psychiatrists, even in all their years of training. 

For this reason why I believe Psychology should not be classified as a serious science and that psychologists are given far too much credibility and power which makes them in many situations, plain dangerous. And yet they try to unjustly, classify unique individuals such as people like myself as 'nutters', when they are often the 'nutters' themselves.

Simply put, there are many aspects about human development which psychologists don't understand! The reason being, is that the research they conduct, is mostly based upon, many groups of people, not on the individual.

Instead, Psychology may be able to assess an individual in a more personalized way, if they place more emphasis on studies around individuals more, not groups or masses of people. Even then I don't think they will be able to master the insight I can with my art-form.

I do agree that psychologists may certainly may be able to make a difference in certain situations, and psychiatrists should certainly be sought by individuals with serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia. However certain studies have proven that even severe schizophrenia can be cured with genuine Niacin supplement (nicotinic acid not nicotinamide).

However for 50 years the big drug companies have suppressed this information from the public, as they want to sell their drugs. Perhaps, vitamin and mineral deficiencies really do cause cancer and drug companies, conveniently perhaps, may not want us to know this hidden truth?

It is up to you, to open your eyes and see through the mass fraud many governments and powers of the world, present to us. 

Feng Shui Master Gabriella May 2017, Central Coast, NSW Australia


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