Dilapidated Casino Constanta Romania - the abandoned Pearl

The Pearl of Constanta, a House of Cards by Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella

Photographer Romain Veillon by Daily Mail

Photographer Romain Veillon by Daily Mail

Dilapidated Casino Constanta Romania is going through a 30+year frozen cycle and a 'declining' phase in feng shui due to it's construction period.

It was originally built in 1910 and was once a well-known, most famed casino of its time attracting elite social groups and the incredibly wealthy.

Buildings will gain and lose luck throughout time due to its construction period, this can be acutely measured. Even old homes can re-enter lucky cycles. 

Frozen Cycles will place the property into a harsh phase, as this occurs the chi energy gradually dissipates out of the building and the current time dimension flowing through the building is “turned off” so to speak.

The property will then by default, will turn back to its previous time dimension and this is where we sometimes see great hauntings of a property, as the property begins to replay back its previous history as it copes with the present.

The frozen cycle on this particular Casino Constanta started in the early 80’s which I calculated according to its construction period. At this time, occupants would have felt these affects, as by 1990 the property was abandoned. Since then the property has fallen into complete disrepair and now it seems to be a home of pigeons.

Photographer Romain Veillon Image by Daily Mail

Photographer Romain Veillon Image by Daily Mail

Among many other things, frozen cycles do attract the abandonment of a property as a common occurrence, they often have a severe impact on the occupants if they live there. 

For example the Winter Palace of St Petersburg in Russia went through a 20 year frozen cycle (one of the most severe cycles), during this time all the Tsars were executed, and a whole royal family wiped out in history.

Even though the Tsars were not killed at the Winter Palace when they died, the building still was considered their official residence and therefore had a great impact on their livelihoods due to the power of symbology.

That is why it is important for Romania to make the investment in restoration process of the Casino. The building symbolically has a great presence over the area because of its opulence, size and history.

Photographer Romain Veillon

Photographer Romain Veillon

In a way it is blameless that Casino Constanta remains abandoned, as buildings going through such severe frozen cycles, often bring incredibly bad fortune to the occupants who live there or are associated with it  (as we saw with the Tsars of Russia). Usually it is better to just wait it out. There are feng shui remedies which can help to reverse these disturbances and this would require substantial work.

After 2023 we'll see more positive influences emerge around Casino Constanta as it steps out of a very long and extended frozen cycle. The feng shui suggests also there could be developments/changes in 2017, especially 2018 and 2019, we may see some improvements here, in these particular years. Although 2019 there are some further disturbances/challenges. Anyone who works on the building in this year, should take extra care of their health.

Photographer Romain Veillon by the Daily Mail

Photographer Romain Veillon by the Daily Mail

When was feng shui renewal? According to the construction period there would be a prosperity period associated with the property, this is what I call feng shui renewal.

However with this particular property, feng shui renewal has not emerged just yet, and will not for many decades. According to the construction period, it is telling us, that the prosperity period was right at the beginning of its life between 1910 and 1924. After this time the property would have fallen into a declining phase, a slow diminishing affect.

This property does not favor luck to do with wealth or assets, instead this property seems to value travel and people over anything else. How I determine this, is a specific mathematical calculation in feng shui which I won't go into for now.

Therefore, if the property is restored, there should be more of an emphasis to travel, people and relationships for the business to succeed, otherwise too much of a focus on the greed of money and this will cause many problems. Only a genuine buyer who wants to see the country restored and bring happiness to the people, someone who perhaps is involved in cultural affairs would be appropriate. Otherwise a buyer with too much focus on making a financial investment out of this place, most likely it will cause disappointment. 

In particular this property does have special affinity with cards and it also loves those who play with the law, such as lawyers, barristers, politicians and those especially who are wealthy men who love to travel a lot.  Once it escapes the frozen cycle in 2023, it may be quite nice to see it as an exclusive hotel/part casino.

(It was recently after writing this article, when I asked my father if he knew anything about the Casino Constanta in Romania? He replied back quite surprisingly that he use to go there, when he was young man! I was quite shocked. I asked him what he was doing there, he replied back "I was chasing up the beautiful women". He explained to me that back in those days, the Casino was not open to the public or to commoners, they weren't allowed in, it was very strict that it was only open to those wealthy business men from overseas. I suppose this kind of fits in with my earlier observation, that the feng shui is telling us it prefers wealthy men who love to travel a lot ).

Another thing that was forgotten right from the very start of the Casino coming into existence is a missing Pearl, a giant one.

The major focal point of the entire building, is an oyster shell, yet there is no pearl ever depicted throughout the architecture. When you think about it, from a symbolical perspective, the reason why oysters are so valuable, is because of the highly prized Pearl. Without a pearl, a shell means nothing, it is just an empty shell. As it was that the destiny around the property ended up to be very much that, an empty shell.

The Pearl is the epitome of prosperity for this particular property, yet this symbol has always been missing from the building. I would like to see a giant sized pearl erected and fixed inside the shell shaped wall, in the theater.

Photographer Romain Veillon  by the Daily Mail

Photographer Romain Veillon  by the Daily Mail

What also may be quite pleasant, which I thought up of, is a giant water feature the shape of an open oyster shell (made of gold) with a giant pearl inside, spurting water. This could be placed in front of the property as people approach it, and a smaller identical water feature, inside its foyer to greet customers. 

Photographer Romain Veillon by the Daily Mail

Photographer Romain Veillon by the Daily Mail

Remember always that Casino Constanta prizes people over any money or assets, people are what it adores the most. As said, the property likes especially men whom like to travel much, those whom may have a tie to the legal or political world, are a bit eccentric or love to move around a lot.

Remember any business associated with this place, if it fails to place importance on people and relationships over money and assets, it will bring about much unhappiness. 

It is not a place that attracts great wealth in the way of money, however if "wealth" means to you people, happiness, socialising, entertainment, tourism, travel, community, arts and culture, may be then you are suited to this property (but only expect good times after 2023).

To finish off the article, I leave you with a poem I wrote about the pack of cards....


If you look at a pack of cards and see, there is a certain mystery

For there it is, you will find, the most precious history, of mankind

Hiding there, is a secret fiddle, which when played, sounds like a riddle

Not many know, to re-count the cards disorder, as it takes a fine hand to rearrange them in order

But when done, those who know to read its secrets, will find the answers to the world sequence


Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella October 2016


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