PREDICT CHEATING PARTNERS by Feng Shui Master Gabriella

People often blame themselves when their partner cheats, others blame their partner, then others blame the third person. Many other individuals claim that one can change their behavior in order to prevent their Spouse from cheating and then we have the Psychologists who have certain 'techniques' and ways of managing our behavior so that we do not cheat or to perhaps even help prevent our partners from cheating. Then there are those who are constantly writing articles about the "Top 10 Signs your Partner is Cheating on you" and so on... your partner may display all ten signs however REALLY he may not be cheating on you. So is any of this helpful?

Stuff like this gives me, not only the nerves, however causes a whole lot of anxiety you just don't need. I SAY NO! I don't follow any of it! Simply because I believe the system I use stands in a class of it's own. It defies many things, however, it is the answer to many things and I have the most success with it.

One of the many benefits of using Environmental Astrology, via generating your own profile by determining what type of scenary you are in nature, is that it is possible (most of the time) to find out when your Spouse or partner may be cheating on you, or if they have a likelihood to cheat on you in a certain period, year or month.

This type of profiling system I use, which is even kept well hidden for many ages. I believe there is evidence, that it also existed at the highest levels of hierarchy, in other advanced cultures... 

It is not a vague interpretation!!! I have found it alarmingly accurate, resulting in my perception of main stream astrology, to seem so dull in my opinion. For example, we have certain energies representing 'people' in our lives which fly around in one's life-path analysis.

From a simple perspective, Female 1 and Female 2 represent other women and Male 1 and Male 2 represent other men. When these people turn up in the Business and Career Sectors, it can mean these people are helping us, however in the Spouse and Relationship Sectors they mostly mean, third parties where most likely it is describing the other person.

There are certain energies which also govern different levels of attraction, which I call: 'The Leisure God', is responsible for sleazy and seductive flirtation (it is not genuine love), 'The Water Nymph', is a very seductive beautiful and flirtatious women or man, however she doesn't represent true love (so she often tricks you, because it is lower level attraction, yet feels genuine, however is not). And there is another I call, 'The Priestess of Great Love and Romance', this is the genuine type of love which confirms one is married or with the right partner. And there are various others which I won't go into.

For example, if in a women's profile, 'Female 1' is paired with 'The Water Nymph' and this configuration is residing inside the client's 'Spouse & Romantic Relationships' Sector  - this means, at the current time frame, the women's boyfriend or Spouse is most likely to cheat on her with another women. Female 1 represents the other women. And 'The Water Nymph' represents the nature of her. This is a strong configuration that suggests that the partner cannot be trusted during the particular time frame. 

We can then look in further to find out what month and year it will be particularly bad. Energies change throughout time and shift, this means if given an undesirable placement, eventually those energies will move out and one may experience some positive luck in relationships after a hard hurdle.

There are others who may have either Female 1 or 2 or Male 1 or 2 residing permanently within the Off Spring or Spouse Sectors etc, also paired up with permanently the not so genuine type of love deities just described: the 'Water Nymph' and the 'Leisure God', placed within the Spouse Sector their entire life. 

These people always end up in relationships, where there is always another secret or hidden partner. The person often blames themselves, believing that there may be something wrong with them, as why else would every single partner in their lifetime, end up cheating on them? The real answer is, that they were just born with an unfavorable configuration.

I do not agree with the approach, where people often blame the person for attracting the same type of person, over and over again and unfairly stating that they are not learning from their mistakes. I do not agree with this viewpoint at all.

As for psychologists, I also do not always agree with the tools they use to give to these people, to help them re-frame from attracting those types of people. Instead, in my opinion, the person is born into specific life lessons, designated at the time they were born, which was very specific for their chart. It is like DNA you cannot get rid of it.

I do not consult the easy to get Chinese Calendar as I believe their calendar is flawed or out of sync and instead I use my own calendar which I designed, to determine this information, of when things will occur.

Another example is if, let's just say a man is involved with a women who he is unsure about. When observing his life profile, and he just so happens to have Male 1 or Male 2 paired with the 'Leisure God' or 'Water Nymph' residing inside his Offspring Sector (this area represents his sexual activity) most likely the women he is dating with, is sleeping with another man or VERY romantically active with other men. She could possibly be married. In other words she cannot be trusted.

Throughout the entire Year, your Spouse or partner may be very well behaved and never do anything of the sort, however there maybe just one month in the year where he will feel tempted. This month can be identified well in advance. Sometimes we can see the appearance even of this person or what industry type they may work in. Or through which circumstance they met this person, work etc. 

Sometimes this type of life mapping can change your attitude towards prospective partners as you become more aware. Often it means you may not choose to engage with anyone for a long time due your experiences, which always seem to reflect the configurations in your chart.

Another thing to remember is, people often presume that physically good looking people are most likely to cheat because they attract others to a higher degree. This is not correct.

We look at the  Image/Appearance Sector of the Spouse or partner, to determine the physical image of one's Spouse or partner. If in this sector, we find energies such as the 'Leisure God' or 'Water Nymph' this only means the partner is physically very attractive and does indeed attract many people. It doesn't confirm they cheat or even flirt.

This is only apparent  when those particular energies described, reside in your Spouse/Relationship Sector or Off-Spring Sector, where it really does determine that the Spouse or partner will cheat.

If your attractive partner does LACK in those Spouse and Offspring configurations (lacking in the cheating configurations which I mentioned before) however only has the Image configuration I described, it means he is physically very attractive, attracts the opposite sex however will most likely never cheat on you.

Again this is all very generalized, because over the span of a few years or even a decade, even with a very good partner with good configurations, there maybe just one month where your partner may feel tempted and this month can be easily found in advance with your own life-path analysis. You don't necessarily need to draw up your partner's life path analysis, in order to retrieve this information.

There MAY be ways to deflect and manipulate the situation when such times arrives. 

Another interesting revelation one can ascertain, is that if a particular man from the past whom may pop up in a women's life out of the blue and decides he wants to pursue a relationship.

He may say things like 'I just wasn't ready' and 'I needed space' etc or 'I was too busy with work'. All you have to do is travel back in time with your chart and examine him during the periods where he was away! This will often reveal the real reason why and certainly has the ability to reveal if it was ANOTHER women!

For example, being a single women myself, I know by looking at my chart, any man I met in 2014, whom may have sparked my interest, would have most likely had another women on the side, even if they weren't in a relationship with that person.

Had I pursued them, it would have been quite difficult for me because of this other person. It also reveals the men whom may turn up in my life are not outspoken and perhaps not fond of taking obvious action, preferring to remain in the back ground. In the end, too much of this energy can prevent any type of friendship as a real man is to suppose to take initiative.

Even though these energies are represented around my future partner, somehow I have to find a way to accept them and to not be offended.

This year in 2017, there is a strong reflection affect which bounces back to the year of 2014. This means, in my chart, whom ever may have sparked my interest in 2014, will most likely arise in the year of 2017, in some way, as a major focus!

It is very difficult to accept a man into one's life, when they already pursued someone else, whom they thought at the time, was worth pursuing more than you were.  Such a man would have to pay a very high price indeed, an extreme apology of some kind in order to win my approval. As in my opinion, I believe in the value of myself, that I out-shined that other person in every respect, and that they made a BIG mistake. Yes, extreme offence often brings out ego, even out of the most innocent shells. 

What does this 2014 > 2017 reflection affect mean for you? Please keep in mind, that the year of 2014 REALLY ended in February 2015. Try to think of a person or situation which arose in 2014. It may have nothing to do with the opposite sex or attraction. It could be property, finances, business etc. Most likely in 2017, this 2014 theme, may crop up again in some form or another.

For example, my father almost passed away in hospital during the year of 2014. In 2017 from March to May he went back to the same hospital for 3 months worth of Radiotherapy.

What this 2014-2017 theme is can be determined more specifically by looking at your chart.

What about a Monthly Reflection?

A particular month in 2016, the November month would have also sent a strong monthly reflection affect (not yearly) to the year of 2017. This month may have revealed what may be a particular theme or issue in 2017. That November month in 2016, started and finished on particular day which is highlighted incorrectly both by the western and chinese calendars.

An example of the 2016 November monthly reflection affect into 2017, is Donald Trump. He won the election in November 2016 however he only became president at the beginning of 2017. He had to wait for Obama to finish his term.

Clever Wolf Feng Shui  May 2017 

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