Knowing the Difference between Advanced and Average (or "Basic")

Don't waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a feng shui consultation until you read the below:

Many people don't realise that there are many levels and advanced levels of feng shui that have existed since ancient times. There are many schools of feng shui which contradict one another and many which are simplified. Some like to say that this is just a different interpretation. 

Many of these schools have tampered with to disguise more accurate versions. 

Today the most revered versions at the highest level, remain unpublished and only a mystery to most. There are courses that claim to reveal the most precious systems however I don't believe any of them really do. Deeper levels can only really be found by ones own research as it is a highly guarded secret.

Here are some aspects most likely you should expect from someone who is an average/basic consultant or someone who might be conning you.


1) Lacking in Individual approach:

Most feng shui consultants, some of which have been practicing for years, will only take in a person's year or month of birth, known as your feng shui number or KUA number or trigram. It may sound personalised to you because they make ask for your entire birth details, however they are not really making a proper calculation.

I know this to be a fact as I have studied many resources on feng shui and have hired feng shui consultants even to my own home. This occurred in the past, before I ever became a consultant myself  or ever talked about it publicly on the internet.

One in particular, was an Oriental Consultant, was an advanced/accredited feng shui consultant, who was appearing quite high on google listings and was charging more than $500 for a consultation!  As well as this person and others I hired at the time, they all used my 'feng shui number' as a reference point and the 'East/West' System. I regard these methods as too broad and not personalised enough for the individual. 

To perform a more individualised reading, a lot more has to be determined about an individual. Unfortunately most feng shui consultants do not know how to do this as it is not published anywhere or openly taught to anyone. 

Worse than this, some feng shui consultants will give the same directions to everyone without an individual approach, for example, everyone has the same marriage direction, the same wealth direction etc.

2) Interior Designers & Feng Shui  Service Description:

Some interior designer who has no understanding of Feng Shui Concepts at all and yet uses the name 'Feng Shui' in their service description. Feng Shui  is a complex art-form which links geomancy with science, takes in the time dimension with the construction year and is thousands of years old. 

3) Not Much Explanation/False Claims:

May perform a Flying Star Feng Shui Reading which involves calculating the construction period and the exact facing degrees. Most main-stream feng shui schools that teach this system, in my belief are teaching versions which are partly flawed and have been tampered with. 

Some feng shui consultants claim to be able to change your life with feng shui!

You cannot change your life that much, as there are other forces at play that determine our consequences than just soley our own actions or any type of house. However you can become more aware of where you are in a specific point in time and take advantage of a particular energy if applicable. 

4) Simplified feng shui:

Will conduct simplified feng shui method such as the Bagua School. This school which involves assigning a decor theme to each magnetic sector of the house which is the same for everybody. For instance, North is Water, so the north area of the property will be given an emphasis on water themes, blues, water features etc. Specific energies occurring in your house are a lot more complex than this and require advanced calculations.

5) Oblivious to External Considerations:

Will not consider the external environment or pay much attention to it.

6) Gimmicky Remedies:

Will  suggest remedies and justify them only from only a superstitious point of view. Or their remedies may be very gimmicky or not involve much effort for instance, placing a lucky talisman on the door nob. 

7) Only Rely On Whats Taught To Them By Others:

Will only rely on books and information taught to them by Feng Shui Schools and other Learning Resources on Feng Shui. They will not question methods or do their own research, therefore it will take them many years until their old and grey to discover more accurate versions. Even then they may not know! 

Advanced Feng Shui Consultant:

1) Wide Understanding:

Will understand many different Feng Shui Schools and methods however through experience will know which ones are more genuine than the others. Will have done their own research and rely on their experience from many different case studies, possessing information not taught at most feng shui schools.

2) Genuine and Advanced Knowledge:

 Will understand more advanced levels of Flying Star Feng Shui and other more advanced systems and be able to demonstrate to you with their knowledge.

3) Very Individual Approach:

Will not just use your Feng Shui Number, which is found by looking at the Feng Shui calendar. However an Advanced Consultant will look deeper at who you are with a more advanced calculation. So there is a deeper level here in regards to the analysis of the property and person which takes on  a more individualised approach. 

4) External Environment:

Will consider the external environment surrounding your property and be able to explain to you any significant influence it may have on the occupant.