Finding Princess Mary Donaldson, Graceful Warlord Princess of the Fiery Desert and Mountain Lake!

This is a brief article about Princess Mary Donaldson using a Feng Shui Astrology Prediction and Profiling System, which is not well known to mainstream astrologers - by Master Gabriella at Clever Wolf Feng Shui

Princess Mary Donaldson was born on the 5th of February 1972 at a time or hour which is not published on the internet.

This meant there was a challenge to find out what hour she was born. 

Since I did not have her hour or time of birth it was quite challenging to find her profile, in the “elaborate web of fate and fortune”

Every time a person is born at a different hour, their profile will be completely different, so it requires much precision, with the sort of astrology and profiling method I use. 

It was actually possible to find her hour of birth, however it required scanning all the profiles and calculations of people born at different times on the day of the 5th of Feb 1972.

It is not an easy task to do this, one must have some information of the individual in the first place in order to find them.

With Princess Mary Donaldson’s date of birth, the 5th of Feb 1972, I was able to narrow her down to 2 different potential times, which she may have been born on that day in particular.

The first one, was a women born in the very early hours of the morning who was destined to marry a very important man. The other being born in the early hours of the afternoon was also destined to marry also a very important man. 

Keeping in mind that solar time is different to human time. For example a person born at 3:40 pm, in solar time may be born at 1:40 pm.

Women born at these times on this day (very early in the morning & early afternoon) would have married very powerful Spouses, and both Charts are very similar. 

All the other times in between these hours were not worth looking at, as those born at other hours of the day, did not marry powerful spouses or would have been more difficult for them to marry a powerful spouse.

So which one was Mary Donaldson? I believe that Mary Donaldson was born during the day in the early afternoon (this is solar time). 

It was her Children which gave it away. You see, when I traveled back to 2011 in this person’s chart, born on Princess Mary's birthday, who was born in the early afternoon, this particular person was passing through their Children Year in 2011.

There were such prosperous energies (extremely prosperous) occurring in this person’s Children Sector in 2011, that most likely they would have had a child in that year.

Looking at Wikipedia, I was right! In 2011, Princess Mary Donaldson gave birth to a Princess Josephine in 2011. However these extremely prosperous energies were very much heightened in the Children Sector, and were so amazing, I wondered why her daughter's birth Princess Josephine in 2011, was more special than her other children’s births? For instance, in 2005 she gave birth to Prince Christian and in 2007 she had Princess Isabella, even though we can see children being born in 2005 and 2007 as reflected in this chart, the energy is not as brilliant compared to the birth I see in 2011.

Why was Princess Josephine’s birth in 2011, so magnificent as displayed in Princess Mary's chart? Well I didn’t read Wikipedia correctly, Princess Josephine was born with her twin brother Prince Vincent, no wonder the children energies were so prosperous during that year of 2011, she had twins!!!

The other women born on Princess Mary’s birthday, the 5th of February in 1972, at the other hour mentioned (early hours of the morning), did not pass through their Children Year in 2011, however prosperity was still shining in their children sector.

The lady born in the early afternoon on the 5th of Feb 1972, during the year of 2000 was also passing through their 'Spouse Year'. Whereas the lady born early in the morning on the 5th of Feb 1972, in the year of 2000, was passing through her 'Career Year'.

Princess Mary Donaldson must have been the women born on the 5th of Feb in the early afternoon (not early morning) as the year of 2000 was VERY special to her, this was the Year she met Prince Frederick, the Year that changed her life!

(Always remember that time in the form of a clock, is never the right time. Only solar time is relevant here and there are great differences between solar time and human time).

Princess Mary was born with an extremely powerful format which is very similar to HRH Queen Elizabeth II of England. In fact, I have not been able to find any royal so far which is almost equal to the power and grace of the Queen of England as depicted in her chart.

Princess Mary Donaldson so far is the only one which shares similar energies in her Soul Sector, in common with Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Princess Mary Donaldson shares Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Goddess of Elegance and Refinement’ and her ‘Warlord’. This is grace at the highest standard, because it is not just someone dressing gracefully and acting graceful, it is inner grace which is ingrained within the soul of a person. It is also grace which has great power or authority.

Certainly Prince Frederick knows how to pick a Princess and certainly also, from looking at Princess Mary Donaldson, instead this is the format of a powerful Queen instead (from a symbolical perspective).

From looking at the combination of elements in her profile, I would say that Princess Mary is a 'Fire Princess of the Lake and Mountain'. Better still, when combining all her aspects properly, she is really a 'Graceful Warlord Princess of the Firey Desert and Mountain Lake'. 

Her chart reveals that she stands between Lake and Mountain. If she had been born in the early hours of the morning, instead she would have just been born with the Lake (and no mountain) and would instead of been 'Princess of the Lake', with more of an emphasis to Water.

The Lake represents her grace, the Mountain represents her being Princess (or symbolically, in spirit a real Queen).

Because of this, it reveals that not only is she a women who is graceful, she is someone who has the ability to make serious decisions, has the ability to handle and take risk, is brave and courageous and can be, if needed, threatening in a diplomatic way, if such a thing were possible. She is not easily intimidated, she can be within reason, and if needed ruthless and brutal on the rare occasion and will not hesitate to take extreme action. You cannot trick her, or take her by surprise, even if you think you are very clever, as she already sussed you out and noticed you first before you did.  

However I must say, Princess Mary Donaldson does not have the powerful configuration in her Career Sector which Queen Elizabeth II of England possesses, emphasizing her role as Queen. Instead all the power and splendor is represented in Princess Mary’s ‘Spouse Sector’.

When looking at Princess Mary Donaldson’s ‘Spouse Sector’ her husband is the most outstanding, most powerful and most influential energy of her entire chart. This is because the ‘Heavenly Ruler’ (the most important energy out of all energies present) resides in her ‘Spouse Sector’. Women with this configuration always end up with powerful men who are affluent due to this placement.

It is through the assistance of her Spouse, that she becomes influential or incredibly important. It is also her Spouse’s authority which brings her status as an individual.

In comparison, with Queen Elizabeth II of England, her ‘Heavenly Ruler’ is located instead in her ‘Career Sector’ which means that she becomes influential and achieves great status due to simply her role as Queen and not because of any other person.

Princess Mary Donaldson also has a configuration in her Career Sector in common with Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman has an energy that represents 'Marriage Contracts' placed within her Career Sector. This means often that the women will do business with her husband or marry for her career. It is not always only about love.

This is certainly the case with Nicole Kidman, as well as her 'Marriage Contracts' in her Career Sector, her 'Heavenly Ruler' lies within her Career Sector too, bringing huge amounts of focus to her career and profession. 

With Princess Mary Donaldson, because her 'Heavenly Ruler' and energies which represent marriage celebrations, referred to as the 'Priestess of Great Romance', lie both within her Spouse Sector unobstructed, a rare configuration, it means that she really does marry for love and that she will remain married to Prince Frederick. As for the 'Marriage Contracts' in her Career Sector, this merely represents her carrying out royal duties as Crown Princess of Denmark.

Princess Mary was born with an empty Parents Sector. Often this means somehow, in one way or another, Parents are not destined to be around in the person’s life for a long time. It can also sometimes mean, that a person is adopted or that they only have one parent. Or perhaps they don’t have a whole lot to do with their parents.

It is true that Princess Mary lost her mother many years ago, when she was 26, where her mother died during a heart operation. We have heard in the media the impact this had on her as a young adult and the difficultly in dealing with losing a parent too soon in life.

In 2017 Princess Mary Donaldson will travel through her Property, Home and Real Estate Year. There will be a theme here about possibly, property investment or where she lives. There is an emphasis to Property and Home more than other years and there is a high chance for gains in this area of her life. Also 'Property' can represent bulk money, assets and expensive possessions. 

She will also pass through her Secondary Health Sector, aspects to do with Health whether it be her own or another will become a theme also in 2017. She may invest in her health more or pay more attention to this area of her life.

I’m not sure about a possible pregnancy however it could be an influence in 2017 despite her age. In her Children Sector, it displays four energies or four distinct characters inside this particular area of her life. It is interesting that she does have four children.

Children will tie in or link to Property, Home or Real Estate related themes during 2017. Children may be a little naughtier than usual in 2017 or create some conflict. It may have something to do with home and real estate. Health will also tie into Property, Home and Real Estate or perhaps they will have a link to each other in 2017. There is also prosperity to do with Health in 2017.

In general, her profile reveals, like Princess Kate Middleton that ‘Children’ and ‘Health’ , apart from her Spouse, are one of the most important aspects in her chart. The Permanent Prosperity Star is always in her Children Sector and the Sun and Moon in her Health Sector. Like Princess Kate Middleton, Princess Mary Donaldson has provided heirs to the future King of Denmark.

In comparison, a wealthy business man would have to have The Permanent Prosperity Star and Sun and Moon in his Self, Career/Vocation or Finance and Wealth Sector to achieve substantial gains in business. With Princess Mary, we see it all go to her Health and Children instead. She has become famous, not because of any business venture she created, but because of who she married and because of her ability to provide heirs to the future King of Denmark. This is where her prosperity is.

When we see configurations like this in a women's chart, I would not advise her to heavily invest in any particular business venture, or advise too much of an emphasis to her career. 

After 2017, as we enter 2018, Princess Mary Donaldson will pass through her Career Year. So there will be major emphasis to her role as HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, more than other years. In this year, there is emphasis to unexpected money, or stroke of luck here with finances. In other words, the money luck should be better than usual, compared to other years. It all has a connection to her spouse.

Princess Mary Donaldson also shares in common with Queen Elizabeth II of England, an energy in her Spouse Sector, as mentioned previously referred to as 'Priestess of Great Romance'.  Because both of these women have unobstructed 'Priestess of Great Romance' occurring in their Spouse Sector permanently, it means most likely they will always remain married.

Most people never have 'Priestess of Great Romance' located in their Spouse/or Relationships Sector, that is why they do not remain married for long. That is also why many relationships don't survive. Some individuals, such as Nicole Kidman, do have it however it is obstructed by other energies occurring along side it, weakening it's affects. Nicole has been able to enjoy a married life however with two different people, Tom Cruise and now Keith Urban. 

Look at Queen Elizabeth II of England, during her entire reign she has always been married to Prince Phillip. When I say thanks to her lucky stars, I really do mean that, due to the 'Priestess of Great Romance', occuring with no conflict in her Spouse Sector.  This is why I predict for Princess Mary Donaldson that her marriage should last a long time, as she shares simliar influences in her Spouse Sector as well as her Self Sector, with the Queen of England.

After posting 3 predictions on 3 different female celebrities for 2017, I learnt more about myself as an individual. I have Princess Kate Middleton's 'Ocean Seas' however I do not have her 'Moon'. Instead I have Angelina Jolie's 'Metal Sorceress' however I do not have her 'Sandy Desert' and finally, I have Princess Mary Donaldson's grace, which is represented by the 'Goddess of Elegance and Refinement' however I do not have her Mountain.

We are all individuals, this can be found in nature.

That is all for now however much more can be said, perhaps for another day..


Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella, Central Coast NSW Australia

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