Gosford Hospital Feng Shui Renewal

by Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella, Central Coast NSW Australia cleverwolffengshui@gmail.com


In 2016 the Year of the Monkey, Gosford Public Hospital on the Central Coast NSW Australia received a $368 million dollar renovation.  

Has this got anything to do with Feng Shui Renewal? Yes it has!

What is Feng Shui Renewal?

In previous articles I’ve spoken about how a building will go through a renewal period which can range from a year to a few years to a decade or more.

We can find out when these periods will occur with calendars well in advance.

During this time the way in which the renewal period will manifest itself could either be symbolically, in the occupant’s life such as a promotion or physically such as a renovation. Sometimes it is a bit of both. It is all about prosperity!

Previous examples I’ve presented were on the dilapidated and run-down Highclere Castle, when it passed through the renewal period it received dramatic restoration work for the onset of tv series that would be filmed there – Downtown Abbey. The occupants during this period received added height and promotion as well.

Another example I presented was Grand Mansion Duff House, when the feng shui renewal period occurred (which was between 1904 to 1923), from 1908 and 1913 Duff House was renovated into an exclusive hotel for wealthy people, and a new golf course arose behind the property adding to it’s attraction and the wealthy guests that stayed. After this time it transformed into a luxurious health spa and Dr Spriggs became extremely successful in his work. Just before 1923 (the year in which feng shui renewal ended on that property) he left and relocated his practice.

We can find out when the Feng Shui Renewal period will most likely occur in which period of time, by looking at the construction period of the property and comparing it with calendars.

Another type of Feng Shui Renewal period is by looking at the property’s sitting direction – the direction of the property which backs up and supports the occupants. The most important direction of a property.

Gosford Hospital SITS in the Monkey and Rooster Directions, these are compass directions governing all magnetic co-ordinates of the West Degrees.

When we pass through Years which govern the Monkey and Rooster, most likely there will be a renewal effect which will occur on the property of Gosford Hospital.

I have been aware of the feng shui at Gosford Hospital for a long time, because, in the year of 2014, the month of June, my father after undergoing many serious health problems, ended up being admitted to Gosford Hospital in an ambulance, after losing too much blood.

I remember after a few days of him being in a coma, being pulled aside by the doctor into a small room in ICU with the counsellor who politely and regrettably told me that there was a high chance that my father would pass away and there wasn’t much they could do. In fact not many hospital staff believed that he would live and the doctor admitted to me he was dying.

This was when I decided to analyse Gosford Hospital and study it from feng shui perspective. I went everywhere throughout the hospital, all its corridors, up and down its elevator, outside it and all around it and looked at it in detail. Sometimes we can find clues in the feng shui of a building that may give us an indication or hint as to the destiny of a particular person.

After my calculations in 2014, the feng shui of Gosford Hospital concluded from my perspective that my father would live. It wasn’t something I conjured up to make myself feel better, however the calculations really did conclude this remarkably.

Despite the calculation, I didn’t want to believe it as my father was in such a horrible state, he already looked like a dead corpse and it was just a machine keeping him alive, all I could do was wait for the worst. In fact I was embarrassed that I had performed a calculation that said something about my father’s status that was completely different to the doctor's prognosis. 

During the time, I told my family about the feng shui of Gosford hospital and they didn’t seem to care that much about my calculation and fobbed it off. Instead they were all depressingly getting ready for him to die. A tiny bit of hope remained within me because of my feng shui analysis which I held to tightly.

A few days later, my father extraordinarily made an improvement, he awoke from his coma and was discharged 2 weeks later. Today he still lives. Many hospital staff were shocked and couldn’t believe that he had survived.

It was during this time in June 2014, when my father was there, that I also noticed that Gosford Hospital would go through a Feng Shui Renewal in 2016/2017 the Monkey Year and Rooster Year due to its sitting direction.

At the time of 2014, I remember clearly wondering to myself what would happen to Gosford Hospital in 2016 and 2017? I wondered what type of Feng Shui Renewal would take place or if it would happen at all?

A year later after thinking about this, I read in a 2015 news article, Gosford Hospital would receive a 368 million dollar renovation during 2016 and 2017. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it.

At this present time, in 2016, Gosford Hospital is enduring much renovation and there has been ample construction work going on, as I walk past there during the week of recent, I notice all the big machines and the many workers who are labouring during Feng Shui Renewal.

I suppose the everyday person, would just see construction going on, but to me I see feng shui renewal take place around the hospital. I suppose it is like looking at a rose that blooms slowly.

Yes, Gosford Hospital is blossoming like a rose, and it is good feng shui that they also have an amazing rose garden just outside the Hospital Library where you can see roses the size of a giant’s fist.

Because Gosford Hospital sits in the Monkey and Rooster direction, the luckiest time of the day at this hospital is in the Monkey and Rooster hours, that is between 3 pm to 5 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm. These are good times to do business, make an announcement or initiate something. Although these times are also very general and not individualised. These times are also subject to change due to the axis of the earth's tilt, which I calculate as I am a perfectionist. 

Monkey and Rooster also govern the late afternoon and evening, this is peach blossom or romance hour. In a way the hospital is backed up by energies to do with great romance and love however it may only present itself, from time to time, on the rare occasion to those who are truly worthy of it, as a hospital is a serious place and not a place of recreation.. 

When a property goes through the renewal phase, its main focus is to purify itself. Its not something you often notice, however during the renovation, often employees who were causing too many problems or those people who were not looking out for the hospital community and were instead perhaps only looking after themselves, sometimes we see these people losing their jobs or they may be transferred.

Sometimes we also see something get exposed or something is revealed about someone or a situation. It’s an uncovering affect. Something that may have been buried for a while comes to the surface, or something that was hiding is now un-hiding. This can be something incredibly dire or something incredibly valuable. 

Any rubbish that took place before may be wiped out clear symbolically, mentally, emotionally, physically or even spiritually. Maybe someone was saying something about a person or situation, and you discovered they were lying to you the whole time and all those things they said about that person were not true.

Hospital staff may find these influences affect their personal lives, they may want to cut out something in their lives or end something that was bothering them, wanting to start new again, like a new relationship or new job or career etc.

Sometimes a phase like this will also again bring about something that was originally placed on the back burner or pushed aside and this may be brought to the surface. So for example, if there was a job you wanted to be promoted in the past, you may be promoted now.

Or if there was a person you admired from the distance, or were attracted to from the distance in the past, however they were beyond your reach, maybe this time they are more within reach, than they were before. 

An extreme renovation like this can also attract an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, most instances it is unwise to go back because they represent old energy which may have not bared any fruit so to speak. People like this are obstacles, they are like trees, mounds and older buildings in the way, they must be taken down first in order for the new building to go up.  If ties weren't clearly cut with the ex, they may present themselves so you can cut the ties again, and this time more completely.

Otherwise without doing this first you cannot properly start something new. Like with any new building, any obstruction must be taken down first, otherwise the new person or situation will not stay. 

Sometimes there is the exception with an ex, however that person (or yourself) would have to mirror the same changes within themselves that Gosford Hospital is going through for it to work. Don't be fooled those drastic changes are occurring when they are not. Drastic changes are not a common occurrence and most likely they haven't changed.

There can also be other people, other than ex's who will act as an obstacle and interference to new ventures or relationships (personal or professional), it is only to test the will of a person and to make something new stronger, fortifying it's foundations.

If you are in a solid relationship that has never really fallen apart before, you may find that there are more challenges around the relationship during the renovation or there may be simply many more new positive happenings going on within your relationship as you share your life together - it could be overwhelming. 

During an extreme renovation it can sometimes attract the ending of a long-term relationship, especially if there were issues.

Sometimes this phase will work against you and your career is disrupted in some way or another. You might have second thoughts about your career. You might feel like giving up or starting completely new elsewhere.

A property going through this phase, sometimes has it’s own power of eliminating those individuals or energies it doesn’t want. I suppose it is also like an unhappy person getting rid of all the nonsense in their life, and wanting to start new again, strong and fresh.

In 2016 and 2017 it is an important time to take notice and reflect on the spirit of Gosford Hospital, it has a history and has been around for a long time. It is important during the renovation that the hospital continues to preserve it’s past history in some way or another. Currently they already have old photographs displayed in a panoramic way, on the wall of its staff from histories gone by.

If you've made it down to reading until the end of this article congratulations! 

During a consultation I am actually able to find exactly how Feng Shui Renewal will affect you. This article pointed out many factors from a general perspective, with an individual I can usually narrow this down, to one or two factors.

Feng Shui Consultant Gabriella, Central Coast NSW Australia
can be contacted at cleverwolffengshui@gmail.com