Angelina Jolie - Metal Sorceress of the Sandy Desert

Once upon a time, there was a Great King of many lands, who was at war with another kingdom. He was unable to defeat his enemy for many years, and many of his soldiers had died. Much of his army and resources declining, he eventually lost hope. Slowly the enemy turned into a dark shadow over the land, engulfing its people, destroying the countryside. His best strategists could not remedy the situation to end the war.

One day, the oldest of his advisers, a very old man who had served many times to various Kings, exhausted of his labor, spoke to the King one night of desperation, of a mysterious Sorceress far away in the desert, who would be able to help him win the war, however through a different method that only she knew how.

So it was, the next day that the King, set out on horseback to find this mysterious Sorceress of the Desert, but he had to travel to her alone, as this was a condition she imposed on those few who had sought her counsel.

When he arrived after many days of travelling and worn by the desert, he found a cave which he sought shelter from the harsh sun and it was unusually cool. This was where the Metal Sorceress lived.

During the time spent with her, the Sorceress spoke to him of many things, sacred science and secret knowledges that had been bestowed to her for safe keeping, by those rare sages who had passed on.

And it was in the following year, that they were able to finally conquer and win the war, through her help.

Through his success, the King bestowed to her land and a country of her own. Later she brought her people from the desert to her newly acquired lands, where the soil was more fertile, eventually becoming Queen of her own kingdom.

My friends, this lady was Angelina Jolie or a women like her.

That was just a story I made up, to illustrate the type of energy, character that Angelina Jolie was born with.

This is an overview of a celebrity using a profiling system which is not very well known to main-stream astrologers and is very difficult to teach.

Dame Angelina Jolie (who was recently knighted by the Queen last year) was born with an isolative-like metal energy in her 'Soul Sector'. This type of Metal has many different facets; good and bad; it can be very dynamic and skilled, it can be destructive, it is good in war, it can destroy a whole army by one swift stroke, it can pull something a part and reveal truth, it can take apart pieces and can bring pieces together, to pull apart a puzzle and decode a secret message, to hack into something, it is very stealthy, to create something out of nothing, to summon what was once dead to be brought back to life and can detect the smallest weakness in something so strong, which not even the best of minds bothered to notice in the first place.

It is the energy of a Metal Sorceress, is of someone who is good at deciphering very cleverly. Often such individuals will be born with many skills and naturally talented in many areas, computer geniuses and hackers often have this combination, as well as truth seekers, unconventional archaeologists and those who are the best detectives and spies. However they have a special affinity with metal and objects made of metal. Because of the rebellious nature, to probe and oppose, they also have an affinity with weapons made of metal.

Their early lives, childhood and early adult hood are often troubled and very difficult. Such individuals often do not attract lasting romantic relationships and are advised to wait until their 30s or 40s. Even then it can be difficult.

If they do attract a lasting harmonious relationship, sometimes it means they must meet the person through a disastrous situation first, in order to rule out the negative energy.

It may be their own near death experience that brings them to their soul mate. If not they most likely will undergo a disastrous situation somehow through their romantic relationships in some way or another.

Metal Sorceress is very powerful, it has a power of its own which is unique. It is not the power of a King or Queen or even an Emperor. It is a power which can rebel against the power of a King, Queen or Emperor.

However, when a King or Queen requires a special assignment to succeed and they and all their advisers don’t know how to achieve it, or a situation where there is no solution to the problem, this is when a Metal Sorceress should be hired.

Because she will find a way, even if it’s impossible, a genius to achieve success, the only thing is to remember, that you cannot decide how the Metal Sorceress should operate in her mission, you must give her freedom to work under her own commands. Control her too much and she will go against you.

This type of Metal Sorceress that Angelina Jolie was born with, is unusually combined with an environment in nature associated with the Sand element, of the desert. So she was really born with a configuration which is described as ‘Metal Sorceress of the Sandy Desert’. This is a mathematical equation to do with elements and environments in nature, which we are all born with and at unique differences. 

Whats interesting to note is, the above photograph of her in the desert, I found from a Vogue article, taken 10 years ago, available on the internet to view in their archives.

It was so very appropriate, that there are no highly stylised photographs of her in other settings of nature, other than the one I found of her standing in the desert! I wonder if someone (or her) knows that she was born with these particular elements and that she is aware of that? Perhaps she chose the location herself due to her own intuition ?

Of course there are other types of formats individuals can be born with, such as 'Metal Sorceress of the Mountain Peak' and like me, which is the 'Metal Sorceress of the Ocean Seas', which is an energy I have in common with her.

Since the Metal Sorceress prefers a sandy desert more than most other environments in nature, it brings great status to her as an individual. The Metal Sorceress receives more backing in their life, with the desert format than other formats in nature.

In her format, the Metal Sorceress which as mentioned resides in her Soul Sector, instead transforms into a ‘Metal Queen’ (to an even higher format) because hers is paired with the ‘Heavenly Ruler’.

This is a rare configuration, as the Heavenly Ruler is the most important energy out of the many energies which can appear throughout someone’s profile, it doesn’t always reside in someone’s 'Soul Sector', it is rare if it does.

So what it translates to ultimately when the 'Heavenly Ruler' is paired with the  ‘Metal Sorceress of the Sandy Desert’  - instead, this translates to, 'Metal Queen of the Sandy Desert'. This is a higher ranking format. However it is not your standard Queen, it is an unusual Queen and a very ambitious one.

Many big name celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, and Matt Damon have the ‘Heavenly Ruler’ situated within their Soul Sector that is why they have achieved a very big name for themselves in Hollywood! If you don't have this particular configuration, it does not mean you can’t be important. However the ‘Heavenly Ruler’ brings about great influence and power.

Unlike Princess Kate Middleton, who was born with the Moon in her Soul Sector, giving her less desire to seek power, instead Dame Angelina Jolie with the aspect she was born under, would be someone who has great desire to lead and be influential.

Both individuals are important however one doesn't seek power and the other might.

This is someone whom may seek influence, however it is more to make a difference in the world.

So when did 'The Metal Queen of the Sandy Desert', come into great influence? What I’m asking is, when did Angelina Jolie become famous or well-known?

Angelina Jolie first achieved substantial success when she starred in the movie 'Tomb Raider'.

This movie franchise and her character in the series, evokes all the aspects I described earlier in her profile, of the ‘Metal Sorceress’ or ‘Metal Queen’. In fact many of her movies evoke these aspects, over and over again.

For example in the movie Tomb Raider, we see her play the role of Lara Croft where she tries to obtain ancient artifacts from the Illuminati. Throughout the movie there is a quest to retrieve or put together a special key, or a triangle of light, which is connected to a clock of some kind. Lara Croft knows the secret to how to unlock this mechanism.

As described earlier, this movie evokes the ‘Metal Sorceress’, the ability to unravel puzzles, being a detective, going to extremes to achieve an impossible situation, undertaking something that is almost impossible and the affinity to metal objects (the special clock and metal triangular key depicted in the movie which is broken). These are all aspects of the Metal Sorceress. The Metal Sorceress also governs a rebellious nature against war and battle, so we see a lot of combat and fight scenes. It is no surprise to me this particular film, launched her into worldwide fame.

Other roles she has played which evoke strongly aspects under the ‘Metal Sorceress’ (or Metal Queen)

'Mr and Mrs Smith' where she played a secret undercover agent,

‘Salt’ where she plays an undercover Russian spy,

‘The Tourist’ where she plays another role of a mysterious women.

All these films seem to center around a puzzle of some kind which is unraveled later on, or a secret plot or situation which is later exposed. The energy of these characters all center on a powerful women who knows secrets or secret knowledge or is surrounded in secret information. This is an energy which is all very reflective of the 'Metal Sorceress' and it reflects, like a mirror in the roles which she chooses in her career.

Last Year in 2016 she passed through her 'Health and Spouse Year'. The divorce was announced at the end of last year, it may be issues around the divorce, were to do with her health or health related aspects. The well being of children etc.

The media did reflect this with some information being revealed about Brad Pitt and his smoking habits. From looking at her chart, this may very well likely be true.

Because 'Health' and 'Spouse' are overlapping each other directly in her chart, from 2010 to 2019, in Angelina Jolie's life, we see that most likely Health and Spouse be themes which are of great concern to her, or themes which are influencing each other, have a connection to each other, more than other influences. 

In 2017 Angelina Jolie will move into her Money and Finance Year. There will be a major emphasis to finances, more than other years. This particular sector of hers reveals a possibility of a very cut throat energy around money in 2017. There could be big decisions around finances compared to other years. While there could be losses there may also be big gains. This is a good year to release a film and focus on special projects. 

In general overall, throughout her life, one of the most positive influences  I see in her profile, more than any other aspect, is her Siblings. It reveals a sibling who is of great help or assistance, a very happy and positive influence. I'm also seeing a very smart and intelligent sibling.

In 2017, we see her 'Secondary Sibling Sector' take some extra focus here too. This person may be helping out Angelina with her financial decisions or be giving advice. If not they will be around her this year as she deals with these financial issues. There is emphasis to this Sibling in 2017 somehow, she may be more engaged with them. Since we have these cut throat energies around finances, I am a bit worried that Siblings being so close this year may experience some of the effects, even their health could be at stake. Siblings can also represent Business Partners.

(And when you have more than one child, the Siblings influence often represents your children since they are Siblings. Siblings can also represent cousins, cousins in law and sisters in law etc.  We see some drastic cut throat energy connected to her finances, overlapping these people in her life.
This is because her Decade Siblings Sector overlaps her Financial Sector for a decade. Inside both of these chambers, which are overlapping, there are energies here which represent severe influences.
Such a combination can also affect the health and relationships of the people I described. On the other hand, these severe influences can benefit the accumulation of money in business.
It also means, these people may have a great connection to her finances for over a decade or somewhere in that time, as a major influence. And because she goes through her finance year in 2017, there is more emphasis to this energy and the people mentioned involved, in this year more than any other years).

The aspects we see in her Spouse Sector since 2010, are of too many 'Authority Officers' hanging around influencing the Spouse to possibly become more aggressive or cut throat than usual.

In general, throughout her life, since she has no energies depicted in her Spouse Sector, almost an empty Spouse Sector (similar to Kate Middleton's format) it means she has to use her 'Career' to find or secure fate around her Spouse, in which she did in 'Mr and Mrs Smith' where she met Brad Pitt.

(Career also stands for acquiring skills and learning, in comparison, with Kate Middleton, the university course she attended, allowed her to form a friendship to attract Prince William).

This year in particular in 2017, I see the 'Yearly Conflict Villain' fly over to her 'Friends' and 'Secondary Wealth Sector'. It is paired with the 'Gossip/Speaker Fairy'. What this means is, this year, more than other years, there will be difficulties around what is said about one self in the media, communications and the press. To be careful what friends and people who know her, say about her.

It connects to finances and money. It seems that there is some situation where aspects to do with finances and money must not be disclosed to the media or similar situations which may manifest itself. It also means in 2017 major disputes over finances. There is an emphasis to disagreements about finances. 

Angelina has to also be careful of what people say about her this year, more than other years, especially friends, former friends and people whom know her. She also has to be very careful of external people handling her money.

There is conflict and difficulty around Children and Travel, in general this is an issue but will continue to be more of an issue in 2017.

I do see the 'Promiscuous Prince' and 'Leisure God' influencing her Spouse or areas of romantic relationships. This can often represent someone who has an addictions, smokes, drugs or alcohol etc.

From 2010 to 2019, I see a more of a violent temper or if not, more of a turbulent energy around 'Spouse' or romantic relationships. Before 2010, that violent temper wasn't as apparent or severe. Or that turbulent energy wasn't as apparent. 

I see an strong emphasis to Children in 2018, her children will shine in the spot-light a lot more in this year, and in 2019 there will be a significant focus on romantic relationships or this area will be highlighted. She should expect better luck in romance and relationships from 2019 to 2032. 

I'll finally note one thing, by reviewing Princess Kate Middleton's profile and Dame Angelina Jolie's, I understood myself much more, from a wholesome perspective. In common I have Princess Kate's 'Ocean Seas' however I do not have her 'Moon'. Instead I have Angelina's 'Metal Sorceress' however I do not have Angelina's Sandy Desert. 

When we look at people there are many different combinations. It is certainly, like what my mother says, "like looking at many different coloured shades of pencils". No two people are the same however you may share similar traits.


By Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Central Coast NSW Australia

Gabriella Clever Wolf Feng Shui

Copyright 2017

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