Meet Feng Shui Master Gabriella

Feng Shui Master Gabriella is 34 years old, while she may appear young, she is far more wiser and older in her years and certainly possesses advanced knowledge into chinese metaphysics in comparison to others practicing in the western world, those whom may even be twice her age, or whom may carry heavy reputations. 

She is the daughter of a highly reputable Civil Engineer, her father, and on her mother's side, are those who came from a long line of Lighthouse Engineers.

Born in Europe and raised in Australia, both sides of her family in the last 150 years can be traced back to Britain, Chicago, Detroit, Canada (Winnipeg) and former Yugoslavia (Montenegro). She does not share any oriental blood lines and her ancestors were of Caucasian decent. 

Her mother's family share links with Birmingham and Devon in England (those who were of English descent), her great grandfather John Conroy Senior, Esquire who was awarded in 1960 with a honor of knighthood medal by the Queen for his work at the Macquarie Lighthouse in Vaucluse, Sydney and for all lighthouses he oversaw, covering the wide stretching coast of NSW throughout his life. He was also a Master Mason.

Master Gabriella is located on the Central Coast, NSW Australia and has studied feng shui for over a decade.

She holds an Advanced Diploma in Feng Shui, holds qualifications in a variety of areas and presently studies a Bachelor of Science (as a leisurely pursuit).

She came across the mysterious art of Feng Shui when she was 19 years old. During that time, by mere co-incidence she came across a second-hand book store, where at the very top of a mountain of books, there was an old book on flying star feng shui.

Since then she has studied many different forms of home geomancy.

Master Gabriella is keenly interested in topics of Feng Shui Discrepancy and Feng Shui for Castles, being very curious about feng shui for ancient buildings and structures.

Through this and her own selective but curious perception, she has uncovered many feng shui flaws which shed light on just how conflicting feng shui ideas, methods and views have become.

Most people and many feng shui professionals don't realise. Others like to say this is just a different interpretation, however she prefers to look deeper.

She is of the belief quite strongly, that main-stream feng shui ideologies and practices do not invoke the genuine forms from the ancient past, which are preciously hidden away from any one who may seek it.

This has been the case for hundreds of years and most likely will never change. This means that those whom may practice in the western world, (including those whom are supposedly "accredited") or whom even may carry reputations, in her opinion, do not necessarily know about these genuine and more hidden forms of geomancy.

In her opinion, if they did, they wouldn't market themselves to the extent that they had and would be happy to remain on the back pages of google.

In her opinion also, for the reasons mentioned above, AND also since it is an UNREGULATED industry, no accredited feng shui school or feng shui course certified by the Australian government, should exist. For reasons being, simply, that it is, completely unethical. 

This fits in with Master Gabriella's 'theory of everything', if something was ever a lot better than it's later counterpart, it would always be much more hidden and hard to find. This applies to most industries, which are purely set up to make money, to create business. 

For example the medical profession, perhaps you might like to consider, that even in all your years of training, or decades of training, they (educational institutions) will only ever tell you what they want you to know, deliberately explained in such a way, that you may not query or ask certain questions.

This may not seem obvious at first, since everything seems sooo detailed and complicated and you have been questioned/tested on everything viciously! It is up to you to identify what is not being said rather than what is. Most don't have the intellect to understand this, falling in love with their own "intellectual" egos. 

It is easy to have this view-point when it is plain to see, drug companies with their over-bearing influence, on peer reviewed medical journals, the manner in which studies are published in such journals, the heavy marketing forced upon so called "results" and "findings", covered under a thick exterior of officialism and legitimacy. All in the name of selling drugs. 

Now all of sudden the medical industry seems so very fraudulent. Why trust them or any other industry for that matter, when it seems our own governments are possibly in on, making money out of our own deaths?

Simply put, when one decided to be extremely cynical and suspicious, all of  a sudden the ultimate truth was born. Maybe being cynical or suspicious is the key to unlocking the door?

Master Gabriella, has carefully cultivated all these aspects into her art form and can confidently say that most others practicing feng shui, even though genuinely want to help people, are also in the business to make a buck or two.

The original objective of this art-form was never suppose to be a money making tool. It is offence to practice in this way and it is an offence to the art-form. A decision to take on a customer should never be based on one's ability to make money from them or for lucrative appeal. And you definitely haven't got a genuine feng shui practitioner if they are bragging about how many customers they did in one year alone - this is like a car salesman!

Master Gabriella would like to probe those feng shui practitioner's, from the western world, who may find themselves reading this now, ask yourself, why would the Chinese people, of another race and culture, decide to SHARE something so PRECIOUS, with another person, who was of a DIFFERENT race, culture and from a completely different country?

They wouldn't dare, such sacred knowledge would really only pass on through linage, mostly. It is highly likely that the more genuine science was jealously guarded even from their own people!

Master Gabriella naturally being a very suspicious person herself, has known this for a VERY long time, whereas others are only beginning to catch up, even in their 60's or 70's, just barely scratching the surface and calling themselves 'Masters' for many a decade. While she does have respect for elders, it's too late to start at that age, as so much needs to be RE-learnt, and life has passed before you.

Her journey into higher levels of feng shui and the more forbidden science came later, under very mysterious circumstances of which she will not share so openly on the web, for all to see. 

For this reason Gabriella is very very selective about whom she decides to consult and for international requests, will only consider certain countries. 

While she may write articles and undertake Celebrity Predictions, this is purely to enlighten others, a curious audience whom may take a bit of peace in the fact of knowing that the future is often written out before you. A peace one gains from a certain type of awareness, is a peace which transcends Buddhism and is far more ancient than Buddhism. 

She also believes that there are a lot more forces at play that determine our consequences other than just solely our own actions. You cannot blame everything on yourself.

Time, space, the family you're born into, your ancestors and environment must also be considered as a MAJOR factor, more than yourself, as the overall impact on your life. These forces which have a significant influence, where one does not have complete control. 

Of interest, Master Gabriella was born with unusual artistic savant ability including music (classical piano) and composes (as a unique skill which she was born with) many of her own pieces as a hobby (which are classical works), previously worked in the film and tv industry and trained to become a Ballerina during her youth and early adult hood. Her previous career was also Personal Assistant and administrative type roles.

She also sometimes paints her own artworks, however, as well as the music, this is a natural talent she was born with and was never formally trained in visual arts. See her artworks below:

Master Gabriella believes Nikola Tesla's time travel theory, which he believed time travel was possible, by opening 'a door' as opposed to Einstein's impossible theory, on having to travel at the speed of light. 

On reading about both scientists, she is of the opinion that Einstein was perhaps over-promoted deliberately to keep the masses ignorant of the True Masters, such as Nikola Tesla who we barely hear of in the history books. According to the opinion of some, Tesla is the actual creator of the 20th century! 

Genuine authentic feng shui takes in the time dimension because it analyses the property's construction period in time, and crosses this over with the facing degrees.

From this, different properties can be viewed at in different periods of time, whether that be the past, present or future.

Therefore, upon enter a building, then quite literally, it is like stepping into another time frame - just as Nikola Tesla believed, when he said once that time travel is possible by opening a door! As said, for this reason, Master Gabriella believed Tesla and not Einstein. 

Her mission is to bring, what she believes is a more authentic style of feng shui to those of the Western world who have been blind from the true art-form.

Unfortunately, she will only reveal the deeper art-form to those whom are truly worthy of it and as said, is very selective on whom she decides to consult. 


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