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Gabriella is a Feng Shui Consultant & Investigator of Feng Shui Practices. She is located on the Central Coast, NSW Australia and has studied feng shui for over a decade.

Gabriella is unusually a very solitary person, with much empathy and kindness. At this point in time, the most important aspect of her life are her parents, both whom which survived life-threatening cancer over the last few years.

For personal reasons Gabriella goes by  another surname instead of her father's Yugoslavian/Montenegrin surname.

The name change solved the continuous stereotyping Gabriella has experienced throughout the years, for instance the many employers presuming she is an immigrant when she isn't and other stereotyping of negative nature that did not apply to her status.

Born in Europe and raised in Australia, both sides of her family in the last 150 years can be traced back to Britain, Chicago, Detroit and Canada (Winnipeg). Her mother's family came from a Line of Lighthouse Engineers with links to Birmingham and Devon in England (who were of English descent), her great grandfather John Conroy Senior, Esquire who was awarded by the Queen for his work at the Macquarie Lighthouse in Vaucluse, Sydney. He was also a Master Mason.

Also her great, great grandfather Joseph Smith on her mother's side (who was also of English descent) was one of the Engineers who worked on the Trans Canadian Railway Line. As for Detroit and Chicago, these were places her great grandfather on her father's side owned/managed hotels and restaurants, before returning back to Montenegro for WWII, after already being settled in America for many years.

Gabriella at the age of 34 after living alone for more than 15 years, resides with her parents, both whom are cancer survivors. She remains unmarried, has never been married, has mostly always been single and has no children. However in the long-term future, would like to start her own family one day.

Gabriella suffered once from teenage and adult acne up until the age of 27-28, this affected her self esteem for many many years, having a great impact on her life as a young adult, which she mostly spent behind closed doors.

In the end no doctor could remedy the problem, instead she found the answer herself through food intolerances which was the cause.

In result Gabriella is intolerant to all fruits and vegtables which are native to exotic countries like China, Africa, America Mediterranean, Middleeast region etc (oranges, mandarins, mangoes, eggplants, tomatos etc).

If the fruit or vegetable is native to England or Northern Europe, there will be no reaction. For the last 5 years Gabriella's clear face has improved her confidence and no longer suffers from the skin condition, as long as she follows strictly an ancient British diet.

Gabriella is keenly interested in topics of Feng Shui Discrepancy and Feng Shui for Castles, being very curious about feng shui for ancient buildings and structures.

Through this and her own keen perception, Gabriella has uncovered many feng shui flaws which shed light on just how conflicting feng shui ideas, methods and views have become, and most people and many feng shui professionals don't realise. Others like to say this is just a different interpretation, however Gabrielle prefers to look deeper.

She believes that there are a lot more forces at play that determine our consequences other than just solely our own actions.

Gabriella believes Nikola Tesla's time travel theory, which he believed time travel was possible, by opening 'a door' as opposed to Einstein's impossible theory, on having to travel at the speed of light. 

On reading about both scientists, she is of the opinion that Einstein was perhaps over-promoted deliberately to keep the masses ignorant of the true masters, such as Nikola Tesla who we barely hear of in the history books. According to the opinion of some, Tesla is the actual creator of the 20th century!

Genuine authentic feng shui takes in the time dimension because it analyses the property's construction period in time and crosses this over with the facing degrees, from this, different properties can be viewed at in different periods of time, whether that be the past, present or future.

Her mission is to bring, what she believes is a more authentic style of feng shui to those of the Western world who have been blind from the true art-form.

Gabriella was born with unusual artistic savant ability including music (classical piano) and composes (as a unique skill which she was born with) many of her own pieces as a hobby (which are classical works), previously worked in the film and tv industry and trained to become a Ballerina during her youth. Her previous career was also Personal Assistant and administrative type roles.

She also sometimes paints her own artworks, however this is a natural talent she was born with and was never formally trained in visual arts. See her artworks below:

Her father was an Engineer and project manager for many years. So she grew up, in a home where there were often architectural 'bird's-eye' renderings around. Because of this upbringing she learnt about geometry at an early age and her spatial awareness was a lot better than the average kid.

Gabriella came across Flying Star Feng Shui more than 10 years ago. When she discovered it, she was 19 years old and living in a haunted apartment. Yes, it was haunted! During that time, by mere co-incidence she came across a second-hand book store, where at the very top of a mountain of books, there was an old book on flying star feng shui. 

Gabriella holds an Advanced Diploma in Feng Shui, a Bachelor of Arts & Business, three Diplomas in a variety of areas and presently studies a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.


Feng Shui Consultant, Sydney Australia
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