Princess Kate Middleton 2017 Prediction

This year I have chosen three female celebrities for 2017 Predictions; Princess Kate Middleton, Princess Mary of Denmark and Angelina Jolie. First I'll start with Princess Kate Middleton.

As mentioned previously, I use a prediction tool which is not well known about in the western world and is very difficult to teach,

It was also very difficult to find Princess Kate Middleton in the “labyrinth of fate and fortune”, as there is no public information provided about her hour of birth. I eventually found her profile through using an unusual method, however it took a while. Her hour of birth which I won’t reveal on the internet.

In Princess Kate's profile, of her Soul and Spirit, it speaks of a women born under the Moon influence, and if we were to describe her spirit to nature’s equivalent, she would be a moon illuminated over the ocean. So the water is not still, it moves but it is mysterious and beautiful. She is like a Moon Princess of the Ocean Seas. 

Other similar weaker combinations in individuals are a 'moon over the desert', a 'moon of the forest glade', a 'moon of the woody marsh' etc are similar formats a person can be born with however these do not have the same affect on the status of a person. Despite so, women born under these configurations will still be born physically beautiful.  

However it is mostly only when a women is born under 'Moon of the Ocean Seas', where a lady (as well as being physically attractive) can rise to high positions in life. 

A 'moon of the lake' and the 'moon of the mountain' are other beneficial combinations which bring about reputation to a women, however not as strong as Princess Kate's format. 

She doesn't have these sharp and overly influential energies in her profile like other celebrities. Her profile does not describe someone who wants power or desire to be overly influential.  To her it isn't about power, however her profile reveals a women who is someone suited to be in an important role.  There is a difference between the two.

Such a royal, should take use of the night hours as good time to do business and such women will also always attract marriage. Women with this configuration excel at being a mother. 

Upon viewing Princess Kate's profile, the most outstanding feature in her life, implied, more than any other aspect, is her Health. Her Health is the most outstanding influence, the most important one which ties in so strongly with fate around her as an individual. When we think about it, she has brought heirs to the future King of England. In comparison, well known sports stars are born under this influence as their health is a major focal point.

Despite how important these energies seem to be in her Health, there are also 'water energies' or 'water elements' inside her Health Sector. This is a little bit similar to Matt Damon's Health sector. With a women, as well as issues with kidney, bladder, reproductive systems, urinary tract etc, a women will also have problems with pregnancy. 

There are fluid related issues around health in general. Sometimes it can mean a tendency towards drinking or the like for alcoholic beverages. However I don't see this in her profile, as a major problem. In fact, this may be an indication of a person whom often desires to do healthy drinks and beverages.

The Heavenly Ruler always stands by overseeing influences of her health. So I do not see her having any life threatening problems in the near future or beyond it, in regards to her health.

It reveals outstandingly, that her parents have something to do with celebration and entertainment as major influence. When looking at this, it had me worried, as often it means Parents who are perhaps over indulgent, people who love to entertain too much.

Upon viewing Princess Kate's parents on the internet, who seem like very respectable people, I learnt that they amassed their multi-million dollar fortune with some kind of party business called ‘Party Pieces’ – AH HA! This makes sense in regards to those celebration and entertainment energies depicted.

What I can see of Princess Kate's Siblings, it is quite direct in revealing that there are two of them. The female sibling is very down to earth and the male, who isn’t as much.

Unfortunately, the profile is revealing that a sibling will be a source of worry, concern or possible conflict up until 2022. This is because the 'Decade Money Thief' stands next to him all that time.

I'm not implying definitely that this will have an affect on her in any way (or it may), or that the Sibling is a thief,  however, there is more of a risk taking energy with this sibling (possibly a male) and difficulties around him (or her) due to that combination and it's influence. In 2018, that year in particular, shall highlight her 'Siblings' and we shall see manifestations of her Siblings by that time. Siblings governs cousins and siblings in law, so these people may be brought to attention in 2018 quite significantly. 

This Sibling energy can also symbolise other people who may represent 'Siblings' such as cousins, sister in law, cousin in law etc and issues around them. There is perhaps a possibility of such individuals, whom MAY cause her issues, in some way or another. It is a conflicting energy and can do damage. Or if it does not affect her, these 'siblings' may be experiencing conflict or trouble.

After looking at this, I decided to see if Princess Kate had any other siblings, she does in fact have a brother named James Middleton. I read in the media that a couple of his businesses have gone bankrupt and of financial issues in his business. Whether any of this is true, we see it take focus in 2018, the year after. Something dramatic may happen around her Sibling in that time.

There is a great focus of Siblings in Princess Kate's profile during 2018. Siblings in law, cousins in law, also represent one's 'Siblings'. These people in her life could also become strongly apparent in 2018.

Last year 2016 for Princess Kate, traveled through her Children Year, there was emphasis to Children, possibly a focus on fertility, getting pregnant and her Self, especially her image as a mother. Her Children Sector reveals a child who has excellent academic, intellectual, artistic and literal or writing ability.

However, despite a child being very talented, there may be some issues or challenges around their ability. Perhaps this is a different type of intelligence or the intelligence type which hasn’t been realised. This may have been brought to light in 2016 or there was a focus in this area. This energy can also represent an emphasis to schooling and education.

This Year, in 2017, there is a major emphasis and theme to her Spouse, Prince William. There is prosperity around him however also possibly, over bearing challenges around him as well. It won’t be an easy cup of tea. There is a high chance that in 2017, Prince William will shine in the spot-light a lot more with new challenges (this is because in 2017 she goes through her 'Spouse Year' mainly).

Princess Kate was born with a ‘Spouse’ configuration, I have in common with her in my own profile, which I recognise!

It reveals that she has to use her “Career” in order to find or seal the fate of her husband.

Career, as well as governing ones occupation, skills and abilities, it is an area which strongly governs what one learns or studies.

When people pass through their Career Phase, if they don’t have a job, they often go back to university. It is no surprise to me that this was how Princess Kate met Prince William, they were attending the same university. It was through university which allowed them to start a friendship.

With such a configuration, a women really has to work VERY hard with these "career energies" in order to attract a man. It is VERY challenging! From what we have seen of Princess Kate in the media over the years, it wasn’t an easy ride.

She has an empty Wealth and Financial sector, this doesn’t mean that the person can’t make money. For a women, it usually means she must find a partner to support her (in which she has). This is the more appropriate configuration in her life. It also can mean, such individuals, there is no emphasis in working in a particular profession to make money, instead money may be given. It can also sometimes mean that the person may like to spend.. 

In general, Princess Kate would have better luck in property investment than financial investment.

Up until 2022 there is a connection between her Spouse (Prince William) and Parents (or Elders). However in 2017 there will be additional focus around this energy in particular and the relationship between the two (Spouse - Parents/Elders), more than other years. As said, Prince William may shine in the spot-light more this year.

What I also depict this year, is her 'Yearly Money Wallet' which has moved over to her Property/Real Estate sector in 2017. There is prosperity for her around Home and Real Estate or Land (this also can include assets, cars, planes, bulk money and other valuable possessions) Recently it was announced that Princess Kate and Prince William will be moving to Kensington Palace. I see this as a positive influence.

Back In 2015, even through she wasn't going through Children Year, her 'Yearly Fortune Wallet' (which changes to different sectors every year) was residing in her Children Sector. This translates to fortune and prosperity around Children and attracts pregnancies. In that Year, Princess Charlotte was born.

In comparison to another celebrity, Mel Gibson, the same Yearly Fortune Wallet is now shining in Mel Gibson's Children Sector during 2017, its interesting to note, that he is also expecting a child this year with his new girlfriend, Rosalind Ross.

I see a lot of help and support around Princess Kate Middleton this year in 2017, around real estate and property, there is even a chance for extra prosperity in this particular area of her life. Or there may be extra prosperity with assets, expensive possessions and other property related issues.

What’s interesting to note, upon viewing her Destiny Sector, which measures the importance of one’s life in comparison to other humans, it tells (despite Princess Kate being born a commoner) that her life and her destiny are very, very important, more than the average person. There is a very high rating here.

Therefore, we cannot not say she is just a commoner who got lucky! It was actually in her destiny to become who she is.

What Princess Kate Middleton should watch out for in 2017, is her Spouse, Prince William, in opposition/ or direct association with his own health or health-like aspects in general. Also Parents/Elders (and like figures) at opposition or direct association to their career and health in 2017. These aspects tie in together somehow.

In 2017, there may be extra difficulties/conflict around communication, arguments, media and gossip, what is being said about oneself this year, more than other years >> The aspects I see tied to this challenge are; siblings, friends, outside connections or other external people and its effect on wealth, as an op-positional affect.

So this could be something like a dispute or disagreement which ties to money and has something to do with these external people. 

Or it could be something like, upsets and conflicts around communications/or media coverage, which has something to do with these people. 

It could also be one of her Siblings that may be the victim of gossip and disputes (remember Siblings can also represent, cousins in law and other siblings in law).

A "sibling" or friend may have a disagreement or an argument.

A sibling or friend (or external person) may not be happy about the media or have a tough time with the media (or something to do with communications).

These aspects tend to stand out much more this year and may be targeted towards Princess Kate.

As for 2017, I see in the media that Pippa Middleton is getting married this year!

Well upon looking at Princess Kate's profile and what 2017 has in store for her for Siblings, I do not see any Sibling of hers getting married in 2017, well at least there is no emphasis to this event in Kate's profile, compared to other aspects that will go on.

If there is a marriage of a sibling in 2017, it is most likely low key. Instead like I said, I see other issues around Siblings which I described earlier. I feel that for Princess Kate, there will be other aspects in 2017 which will take centre-stage, rather than her siblings. For instance, the emphasis to her Spouse Prince William in 2017 this year.

With Princess Kate, that in her profile (a configuration I also have in common with her)  it reveals that she has to be very careful of who her friends are.

She really has to try to only have a very few select friends, because in her profile, it reveals that the friends can be damaging and very, very jealous, possibly lethal.

Even women (and other people) she hardly knows, may try to find ways to ruin her reputation, to spread rumor and gossip about her that is utter nonsense, completely fabricated. It is all to do with jealousy! 

In general, external people can also be very damaging in her. Care must be taken.

This type of problem would always be an issue, to any lady who becomes a royal, however in her situation, it reveals that the issue, could be far more difficult to deal with.

If they are, much older than her, in the military, extremely powerful role or are involved in a dangerous or risky profession they may be able to be her friend. If the person has been through many sufferings in their life, they may be able to be friends.

Women with this format are close to their mothers, their mothers are usually a very good support (this can also include 'mother type figures' and women who are much older than her).

Having a look at HRH Queen Elizabeth's profile, it is important to note that, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, most likely is a very good friend and support to Princess Kate, and will be especially in 2017.

Keep posted for the other female celebrities I'll be writing about soon!

Gabriella Feng Shui Consultant & Investigator, Central Coast NSW Australia


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