Is Time Relevant? Einstein's Illusion

By Gabriella Feng Shui Investigator

Every time you make a plan in life to get to a certain destination or outcome you are making time relevant. Perhaps you set your alarm clock back so you could get to work early. May be you decided to go shopping at lunch time to buy a gift for your grandma as it was her birthday. Or perhaps you wanted to quickly play a few rounds of poker at the local casino.

What about every time you watch the weather on the news? What about the stock exchange and the brokers we hire? We don’t classify these professionals as fortune-tellers, because these guys are making us money or telling us something about the weather – but they are predicting! However they don’t always get it right!

Yet we repeatedly use these guys or listen to them because most of the time they do get it right.

Yet if someone was to pull out a pack of tarot cards, we would go running in the opposite direction, especially if what they said wasn’t true. Perhaps you would run towards the local casino, where you would find yourself in a similar situation, a lot more other cards are pulled out, and we lose a lot more money.

This is all manipulation of time and space, and we do it every day of our lives up until our very deaths. We are constantly assessing what we will do at certain times of the day and well in advance, hoping to achieve a certain outcome or destiny. Sometimes we will hire professionals to help us do this like a broker or lawyer.

It’s a prediction. We are all little predictors and fortune tellers, whether like to admit it all not or whether we are aware of it or not.

Unfortunately we are not always right and our prediction goes wrong. This may be one of the biggest outcomes that can hurt a human, failure and not being prepared. Perhaps you ended up in a traffic jam on the way to work, perhaps you couldn’t find a gift for grandma at lunch time and perhaps you lost all your money at the casino. Was it avoidable? Maybe not. What is predictable? Perhaps, perhaps it was predictable.

Some people may have a few marriages and end up with no one during the end of their life, and others who may have struggled to find someone their whole lives, towards the end, eventually marry.

Others end up in big careers and have a steady income for the rest of their life, others making huge windfalls and yet again others who end up on the street.

Is this all a spontaneous casserole of which we are submerged in? Is it all our own fault? Are we to blame for the outcome of our own lives? Can things be changed?

In my opinion nothing is spontaneous, that is because these external aspects called time and space are the very factors that force us to make a decision, or act in specific way in the first place. Higher levels of metaphysics can reveal time and space, so that one can see the future.

To those that think that anything is possible with one’s own actions, think again, because those two other aspects I mentioned, time and space, will always determine your success. 

For example, if one makes the right decision at the the right time, in the right kind of space, success will surely follow.

With a not so good decision in the right place at the right time, we still may have some success.
With one perfect decision made in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are sure to fail.

That is why time and space will always be more important than any decision that you’ll ever make, and these two factors will always be more important than who you are, as these two factors are also the very forces that made you.

We all hear of bad financial advisers and have lost our money in the stock exchange.  The fortune telling industry is also riddled with frauds and fakes, in my opinion only very few people have such talents, and it can be very difficult to find them.

What makes a big part of our lives, other than our own mental thoughts, attitudes or personal decisions, is the environment we are born into, this in itself, is made up of many things, your social standing, the era of time we are born into, the parents we are born to, our siblings, friends, business partners, colleagues, pre-inherited wealth and our own DNA.

This is why I am not so keen on psychiatrists because often they find the reason for failure being solely based on the person's own thoughts and attitudes. Life is a lot bigger than what goes on in the brain, and there are many external influences that affect the outcome of our own lives in a significant way, rather than solely our own decision making or psychiatric thoughts.

If we are able to predict something, we can gain some closure and more awareness about what is going to happen. Awareness in advance, on its own, can subdue pain significantly, because you are aware. In my opinion Awareness is a big part of the healing process.

Awareness is also like armour, when you know something in advance before it happens, when it finally hits you, the impact isn’t so deep. Being aware of something before it happens, can also bring you to a very high state of calmness, more than any kind of meditation, whether that be Buddhism or another religion. A psychiatrist or mental health professional may not agree with me, or be able to give you the powerful gift of awareness.

Many scientists and health professionals already agree that many of the illnesses we develop throughout the course of our lives are already written in our DNA. That means right at your very birth, your health situation was already determined. Was this your fault? No it was not. Did you have a say over it? No you did not. Is this a form of fortune telling? Yes it sure is. Yet we all accept it because it’s coming from the scientific community. What if everything else, is also determined right from your very birth, not just your health however your overall potential, destiny, outcome and success in life?

At very high and unheard of levels, of fortune telling and astrology, your health problems are also written out right from your very birth, even certain organs in the human body are mentioned. Yet we all laugh at this? Is this not similar to considering someone’s DNA? The same information was produced, but a different method was used.

Another way of looking at it, a Scientist will often undertake experiments on plants and micro-organisms. Often if they place a molecule, atom or cell under a particular environment, they will most certainly know what the outcome will be, simply because they have examined it. They know the nature of the environment that the cell is going to be exposed to and they know what the cell is made of. Because they know these two things (cell + environment) they are able to PREDICT with high accuracy, what will happen to that cell in a specific time and space period.

Is this not prediction? Is this not fortune-telling? Yet we all accept it psychologically because it is science.

Why should this be any different to predicting the fortune of a human? Arnt us humans also cells existing on a much larger one – planet earth? Why should we only stop at a molecule or atom? Why should we stop at only one kind of method?

More genuine forms of prediction for humans (fortune telling and astrology) were hidden from the masses and have been for thousands of years by those who already had their hands on it.

Why would they do that? Simply because of it’s accuracy. This rings true for many industries, the health industry is one of them. For example millions are made from abortions and the contraceptive pill. How many women out there know, that you would only have to walk into your local supermarket, into the freshfood section to find a common condiment there, called parsley, that could easily do the same thing for you and without much effort (this is ancient Greek medicine).

How many archaeologists have discovered something worthwhile and have lost their reputation over it because it changes the course of "history"? How many scientists have also lost their credentials or even gone missing because they also discovered something that wasn’t accepted by the scientific community?

If there was a better way of doing something, it was always covered up, hidden or hard to find.

If we weren’t able to calculate things in science, things would be too spontaneous and nothing would have structure to it. Because we can calculate things, that means prediction is possible.

Unfortunately scientists are yet to catch up with the concept of time, simply because they decided to listen to a man named Einstein who said that time was as illusion. In fact many of Einsteins theories were never proven and I do believe personally he was overrated.

Some scientists believe time travel is possible and the reason why, it may be is, perhaps future reality is planned out like a map, this itself is perhaps what makes time travel possible, because there is structure and form to the universe and where you are going, on the other hand if things were spontaneous, time travel wouldn’t be possible as there would be no structure for one to travel in.

Trying to accept that time travel is possible is a bit of a hard ask for most, however for those scientists who are currently involved in this area of research, somehow we accept them and their research because they are scientists - yet somehow we won't accept other ways of looking into the future, often we may humiliate such individuals. Hmm.

If time was an illusion like Einstein said, none of us would exist and there would be nothing. Time is very relevant, otherwise why do we take advantage of it all the time? We are the essence of time, perhaps we are it’s expression and song.

By Gabriella Feng Shui Investigator

15 July 2016 Copyright