Heart and Body - is like Occupant & Property!

Heart & Body ~ Occupant & Property

by Gabriella Feng Shui Investigator / cleverwolffengshui@gmail.com

The heart is what pumps blood and oxygen around the body, supplies nutrients to living cells, without it we wouldn't be alive. The heart resides in the centre of the body and not somewhere else so it can equally distribute blood to all areas of the body. 

One could say that the body is ruled by the heart and the heart is what runs the body and keeps it in good working order.

This same concept can be applied to feng shui and when it comes to examining our own homes.

The home is like a second shell or second "body" of ours, its where we live, eat, sleep, study, rest, argue, play, work, talk, party  etc. 

Our second shell often influences our body in more ways than we realise, so it is important to take care of our home.

If a house is like a second shell to ourselves, then we are, as the occupant, the 'heart' of the household. We are a living organ that brings life and energy to the household as the heart does to the body.

We clean the house, we repair it, we perform gardening duties, we vacuum its floors, we put in insect devices, we adorn and decorate it so that it may attract other desirable guests, we will call up a carpenter to fix a falling gutter, we will paint the walls to replace old paint or add an alarm system to stop a fire.

And just like taking out garbage on Friday night, your heart also carries away waste.

In a feng shui reading, it is no good just analysing the home and not the occupant. This is like a not so good doctor, who only looks at the external surface of an individual and not the other internal mechanics of a person.

That's why feng shui consultations should be very personalised, it should include both occupant and home and not just the home. 

When it comes to a doctor assessing your health, often it is a long process to make a thorough examination of your physical health and requires more than just one consultation, before treatment even begins.

When it comes to choosing the right feng shui consultant, they too should take a long time to assess your own energies and is not as simple as grabbing your birthday, looking at the feng shui calendar and throwing you a few feng shui numbers!

Like a good doctor, a genuine feng shui consultant takes time to analyse your energies and will perform certain tests on you to confirm certain influences you may have. This is similar to a desirable medical professional who will take blood tests or samples to confirm a situation with your health, before coming to some conclusion.

Once this is done, a feng shui consultant, can then make the RIGHT changes on your home, just like a good doctor, who after performing all the required tests, can give you right advice and medicine needed for your health.

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