Clever Wolf Feng Shui Agreement & Policy

Thank you for making an enquiry to consult Gabriella, however it is essential that you read the agreement and policy before making a final decision.


Confidentiality Agreement to Protect Trade Secrets

By agreeing to seek services provided by Clever Wolf Feng Shui, you also agree not to disclose any privileged information released by Clever Wolf Feng Shui and its owner Gabriella to its competitors, subsidiaries, other parties, organisations, groups or other individuals known professionally or personally to you whether that be by a friend, relative, associate, colleague, peer, manager, superior, boss, acquaintance, someone you do business with or an anonymous individual or stranger.

Privileged Information (Trade Secrets)

The client agrees not to communicate or share information about any techniques or methods Gabriella uses, whether that be communicated by conversation, letter, testimonial, email, phone, media, recording or by any other electronic methods or device, or other means, to another person or to another group of individuals, as highlighted in the previous clause, in regards to the following (privately, openly or publicly):

a.       your property and its architectural rendering with information Gabriella has produced along side it or with it.

b.      any diagrams Gabriella has produced of your home or copies made from these, such as hand-drawn diagrams based on her models or electronic copies

c.       Gabriella's own perception on the feng shui community

d.      Definition of the elements in feng shui and what they all mean

e.      Any remedies or enhancements that Gabriella may recommend

f.        Describe the type of profiling method that Gabriella instruments in her consultation.

g.       Distribute or reveal any other material Gabriella produces as a result of her consultation whether that be in true form, photocopy or by other means.

h.      Have anyone else present at the property during the consultation, who is not included in the consultation, unless under special circumstances such as a physician.

i.         Any other research conducted by Clever Wolf Feng Shui that may be revealed to you.


General Terms of Communication

You may communicate in very general terms towards other individuals personally or openly without revealing in detail, for example in testimonials:

“Gabriella uses a different system other feng shui consultants don’t use” (the person doesn’t described the system she uses however briefly mentions it)

“Gabriella used a remedy which enhanced this part of my life” (doesn’t identify actual remedy or describe it)

“Gabriella knew what was affecting me in a specific point in time by looking at my date of birth” (however doesn’t describe how she knew the information).

“Gabriella has a higher understanding of elements “(doesn’t reveal or mention the elements or what they are)

Even for any negative reviews, restriction on communicating these trade secrets, must also stand by this agreement.


Confidentiality of Client Information:


Gabriella at Clever Wolf Feng Shui protects and ensures the privacy of all client information which will not be shared, disclosed or sold to any subsidiaries, any individual, other parties, groups or organisations, under any circumstances for the following:


1.       Your name and identity

2.       Your address and where you live

3.       Your date of birth

4.       Your consultation and what was involved

5.       Any photographs or diagrams of your home

6.       Any other personal details about you and your property

7.       Any written material Gabriella produces as a result of her consultation with you including any imagery, such as illustrations.


Questionnaire and Privacy:

Clever Wolf Feng Shui implements a Questionnaire to all clients wishing to seek a reading. This Questionnaire asks certain questions such as, any experience you may have had with other feng shui consultants.

Your name and any other personal information, such as your date of birth and address, will never be used, or exposed alongside statistics, obtained from these questionnaires.

These questionnaires are solely there to gain feedback on customer satisfaction felt in the feng shui community as a whole expressed in figures, for Gabriella's own personal use.


Payment Information:



Full payment needs to be received within 3 days of your appointment day, otherwise Gabriella will automatically cancel the appointment.


Should you wish to cancel:

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours notice or more, all payments are returned to you via your bank account within 3 business days, with no charges.

However, should the appointment be cancelled by yourself within 24 hours or less, all payments are returned minus $100 booking fee.


Absentee Policy:

For Local Customers, if you are not home within 1 hour when Gabriella arrives on the day of your appointment, all monies again will be returned within 3 business day minus $100 booking fee for taking up her time (unless of course under very special circumstances where she may choose to wait longer). 

Should this be an International/Interstate request, only 50% of the consultation fee will be returned. Upon arrival into your country for an international request, and Gabriella cannot contact you within 12 hours, she will not attempt to visit the property and will be on the next flight home, likewise only 50% of the fee you have paid, will be returned to you. 

If you make more than 3 appointments and cancel or fail to show up for each of these, Gabriella may decline to offer you a reading in the future.

Should Gabriella be absent from your property on the day of the appointment due to her own conflicting schedule, you can chose to reschedule another time or your money will be returned immediately within 3 business days.

If Gabriella decides not to consult you for any reason she sees fit, your full payment will be returned within 3 business days of her decision to do so, via your bank account and there will be no charges. 


Direct Deposit Details:


×     Gabriella does not accept eftpos or cheque.

:-)   Gabriella does accept cash and deposit


Money Back Guarantee (50%)

If you are not happy with the consultation after it was performed, Gabriella agrees to give 50% back of your consultation fee.

This does not include already a discounted price which has been personally discounted for you already (including the half price deal for being a repeat customer).

Since Gabriella does not see her service as a product, she cannot give full 100% monies back as she has already disclosed her information assets, provided advice, a service and has invested her time.

50% money back will be deposited within 3 business days to a bank account, a decision you must make 24 hours after the consultation, which must also be outlined in an email.

Terms and Conditions

Right to decline provision of services: Gabriella of Clever Wolf Feng Shui reserves the right to decline for lawful purposes, entry into all programs and readings/feng shui consultations offered by her in connection with the provision of her services in relation to her business, and may do so at her compete discretion. A lawful purpose for rejection of the provision of services by Gabriella of Clever Wolf Feng Shui – although not limited may include clients who do or might possibly pose risks or threat to the proper administration of the provision undertaken by Gabriella.

Definition section/Provision of Services: For the purpose of the ‘Right to Decline Provision of Services’ – provision of services is taken to include astrological readings and interpretation, feng shui consultancy, advice and answering of questions put forward by clients and matters related to feng shui, Chinese Metaphysics, spiritualism and any other matter related to feng shui principles.

Right to Decline: For the purpose of ‘Right to Decline Provision of Services’ – right to decline is taken to include rejection of a feng shui consultancy or program run by Gabriella notwithstanding that the relevant monies have been paid. Upon of the return of the monies to the person in question and before the complete provision of services in question have been undertaken, Gabriella may decline to provide services earlier agreed upon.

In other words, should Gabriella find any reason in which she does not wish to consult you, all monies paid earlier (100%), will be paid back to you within 3 business days to your nominated bank account. 

Unique 3 digit code for security purposes

You will be given a unique 3 digit code for security purposes, Gabriella may request that you provide her this same code in the future should you become a repeat customer.

This code also helps to identify false customers. If an individual wishes to write a false review on Clever Wolf Feng Shui, such as the web or a forum, and such persons are not able to provide a unique and valid 3 digit code after repeatedly made efforts to establish the identity of the person, such evidence may be used against such person(s) of legal nature, involving slander which is damaging to Gabriella’s business, should Clever Wolf  find out the person wasn't a genuine customer. Whether such persons be a competitor or working with her competitor, please be careful about writing false reviews on Clever Wolf Feng Shui.

For those genuine clients, please make sure to keep your 3 digit code safe, as this code helps to identify you as a genuine client.

Alternatively you can use a word and a hint.

Permission to contact

Thank you for taking the time to read this agreement and policy.

If you wish to refer someone in the future, please do not disclose my mobile, instead please provide my email address


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