Mel Gibson Prediction Update 2016

by Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Gabriella, 8th of Jan, 2016

The type of prediction tool I use is rare and not many fortune tellers know about it. It often has the ability to reveal a lot more detail. It has the reputation for being surprisingly accurate.

I certainly wouldn't have studied it for so long if it wasn't accurate and it is the only prediction tool I have confidence in. 

Mel Gibson was born with Heavenly influences which most celebrities and stars are born with. He was also born with God’s Heavenly secondary chief next to him. This is a super combination, the combination of a King in his own right and it also means, the 'power of god' seems to run quite strongly within him, more than most celebrities or even religious icons.

We see a lot of bad publicity around Mel Gibson these days, I always believe it is because the competing film studios (which own much of the media) are threatened by his power and success. 

I am not sure how catholic he is however, you see, I don’t like to write about religious people because in the bible it says, that one must not seek the advice of fortune tellers and the bible associates this activity with sin. I will say that the bible has been altered 14,800 times. And just like with all written records, they have been tampered with by the rich and the elite of the many ages to gain control over populations.

I chose to write a brief one on Mel because after writing updates on Schwarzenegger and Damon, literally the next day I had a dream about Mel Gibson, which showed that I should write an update on him too, so here it is.

Overview of Mel

Mel Gibson was destined to succeed, become affluent, achieve extreme wealth, fame and fortune. He does not have the profile of a common person. He was also destined to have a career in the entertainment industries. He possesses the profile of an individual who is multi-talented and is very resourceful, this is, might I emphasise, a very kind and very special person, with a very pleasant and intelligent nature. A very, very special man indeed.

However he was born with a hidden fire temperament which denotes sometimes fierce, steadfast and firm personality. These energies occur in his 'Soul Sector' (where we see what one is made of). This, if not controlled can turn out to be severe, to lose one’s cool. However, powerful leaders need to have an edge to rule and lead others, this comes with the territory.

With this hidden fire element, if one loses one's cool, Mel Gibson should wear the colour blue and perhaps pop in the pool for a swim every now and then. This way he may be able to control that fire, if out of hand (not a heated spa).

I wonder if Mel already knows about using colours, look at this picture below, he is even wearing blue sports shoes (see below)!

There are some other techniques I could use to help with his fire problem. For a client like Mel Gibson, he would have to learn to accept a different avenue, this may be difficult if he is very religious.

On Spouse and Relationships

Mel’s romantic relationships are marked by permanent influences which suggest unstable energies in a relationship, often you would not advise this person to get married, as these forces can attract third parties and sometimes scandalous behaviour.

That energy is too lively and social, however, a women can marry him if she is very spiritual or religious as this will control and cancel out those energies.

It also says that there is a chance to attract someone, honest, loyal, and faithful, despite the conflicting influences. There is also a great reference to someone who is multi-talented and who has great literary and artistic talent.

There is also a strong major indication of attracting the opposite sex through a Health related industry or someone who works in a profession to do with well-being and healing. This is because romantic energies significantly occur in his area of Health.

We saw Robyn Moore, who was a Nurse married to Mel for 28 years. I heard once through media sources that Robyn Moore supported charities for sick children. When we have romantic energies occurring in our area of Health, it can mean that the spouse will be involved significantly in health in one way or another. With Robyn Moore, because of her financial contribution and presence in such charities, she takes on the role of 'healer', one could say that her "career" is still actually health. 

It is always desirable for Mel to seek a lady who works in a health industry, at any stage of his life, as most likely he will get the affection and intimacy that he so desires. Health related professions may be, a doctor, a naturopath, a herbalist, a healer of some kind. If he had been born in ancient times, he may have married a Medicine Women. Health also covers sports professionals, athletes and alternative types of health related industries.

However, there is a new, romantic and flirtatious energy which occurred in 2008 and lasts until 2017, this occurred in his area of off-spring and children. This means he will be very attracted to women who are very very young. He may not be able to control this because such women may be very attracted to him at this time, and perhaps make their own advances towards him. These influences are in extreme opposition to his spouse and symbols which represent more permanent romantic relationships. This configuration can also mean a child born, who'll oppose more long-term relationships.

We saw what happened over the last 10 years with Mel and I do not have to explain as it was all very publicised. We even saw in the media last year, a nice young lady, around 25 who he had been dating of recent.

In 2016 Mel Gibson’s ability to attract a younger lady and find great romance will be heightened and this person may be connected to a work situation. There is also higher chance to attract someone who may have something to do with health or healing (this can be a doctor, a nurse, a herbalist or a sports professional etc or something along the lines of health). He may be attracted to someone in this industry a lot more in 2016. However I see Mel concentrating on his career and I don’t think a serious relationship or marriage would be a good idea, yet that romantic energy is there and very present in 2016. He may very well fall in love.

These flirtatious and romantic energies in his children area, which occurred in 2008 and lasting until 2017, as said will be heightened in 2016. However please note, these energies which suggest attraction to women who are a lot younger than himself, are in extreme opposition to Mel's more long-term romantic relationships. I do not advise him to get married in 2016 or to enter serious long-term relationship (not until 2018 or after that time).

Last year in 2015 there was a similar influence (not as strong), however there was more emphasis to the physical beauty of that person.

In 2018 and but mostly after that time, brings Mel better luck to do with long-term relationships and the opposite sex. At this time, there is an emphasis to romantic relationships connecting to his career or occupation (the romantic flirtatious energy in his children sector which was there for 10 years will have disappeared by that time). It would be better for Mel to wait until that time (2018) to initiate something more serious, if not things could turn out to be disastrous or unsuccessful.

Last year in 2015, there was a focus on Mel's real estate and making money or focusing on finances, things to do with wealth storage. Next year in 2016 there is more emphasis to his career and vocation.

Another thing I might mention is his children. With Mel Gibson it shows that god bestowed to him much luck to do with offspring. When we look at the male offspring in his profile, there are no significant negative influences around it. However upon viewing the female offspring, there is extreme conflict and turmoil. We all know the conflict surrounding Mel Gibson's eighth child (Lucia Gibson) with second ex-partner Oksana. Mel has six sons and one daughter from the previous marriage. 

Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Gabriella Jan 8th, 2015
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