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The Queen, with Chief Instructor Lt-Col George Harvey

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In regards to fortune telling I practice a calculation that is not very well known and hardly used by the western world.

I do not believe in other forms of prediction, astrology or fortune telling as I don't find it convincing.

When we look at a person’s profile, we look within their Soul area, to see what energies most likely make up who they are. Usually there are only one or two energies that make up major influences on the soul of a person.

This is not the same as looking at different areas of their life, whether that be relationships, finance, property in their profile etc. The area to do with one's soul is separate from these other areas and can be looked at independently. 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born with extreme military energies within her soul, this is the format of a powerful warlord except it is a women.

In fact, what’s quite surprising is that, she has the same extreme military energies that Arnold Schwarzenegger was born with, the only difference is that her Warlord is paired with, quite unusually with the ‘Goddess of Elegance/Refinement’.

Whereas Arnold Schwarzenegger’s extreme military energies are not paired with such influences. Arnold is not a military leader however when you think about it, in almost every single movie he always held a gun or played a military type role.

For Queen to have these energies is highly appropriate and fortunate. Without such energies one cannot rule. She is not someone who is weak or submissive, she is very strong and perceptive. If she was trained in the art of warfare, she should have natural talent in this area, and not just for a women.

After looking at this formation I do not believe the Queen is just a puppet or solely for ceremonial purposes. She has real power and authority which is very much alive.

This makes sense when we look at the Queen to understand, that underneath her perfect presentation, eloquence and grace that she is a power not to be reckoned with. I wouldn't want to step on her toes because she is a master at being graciously aggressive and she has every right to be.

It also means not to underestimate her ability to lead and make very difficult decisions. With such a combination she would also have been excellent in the military, again as said, despite being a women.

Looking at her earlier life, I discovered that she insisted at the age of 16 in taking part in WWII and how difficult it was for her father (the King at the time) to let her, as she would be the future Queen.

She persuaded her father the King for a rather long time, before she was allowed, finally she served in WWII as truck driver and mechanic also drove an ambulance!

A quite unusual desire for a women of that time, especially a Queen however looking at her chart it is obvious why. A person with this format is very brave and able to handle extreme situations.

There was an incident in the past once, where a mentally ill person broke into her bedroom at night where she calmly engaged that person in conversation until he was removed by staff.

There was another incident where a young boy shot at the Queen during a march on horseback, she was not hit however she kept her cool, did not panic and continued on.

When we look at the Queen’s soul, unlike other royals, she is tremendously fit for the role in all aspects, she sits in her position like a hand to a glove. Not just physically or mentally however also spiritually, her soul is fit for the role.

As for the 'Goddess of Elegance/Refinement' which appears next to her 'Warlord' energies, in her Soul area, this means that she has unequaled and incredibly divine taste in all aspects which relate to one’s appearance, presentation, dressing, fashion, beauty, grooming and taking care of one’s self. This energy also governs the art of drawing attention to one’s self, the power of presence and the art of speech and conversation.

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There is a great emphasis to this part of herself and being Queen she would embrace and never tire of what takes to keep one’s presentation and image. In fact, because of these energies occurring so strongly within her soul she, is the very essence of presentation, elegance and refinement.

There’s a great difference between trying to be elegant, graceful and refined and BEING elegant, graceful and refined. The Queen is the latter.

Judging from this outlook, I would say that she was not like other royals, who may not be as enthusiastic about their duty. The Queen with this format, would actually enjoy her role as Queen and embrace all aspects of it with full confidence and enthusiasm. She is a perfect example of a Queen and how a Queen should be.

However, she must remember, that it is highly unlikely though, that any royal at this time, would be born under the same influences as her.

For this reason, I will say again as I’ve said before, the Queen has a royal Queenly air about her that cannot be compared against any other member of the royal family.


She is currently going through prosperity period which started in 2008 and ends in 2017, this prosperity has connections to her Siblings – this can also mean business partners.

This year in 2016, as an outstanding influence, she may experience conflict or weakness in her financial affairs, there is a chance to override it this year though, with a bit of struggle.

In 2017 she goes through a Challenge Year, such years can test every area of one’s life however it can also just mean much movement or change. This conflict or weakness within her finances mostly may continue into 2017. There is also an emphasis to her ‘Spouse’ in this year.

In 2017 there is conflict with her Children in some way or another, there is emphasis to conflict or turmoil around one of her children or grand-children. 

In 2017 her Health area receives one year prosperity in some way or another. So despite the Challenge Year I do not see her health affected too much.

In 2018 there will be emphasis to her Health and/or her Spouse again. The prosperity in her Health area placed the year before, leaves once 2018 arrives.

Her Health area and her Spouse area move in together in 2018 for 10 years, to overlap one another. This could mean that her husband may have some outstanding health issues. It could be serious. Or she could have some outstanding Health issues herself.

In 2018 there is also conflict around property related matters and real estate.

There is a lot more I could go into however perhaps for another day.

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