Are ghosts real?

by Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella 2016

In my opinion ghosts are a very rare occurence, however they do happen from time to time.

However the way in which they exist, is not the way that you might think.

Ghosts are always associated with being within a closed internal space. They are not often associated with an experience outside, in nature or in an external environment. 

So when you think about, the reason why they may be there, is because of the property itself.

Ghosts are usually not generating themselves, they are not real and do not exist in our time dimension, however they somehow appear because the property is “turning them on” so to speak.

For example the property is behaving like a DVD player and replaying back events and people who were associated with the previous time dimension of the property. These affects are being generated from malfunctioning forces occurring from the center of the home, where the “power centers" are.

There is a feng shui remedy I use, in the center of the property which can help to "switch the button off". How could a building though trigger an occurrence, as buildings are not living organisms?

Think about it this way, all properties to a certain extent, will also 'house' the magnetic energy most strongly associated with it's construction period. In a way it has it's own 'soul' so to speak.

A home can become haunted due to a 20 year frozen cycle on a property. This phase is calculated by knowing the construction period. When a property goes through this phase, the current time dimension that we are in right now, gets turned off within the property. 

Because the current time dimension is turned off, this itself turns back on, the property’s previous time dimension (the past)

Or the property will resort to the period of time, in the history of the home, which was the liveliest. The property then begins to "replay" back old people, situations and events from this time.

Sometimes these "play backs" are able to interact with us as we have partly stepped into their time dimension, by entering the property in the first place.

That is why, when Nikola Tesla said that he believed time travel was possible by opening a door, as opposed to Einstein's impossible theory at having to travel at the speed of light, of both scientists, I believe Tesla. 

Properties can still become haunted without entering a frozen cycle, due to other factors which I won’t go into. What can cause the occurrence to be extreme, is when there is no movement in a home and when the energy in a home is far too still, if left long enough this can create a haunted home. Especially if the property is abandoned.

In abandoned homes, because there is no movement inside the home and because there is not enough of the current time dimension circulating within the home, the property is forced to resort back to it’s previous time dimension (by default). The longer it stays abandoned, the stronger this previous time dimension will accumulate within the property (ie. the property will become more haunted). I suppose this is a bit like an old lonely man, remembering and reflecting back on his previous life.

Because the property feels alone in a way too, it also seems to have it's own conscious, that it reflects on it's previous life in order to cope with the present.

So with haunted homes it is also like being in a time capsule. Often haunted homes where nothing can be remedied, where the property stays haunted for a significant time, usually have a clustered constructional configuration in the center of property's construction plan, making it difficult "to turn that button off" so to speak. 

It is not wise to enter homes which are quite haunted and have been abandoned a long time.  I personally believe it is dangerous and has an impact on your health, especially if you are pregnant. The reason being that you are surrounded so much by another magnetic energy from another time frame which overpowers magnetic energy, flowing from your own body, at the present time frame. Most people can’t handle to see or witness a ghost anyway. 

Like me, you may be able to create resistance by alternating the frequency in your body by manipulating your emotions and mood at a very high level. This is a bit like a chicken and egg scenario, without being exposed to a ghost or some supernatural experience in the first place, you cannot create that high level of resistance. I suppose this is bit like immunity against a virus.

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