How to Use Feng Shui to Stop Attracting Drug Addicts:

Article by Feng Shui Investigator Gabriella /

And Why you Should SWAP your Drug Addict Boyfriend for a Doctor!

The type of prediction tool I use is rare and not many fortune tellers know about it. It often has the ability to reveal a lot more detail than the average fortune teller. It has the reputation for being surprisingly accurate.

I certainly wouldn't have studied it for so long if it wasn't accurate and it is the only prediction tool I have confidence in. 

It is also often better than going to a psychologist or counselor because you get clarity over forces influencing your life.

For example have you ever wondered why you may always attract a certain type of individual?

Perhaps for some strange reason you always seem to end up in relationships with individuals who always possess addictions of some kinds, whether that be drugs or alcohol?

Often when this happens to us, it feels like there’s some wicked energy around following us, stopping us from meeting anyone whom may be good!

Don’t fall for your psychologist either, who many make you believe, that is you who is the problem, or that it’s your own issues which are causing you to attract these people.

If you often attract such personalities all the time, it means most likely you have dynamics of attraction, romance or marriage occurring inside your area of ‘Health’ in your profile.

There are many different areas and segments that represent different areas of our lives. ‘Health’ is just one of them. And the energies one is born with is as unique as your finger print.

If you have had a history of attracting these types, most likely you will have this combination in your profile.

This includes as said drug addicts, alcoholics, bulimics, anorexics, those with mental issues, those with disabilities or other health problems etc the list goes on. Don’t forget this could also include those who are drug dealers.

Often relationships with those who have addictions prove to be quite dangerous, often ruining your life and not just your other half.

The Solution?

If you find this always happens to you and you always attract these types of individuals and you don’t know how to break out of it, then try and date someone who works heavily in a health related profession.

Doctor Lovely - Photo by Free Digital Images

Doctor Lovely - Photo by Free Digital Images

This may be a doctor, a surgeon perhaps, someone who works with medicine, a personal trainer, sports professional, dietitian, or even a feng shui consultant or healer of some kind etc

Because when one does this, you transform those romantic energies occurring in your Health area, to represent something more appropriate.

In other words, those romantic energies occurring within your area of ‘Health’ now represent someone romantically in your life, who works in a Health related industry and not someone who has problems with their health.

This is ‘feng shui your life’, where feng shui remedies go far beyond just your home.

Sometimes we cannot leave a romantic partner with health problems, because the format is soo strong in our chart, that it won’t allow us. Also because inside that person may be a really good person and we love them too much. We might decide to put up with it.

Such a remedy may not always work, one must always be careful, as from time to time we hear in the media, of medical professionals who take drugs themselves or have addictions.

Most likely though, there is a higher chance of success (for a more positive relationship) with someone working in a health related industry than someone with addictions. 

This same method can be applied to those who may find that they always attract romantically, a partner, who likes to party or socialise too much?

This often means that they may have dynamics in their profile, which represent ‘Entertainment’ occurring within their area of Romantic Relationships.

They could try to date someone who works in the Entertainment industry, there might be a higher chance for success, because instead that energy then becomes to represent their work and not their habit. This might be an Actor, comedian or someone works in hospitality. 

One must also be passing through a favorable period in time for a relationship to work. Often we just can't escape negative influences in our relationships (no matter who we date or in relationship with) simply because of bad timing, it was the wrong time. 

Remember that no matter what you do, how you do it or who you decide to be with, TIMING is KING! In other words the time dimension is the most powerful influence here, it rules the success of any action you take.

The time dimension and the possibility that many aspects occurring in our lives, are planned out before us, is difficult for most to comprehend.  

Doesn't mean that there aren't certain aspects we can't influence. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your dream doctor now!!

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