Wood and Earth are Birth

Image by Planlop88 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image by Planlop88 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

by Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Gabriella

In main-stream classical flying star feng shui, there are 5 elements Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth, however I believe this isn’t completely correct. There are also other Mystery Elements that most feng shui practitioners don’t know of, as it is not taught in any feng shui school of the western world or in any written resource.

In main-stream Feng Shui, we are only taught the 5 elements and that they have three cycles in which they operate together in sequence: The Supportive Cycle, The Weakening Cycle and the Controlling Cycle.

The Supportive Cycle, is the most Basic well known cycle in flying star feng shui. However I am not in complete agreement of the Supportive Cycle for it says that Water supports Wood - while this is true, it is not the complete truth, as we all know plants need nutrients from the ground and water alone isn't enough to support plant life.

What do they say then, about the relationship between Earth (Soil) and Wood in main-stream feng shui? In the ‘Weakening Cycle’ of the Five Elements, Earth (Soil) "weakens" Wood or Wood "weakens" Earth (Soil). However when you really think about it, Earth (Soil) is the very substance that gives life to Wood (Plants and trees) - this does not make sense! The supportive relationship between these two elements which is so very important, is not highlighted in any of the various cycles.

No where in the various Cycles, does it demonstrate, this life giving productive relationship between Earth (Soil) and Wood (Plants) - yet this is the most obvious outstanding one and the most important one for planet earth.

Not the only discrepancy I find in the supposed "Cycles" in mainstream feng shui, as there are other elements I find which do not completely match up and I won't go into for now.

One must realise, through the course of history and even ancient history, many countries and their elite had control over what was written, so therefore any historical record, stating principles on feng shui, may not be completely correct. No matter how old these records might be, one cannot take such sources as true gospel.

Most feng shui practitioners whom have been practicing for many years don't bother to question this and continue well into their careers without ever paying attention to something that is so very obvious - simply because they are following their Masters. Might I emphasis the word 'following'!

I will say that the elements in feng shui should correspond nicely with the laws of science and biology. 

Some individuals may tell you that no Westerner can truly be a feng shui consultant or master, because Westerners do not understand Chinese language and therefore cannot read the old chinese historical records. But this is not important because as mentioned, many countries and their elite, since ancient times had control over what was written.

In regards to my previous point, in finding the truth it is not always in knowing how to read some text, but really how to see something that cannot be seen.

Some Chinese people like to believe that they are the superior race because of their rich history and un-matched philosophy and astrology. My personal belief is they are not the superior race.

If any one individual was ever close to being the superior race, we should look at Nikola Tesla - a supremely gifted scientist who basically invented the 20th century, in fact technology without him wouldn't have achieved so many leaps and bounds, to this very day.

Was he Chinese? No he was not, he came from former Yugoslavia and was European. To me he is the True Master. What made him so brilliant was that he studied Indian, Eastern and Chinese philosophies and religions.

By Feng Shui Consultant and Investigator Gabriella cleverwolffengshui@gmail.com

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