Super Full Moon November 14th - Rooster Metal Element

The Super Full Moon on November the 14th which activates the Rooster Metal Element. In Feng Shui what does this mean exactly? What impact does it have on you? by Gabriella Feng Shui Consultant, Central Coast, NSW Australia

The full moon on the 14th of November is so unique that one like it hasn’t appeared since 1948. Apparently it is supposed to be the biggest full moon in 70 years.

Many astrologers of recent are blogging about this full moon in particular and it has smashed many news articles all over the internet.

From a feng shui perspective, what does the full moon symbolise in November? 

We are going through the Rooster Month in the Monkey Year. However many Chinese Calendars proclaim we are going through the Pig month.

I believe this to be incorrect, since after performing many monthly calculations over the years, I’ve noticed that the animals of the month in Chinese Astrology, in my opinion, are a month or two out of sync.

I've done many tests on this numerous times which in my opinion, prove that those calendars are not completely correct. Whenever I reverse the months, my monthly prediction for that person is always remarkably on ball. I came across this aspect when I wanted to surpass yearly predictions on individuals and be able to do monthly ones.

The full moon is strongly associated with attraction and romance, however this isn’t any kind of romance. It is not your typical kind of romance or relationship. To understand metal love, you need first to understand what the other elements represent in comparison.

You see, in feng shui different elements govern different types of love and attraction. For example, Water symbolises romance which can develop quickly and end quickly.  While it may be energetic, dreamlike and full of fantasy, it doesn't have much foundation.

Wood element on the other hand is romance which can develop quickly as well, just like a plant, it also has some strength and foundation, however can easily be burnt down by fire or cut by metal.

As for fire, fire romance is very bright and glamorous however it can be perhaps too passionate and it can attract jealousy. It can also often ruin other relationships or other aspects of your life as fire is destructive.

However, what about Metal? Metal romance takes the longest to form more than any other element and it remains hidden for the longest amount of time. For this reason, you may not notice Metal at first however it patiently waits to be found by you.  It is this full moon that activates Metal.

There is not much metal can do about itself as it is stuck inside all this rock. It is up to you to help break her or him from their exterior or situation. You must be very strong and brave to be able to do this. Because we are going through the Rooster month which governs metal, it is this month which activates that element the most.

Since Metal remains hidden for a long time, due to circumstances out if it's control, it also requires the most work to get to and it is the most challenging element to get to.

Yet it is the most rewarding kind of love, more than any kind of element, as it is the hardest one, and therefore the strongest one, lasting the longest amount of time.

Therefore metal is the most valuable type of love one could have. Also remember that metal became the most beautiful, as it had go through the most hardship, the most pressure, and the most pain and suffering in order to become that way.

So when we approach the full moon, try to think about the sort of love it embodies. Does it represent a person or situation in your life?

If you have been a victim of something and have been restrained in some way or another in a romantic or professional situation, this full moon may help you to take action.

Also if there is someone that you have been attracted to for a long time, now is the time is to make the move, especially if you are a man and your love interest is a women, as the yin metal represents a lady who is hidden or residing behind the scenes somehow. She might need your help and initiative so don't wait for her to take the lead.

Maybe you have been having a hard time getting to her, or maybe you were unable to make a move due to some other impossible situation, or maybe you were simply lacking confidence. Remember always that metal will remain where it is, it is up to you to bring it out to the surface, as it will always be there waiting patiently for you.

If you can’t be with this person you may discover something about them later on which might alarm you. This moon in particular, will also expose long buried truths which almost had no hope of being brought to the surface. If you do get rejected by someone this month, they might tell you something about themselves that you didn't realise, it could be quite surprising. 

Unlike what many astrologers say, I do not believe that all full moons expose truth every month. If that was the case, we would all live in a very honest society. However this Moon in particular has incredible potential to do very much that, to reveal truth.

This full moon can also have an effect on your career, for example you may feel restrained in your work and perhaps you want to start new elsewhere or escape from the current conditions you are working in.

Since Metal feels restrained and covered up, in the month of the full moon governing Metal, this moon will want to change one’s situation, to break from one’s exterior, to gain one’s freedom back. To also rebel from superiors and those opposing restrictions on you.

If the two situations I’ve described aren’t applicable to you, you may want to cover up and hide during the full moon, as metal hides behind rock and earth deep in the ground – it means you are not ready to come out yet. You may want to desperately avoid a situation.

There also may be some situation or another which requires you to fully remain hidden more than usual this month. There is still a great risk of you being found so to speak, so hide well, hide very well.

Rooster Month also is a reflection of what will happen next year, as next year we will pass through the Rooster Year. This month will bring up a taster for what's on the menu for next year. This month Donald Trump was elected, however his presidency won't begin until the beginning of next year as Obama will continue to govern up until the end of 2016.

Try to think about certain situations that happen to you this month as this is an indicator of a major influence which could manifest itself, as your life unfolds into 2016. 


Gabriella Feng Shui Consultant, Central Coast NSW Australia

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